Reviews For Emily Bentgen's Oboe Scales


It doesn't sound like a real oboe....... I play oboe too.
It's funny... My name is Emily too!!! :) I think u are a wonderful oboe player!!! U sound amazing!!! I am an oboe player too!!! I love playing it!!! I practice a lot!! I think the oboe is the best instrument in the world. I want to say thank u for putting this on iTunes and for making it cost for free. This helps me when I am playing my scales and don't have anyone to play with me (especially an oboe player!). I also try to play in- tune with u. I hope u will read this message because I truly do appreciate u. U sound beautiful... And in a couple of years of working hard and practicing every day for long periods of time, I will be just as amazing as u! :) I will and will always love and play the oboe. I also am hoping that u will put some songs or duets on iTunes also... I really do want to hear more because u r setting a good example for me and all the other oboe players out there!!! Ps: don't want to say a hole bunch of awesome stuff about the oboe and leave out the piano!!!! That would be mean. Good job piano player! :) ( I used to play the piano for a little while.) I enjoy all of what u both oboe and piano player(s) have done! Thanks! :)