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The Strength Coach Podcast has been a primary resource for the growth of our crew at Varsity House for years! This is the gold standard for podcasts in the industry and truly is the original! Love it. #teamvh
I am loving The Strength Coach Podcast. The host Anthony jam packs every episode with tons of awesome content, interviews, and guest, covering all things health, fitness, strength training and more. I highly recommend!
This is a great workout podcast. It’s really interesting and gets straight to the point while also giving the listener great advice.
This is the class of podcast for strength and conditioning. The guest are top notch. They make you think and give great information. Additional segments are great as well, touching on several different topics to create a well rounded podcast. However, I don’t care for Train Heroic Data Driven segment. I don’t feel it adds much value. If they are a sponsor, that’s great, but they don’t need a segment. That one segment does NOT take away from a simply phenomenal podcast. Thank you for all the information!
The show is great because of its guests.
These people know what they are talking about. Each topic and statement they could back up with research and proper arguments. Great to listen to and very educational.
The podcast was interesting however what was said by the speaker does not match my ideals and viewpoints on the subject. Interns should be compensated and people should be able to ask questions so they can learn.
I enjoy this podcast because they bring on the top coaches in the industry and really get into the details. Coach Kav had insightful knowledge and I will continue to listen to this podcast in the future.
Not an exaggeration, this is the Gold Standard in the industry. Been a listener since 2008, these are “my people.” Thank you Ant and Coach Boyle for the years of support. 🇺🇸
Lots of blah blah talk and yap yap general info ... and ... very little useful info. Guests mostly same. Unsubscribed
Anthony Renna is one of few podcasts hosts who doesn’t serve up soft-tosses for his guests just to stay on agenda! The way he approaches interviews, and the manner in which he extracts more clarity from each guest is why I’ve been a listener for years. Keep up the great work!
Anthony, host of The Strength Coach Podcast, highlights all aspects of fitness, nutrition and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I’ve been a long time listener and love the conversations and different guests they bring on. Anthony always is upbeat and brings energy as the host.
Great insight. Always love listening to Coach Kav speak and after being recommended to this podcast I’ve definitely found a place for good info.
One of the all time best podcast in the S&C game. Big thanks to Anthony and Mike for pioneering S&C into the podcast space. A must listen each week.
Anthony has been running this show for years, and has always put out information at the cutting edge of the profession. Make sure this one is in your phone every week!
There's a reason this podcast has remained one of the best for so long: they keep delivering great content and guests.
The Strength Coach Podcast is the original podcast for anything related to strength and conditioning specifically geared toward educating coaches. Anthony is a pioneer in this industry and provides only great content from some of the best coaches in the world. A must listen.
This is one of the oldest and best podcasts for strength and performance coaches. Anthony does an outstanding job of getting great guests to cover a variety of topics.
I've been in the industry for 5 years and this show is the reason I've been successful in opening my own facility and continued to grow year over year. I get a ton out of the guests, and love the business of fitness segment. Lots to learn here!
This podcast has always been one of my "go to" podcasts for reliable, cutting-edge fitness information. With "world-class" coaches and experts, this show has consistently produced top-notch information for years. Highly recommended!
When i started in the fitnes industry 9 years ago, this was required listening every week. Great guests and Coach Boyle every week. This podcast remains required listening each episode 9 years later!
I've been listening to this podcast since it first came out and it's a must listen for any coach or trainer. It has helped me tremendously in my career as a trainer. Thanks Anthony for all the time and energy you have put into providing this free resource for so many of us for so long. Someone always pays and in this case you have, so I just wanted to recognize that.
Very helpful fitness industry information.
When you scroll through the [formidable] list of episodes you can't tell what each episode is about, please change the title of each episode so that it functions as an Index. Thank you! --Leo N.
I love this podcast, great insight into the fitness world. Keep up the great content. I only wish for convenience it was on Stitcher as well, so I could listen to it away from my computer (iTunes is inferior and frustrates me cause it won’t work half the time).
Love it
This is a must for all personal trainers, strength coaches, athletic trainers and physical therapist.
Please take the time to describe the topic of the podcasts by including these details in the description.
I listened to a couple of these and the material is okay and is reasonably well presented. However, one of the podcasts had a 3 1/2 minute commercial for Perform Better. (I timed it.) It was presented as a piece about their end-of-summer sale, but it was a commercial. That’s too long.
This podcast is a must for all performance specialists and strength & conditioning coaches. Enough said!
The Strength Coach Podcast is the best podcast out there covering the field of performance enhancement and strength & conditioning. I greatly appreciate the range of content offered on the Strength Coach Podcast, as the topics discussed are always relevant and 100% current when it comes to what it takes to get the job done in the field today. Top experts in the field are frequent contributors to the show and Anthony Renna does an incredible job of organizing it all.
I always look forward to listening to The Strength Coach Podcast and get excited whenever I see a new episode is up. I've listened to every single episode at least once, and I listened to several episodes more than a few times. I always learn a lot, and it makes those long, boring car rides a whole heck out of lot more exciting.
Anthony does a great job with this podcast! Having guys like Mike Boyle, Gray Cook & so many others on here is amazing, the info is top-notch & I have learned so much listening to the archive of episodes!
From a physical therapist pov, this is great info that can be used to on a daily basis especially if you have athletes.
As a CSCS and a guy who loves long walks and listening to educational podcasts, I extend my gratitude to Anthony, Boyle, and all the great experts for providing this great educational (and entertaining) material. I only wish it was every day!
If you are in the fitness industry this podcast is a MUST to listen to. Ps. To "Fedup".... Is that your real name? Do you work in computers for a living?
This podcast is a must for all strength coaches, personal trainers, athletic trainers and physical therapists. I have been listening to 1-2 episodes per day over the past month and I am almost totally caught up. As a strength coach and an athletic trainer, the information is EXTREMELY relevant. I love the coach interviews, Gray Cook interviews and the business of fitness interviews. Keep up the good work!!
Lots of info. Lots of pro coaches on every week.
Great podcast and resource. I'm a fitness enthusiast and while a lot of the discussion is geared towards people in the fitness profession, there is still a lot of useful info.
To Fed Up w MBoyle, Are you Carl Valle?
If you want a podcast to listen to Mike Boyle constantly rant and lately whine ... this is the podcast for you. I for one don't have the time and don't care about his personal / professional problems.
Strength coach podcast is excellent! Lots if great interviews filled with relevant and useful information that you can apply immediately. Keep it up!
The content Covered in this show is good for coaches to the average person interested in training properly. Keep up the good work guys!
I wish the sound quality was better
This show brings top C.S.C.S.s in the industry to together to share their knowledge (some thing they dont have to do) for the listener. I've learned more in the first 10 mins of one of these shows then all the M&F magazines I've read combine. You've sealed me as a follower.
This podcast is great for anyone interested in fitness. While there are some segments that are more technical and mean more to athletes or trainers, there are also plenty of segments that are beneficial for those like me who are just interested in fitness and nutrition. I especially appreciate that this podcast, unlike others I have tried out, isn't geared only towards male bodybuilders (there has been very little about that, in fact). Powerlifting is discussed sometimes, but mostly it covers athletics in general, at varying levels, from different trainers' points of view. It contains a lot of information anyone can use to improve their routines and eating habits.
A podcast with straightforward common sense, great tips and product information!
This is an excellent podcast for trainers and fitness people who are interested in real fitness. The interviews with Gray Cook are a gold mine of information on functional movement. Keep Gray on this podcast!