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I’ve been listening to this for 5-6 years and what a Christmas present to see that SBR got around to getting them back on itunes. I look forward to listening to them all over again and reliving the foundation of the legend of Saji Crossroad or the absolute conviction that Desil Galette survives his encounter with Asemu. No idea what I’m talking about? Start listening to the podcast!
These guys know mecha and sci-fi anime. Lots of funny jokes/commentary. Good chemistry too. If you like sci-fi and mecha anime, check this podcast out!
All things Mecha, Sci-Fi, and Lord Michael Bay perfectly wrapped up into a great podcast. The hosts always bring the laughs and are always straight shooters. Give it a listen 😁
This podcast is a steaming pile of garbage wrapped in ego, casual racism and cultural illiteracy. Avoid it at all costs, if you value time, content or sanity.
All aspects of this podcast have only been improving. They have kind of developed into the voice for North American mecha fans. I love every minute.
These guys are a joy to listen to. If you are a fan of mecha or anime in general these guys are a great choice. They have broaden my understanding of the mecha genre and even of anime while being fun. Not many podcasters out there are as enjoyable and informative as the Gundamn trio, and I'll continue to listen to their podcast well into the future.
funy and always enjoy to listen to and want hear the next episode
I was listening to the Eva podcast that seemed to never end. But in the podcast you talked about evangelion having symbolic and meaning throughout the show. However I just wanted to add that I read online somewhere that the creator of evangelion told a reporter that he doesn't know much about religions. I think the symbol stuff is just made up from the fans. Keep up on gundamn!
Love all three hosts, they all have there quirks and all have there own opinion on topics of the podcast. Which is always freash and entertaining. EVER EP YOU WATCH IS BOUND TO HAVE SOMETHING FUNNY. You will not get bored with this podcast!!!!
love this podcast it makes my hours at work go fast, and when its all done i download the old but good stuff from the past.
I just did start listening to this podcast about 3-4 months ago but so far its become one of my favorites. All the other anime podcasts I've heard seem to annoy me and don't talk about the greatness that is gundam haha. Its always interesting to hear you guys and even made me start on chaos theatre. Keep it up
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I look forward every new episode. The Gundamn! crew blends news, reviews & a lot of laughs to perfection! I enjoy listening to the guys put the smack down on the trolls of the Mecha Talk Forums. The anime reviews are thorough and always funny. Gundamn! has great music and sound bites between segments. Lots of good content throughout the podcast. The episodes just fly by, and are over before I know it. That's with most episode being 2 hours plus! If you're looking for mecha anime talk, with a good mix of personalities, check out Gundamn!
Favorite podcast, bar none. Love all of the personalities...they mesh incredibly well and strike a great balance between witty banter and serious discussion. Highly recommended to any mecha fan, even Saji Crossroad super fans and Defenders of Destiny ;).
But fans of ANY Mecha Anime should tune into this Podcast. Gundam, Macross, Gurren Lagann, Dunbine, GaoGaiGar, Heroic Age, etc. Neo, Soulbro and Chris make this amazing topics fun, and are a blast to listen too. -Raptor, out.
As long time listener and MAHQ site visitor, there's no mecha anime podcast that can get better than this. Ranging many topics from reviews to industry standpoints, these 3 gentlemen always keep the discussions interesting for the listeners. Don't worry, it's not limited towards only the mecha genre but also covers many sci-fi hits and some inbetweens so don't feel alienated. I highly recommend this to all anime fans. It'll keep you entertained.
Not just for Gundamaniacs, but any fan of mecha or sci-fi anime can enjoy. Informative and humorous. Listen or else an authority figure in your life will slap you across the face cause you're a whiny and self loathing emo boy!
Great podcast by a trio who are funny, entertaining, very informative and know what theyre talking about when it comes to all things anime and mecha genre. What makes this podcast so great is the Top Gear like chemistry between chris, Neo, and SBR. You guys are the three legs of the tripod. Keep up the great work, you've rekindled my interest in anime old and new since I've started listening
Great podcast that covers gundam and mecha shows, games, and other media. Just found out about this podcast not too long ago. The hosts are intelligent and are never monotonous or annoying. This show is so great that I downloaded every episode and I'm currently listen to them all one by one. Thanks for an awesome show!!!!
I never thought there was a podcast about mechs. Especially gundam no less. They know what there are talking about the genre and seem to truly enjoy it. I highly recomend to those who enjoy japanese mech shows and like to walk across memory lane
Someone mentioned they wanted a review, so here it comes. This podcast is always informative and funny. It has really helped to pass some very boring days and for that I think you. Keep up the good work Gundamn! Team.
I love gundam and all mech anime in general this podcast is funny as he'll and very informational. If u like anything with robots you'll like this show!!!!!
I found out about this podcast thanks to MAHQ as I have been lurking around there for awhile (I dont post) and I didn't really check it out at the time. I eventually listened to some of it and kicked myself for not listening to these guys before, they are absolutely hilarious. When you have a mecha encyclopedia like Chris from MAHQ paired with two guys from a crazy podcast (Flip The Script, go check it out), you have not only comedy gold but a good source for information. They review series such as Gundam (of course), Macross, Code Geass, and some more obscure animes such as VOTOMS and Gurren-Lagann. If you love mecha and want something entertaining to listen to then check these guys out. I can't stop listening to these guys so be forewarned.
The crew running Gundamn! are perhaps the best podcasters. You have the knowledge of Chris and his objectivity that makes him well respected, you got Neo with the essential mecha news and bringing you the hobbyist look at the mecha franchise with model kits and his very honest opinions on subjects, last but not least is my man Soul Bro Ryu who is the smooth talk master, the delivery man of rhymes, the leader of Sajination, always a pleasure listening to. All together make for a 5 star show.
Basically the best anime podcast out there. Great topics, entertaining hosts, and a all around great podcast. Listen to it if you have a interest in mecha or anime in general.
Gundamn! has a special place in my heart. The charisma and interesting hosts will always entertain as well as inform. Every episode is incredibly insightful and especially humerous. If you're at all interested in Gundam or Mecha Anime/Manga, check out this show.
I've been listening over the past year and I can't complain in the slightest. The shows are always funny and insightful, and still very well done. If you're looking for a new anime, their anime spotlight segments are excellent. Introduced me to Code Geass and for that I both worship them and hate them! If you like giant robots and podcasts, you can't go wrong with Gundamn
A podcast for fans, by the fans. Its great to kick back and listen to these guys review stuff, read the latest news and just talk about Gundams and mecha!
FINALLY a Gundam podcast for Gundam FREAKS like me! Personally, I searched for 8 years to get a Wing Zero action figure, and I'm only two short of having the entire Gundam Wing figures, even though they are hard to find and price is going up, I'm never gonna stop looking!
The creators and hosts of Gundamn! provide the first show DEDICATED to commentary and news of the Gundam franchise geared toward a non-resident-of-Japan fan. The sound quality and mixing is well-done and the hosts keep the show going at a steady pace. They talk regularly about the newest series, Gundam 00, providing their opinions and analysis of what is going on in the series. (simplifying the politics of the show.) The latest news, products, and other neat tidbits are addressed. If you are a North American Gundam fanatic like I am, Gundamn! is the perfect podcast to listen to!
A really great podcast, if you're into Gundam. The hosts are lively, and funny, and the show moves pretty quickly, despite being long. You should really check it out if you've any interest in Gundam.