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By Scot21t
I pray daily for you. God bless you. You R A blessing to me.
Thank you Apostle Price for preaching the word of God. I grew up watching and listening to you. After I got older I stopped and found myself wondering lost for many years. One morning I woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep, I flipped through 3 channels and saw you preaching. I was so excited. However, I also believe I was guided to see that particular sermon. That sermon spoke to my soul as you discussed the battle of your mind, thoughts ideas and suggestions. It came at a time where I was dwindling fast. I immediately bought your book Answered Prayers Guaranteed and downloaded your mp3 and listen to them daily. In a world where we are beaten down daily, to listen to the word of God for strength and courage is amazing. Keep preaching! May God continue to bless you are your beautiful family.
Im happy to see that I can receive an almost full length. It would be great if it would match the live Sunday tv broadcast, because as you say faith come by hearing and hearing the word of god.
I just listened to one of the "Living the care free life" messages. WOW. I 'm having my own battle of the mind, but it just confirmed one thing: WITH THE MIND OF CHRIST - I WIN. I WIN. :) Thanks Price family.
I need the word and enjoy learning from EIF
I declare that this pod cast will have an abundant supply of audio downloadables for me to take and learn from.... In Jesus name. I learned this by Pastor Price so it better work!!! Yes! Anwered prayer guaranteed! I am so grateful that now we have some more substantial podcasts! Thank you!


By chaachi
hi fred jr, i love ur lessons but consider that freely u receive hence freely give. download the whole info for free.....5-10 minutes wont do.
Where are the abundance of Pastor Price's teachings?? He has so many yet I only see a limited amount. I was expecting to update my iPod with his lessons at least once a week but where are the abundance of teachings?? Pastor Price is absolutely excellent to learn from! Oh well, I'll have to get my spiritual food elsewhere for now.....
I would love to see the day when the revelation knowledge that was given freely by the Holy Spirit is dispersed to the needy for free and not sold as the only option to hear it in it's entirety... Keep the podcast stocked with God's Word and I am sure the ministry will continue to be blessed...
I love the fact that the podcasts are on itunes! THANK YOU to Apostle Price for being a blessing to many people!
Excellent as always! Can't wait until next Sunday!
I absolutely love and adore Pastor Price's teachings on any subject, because it is truly the Spirit of God teaching through him. He always tells the people to search out the scriptures for ourselves, and to never take him at his word. Check it out for yourself!! I am always blessed as I hear the word of God taught. Being able to watch the Ever Increasing Faith Podcast is so cool!!
Once again Dr. Price can take a standard Christian myth and teach the truth of the word. He does this not by interpreting but by bringing attention to every word of a passage. This will be a great tool to witness the word of God.
Well we are up and running and don't plan on running out of steam. Check back frequently as we will be delivering more content in the days to come. Enjoy and please comment and let us know what else you would like to see. :)
I have been listening to you since the mid 70,s and live my life by your teachings on the word of GOD. My home church in CT. is directly related to you and your teachings. You said to pray for a church in my area, i did and found a Pastor and congregation that are members of ficwfm, I attended a few of the coventions in LA. Anyone who knows of you, knows that you do all things with excellence. Therefore I wait patiently for your podcasts
Looking forward to more of Dr. Price's messages becoming available through podcast!


By mf13
As I was reading the other post, I just wanted to let all the faithpartners and new viewers that when you click on to Dr. Price at streaming faith, you can view his archives-located underneath the scheldule. That is an awesome tool. So just until the Great Dr. Price updates the podcast please view any teaching available on the archives. Its life changing, uncorruptable, word of God! Thanks Dr. Price. I was very excited when I saw this.
I just knew I would be able to load my IPOD up with Dr. Prices teaching. I will update my review when Dr. Price gets the PODCAST going...hopefully soon. I still enjoy listening to him on streamingfaith and TBN.
It is always a blessing to be privy to the greatest teachers of the Lord's Word and to those of us who truly can not get enough of that seed. So, with petition, Dr. Price consider making available your messages in Podcast form, to strengthen the disciples of God on their journey in a world so void of God and need of Love and understanding!


By fromjp
The teachings that have come out of C.C.C in the past have been out standing. That's way I am sadden when I came to the pod. Finding nothing but a info to buy Mrs. Price's book. Dr. Price in his past teachings have giving life changing lessons on faith, God and man. Crenshaw Christian Center please release those lesson on to your pod.