While this is not yet a tutorial, it does help understand just what kinds of things automator is capable of. And there are some explanations that don't show step by step instructions they do make it far easier to begin using the app. Please do some more!
I am completely new to automator but after watching the episode on creating narrated presentations I was able to add some narration to a previously created Keynote presentation. The instructions for doing this were spot-on and I learned a lot about automator in a few minutes time. I would really like to see more of these.
The podcast episodes are overviews, designed to explain the new features of Automator in Leopard. They are not step-by-step tutorials -- those are coming. As a matter of fact, these videos are generated using Automator to render the narration using Mac OS X text-to-speech technology. An upcoming episode explains, in detail, how this done. Keep coming back!
I came to this podcast from Automator.US expecting to get a real demo on how to use Automator, but all this is is a slideshow which is pretty bad at really demonstrating how you use Automator, and the "narrator" sounds like a synthesized computer voice. If this was trying to help me learn Automator, it sure didn't work.