Demand Side Economics

Reviews For Demand Side Economics

I'm firmly on Hayek's side of the economic debate, but I try to make sure I hear all sides, and Alan Harvey tends to present his reasonably well, even if he hasn't changed my mind an iota. If you're a progressive and want to hear a well-reasoned, fair podcast on the opposite side of the Keynes/Hayek divide, listen to Econtalk with Russ Roberts. I hope Harvey keeps it up.
Republicans are genious really! Not for what they know about economics but for tricking people into their ideology. There have been 2 great depressions in the last century and both have come after the largest tax cuts in our history. How do they even talk economics with a straight face? Alan Harvey, bean counter in chief for president!
Disappointing from an intellectual perspective. Listen to the EconTalk podcast to hear the real debate.
If your Economics acknowledges reality, this is the podcast for you. If you believe the market is always correct and bubbles do not exist, you may want to go somewhere else.
A muted voice in "real world" economics..
I could not disagree with Alan and his economic thoughts more. But to be completely fair the man states them well and does a good job relating them to current economic events. If you are proudly a right wing, free market, neo-con or Cato style liberal I think it's important to challenge your ideas with the opposite side. And here's the place to get that opposite side.
This guys is a socialist! if you want real economics you should look no further than the Lew Rockwell podcast.
I have been listening to Alan Harvey since his first podcast. I stumbled across it while endeavoring to learn more about economics as I watched ideological warfare being conducted in the more traditional media. Harvey serves as an aggregator of news (some of which I regularly consume myself, some which I had not discovered), as well as a sensible interpreter of current events in terms of demand-side economics. A great source, I highly recommend it.