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Tim Harford is inquisitive and brilliant. Sadly, a new correspondent named Amy has a decidedly political and preachy bent.
Great show! The topics are interesting and well-explained. The host is engaging, informative, and really helps the audience understand topics that initially seem really complex. Keep up the outstanding work!!
My curiosity fix
There’s nothing quite like More or Less. How could this engaging tool for numerical fact checking of the news be dropped? Could another podcast production group take it on? I’m in distress. There has to be a way.
Listen and learn from each and every episode. The best crew supporting a invaluable resource of information.
I listen to a LOT of podcasts. This is becoming my favorite. The Information provided is clear, detailed and interesting. It’s provided without judgement or the nasty political tilt that has become so prevalent in NPR podcasts on my side of the pond. I only wish there was more of it. Fantastic job.
Overall I like this podcast, but recently they have started releasing short episodes that just recycle material from the main (longer) episode they just released the day before. Since these short episodes are just reused content from the episode I just listened to, I find them tedious in my feed.
The BBC political bias is getting advanced here too much. The episode prior to the UK election is overtly political. The metropolitan elitist politics are so arrogant and self assured that it ‘s unapologetically pro-Labour. And that’s BIAS on a show about accuracy and accountability. You couldn’t make it disappointed. You can’t trust mainstream media now
I am much more critical when I hear or read stats in the news. Thank you so much! Please keep on!!
The podcast was good at the start, but took a turn for the worse lately. The episodes become duller, and the ads gets annoying. Look, I even like podcast ads at times, but you could at least offer some variety rather than blasting the same single ad for weeks.
This is a refreshing antidote to the irrational hysteria of the media, including the BBC.
Now more than ever - please BBC
The “experts” they consult typically are advancing the same agenda
Tim Hartford is like a missionary to the math-fuddled; of which I am one. I wish he had a segment after every news show where he could say, “True, true, not true, and wildly deceiving.” Fascinating and calming, both. I am so grateful Thirteen Minutes to the Moon advised checking out other BBC podcasts.
Even if you hate math, you’ll love this show. It deals with statistics and all things quantifiable in a really fun way. Many shows are derived from listener questions. Some recent episodes discussed who the greatest chess champion is, how dating app algorithms work and how to measure who the richest people in the world are. It’s a great listen.
Terrific podcast!
More or less is great but I’ve unsubscribed because they have bern substituting other podcasts instead of more or less which is just plain bait and switch. If I order a burger I don’t want to be served a salad. If I subscribe to a podcast that is what I expect to get.
Another great on from the BBC! A treasure!
The presentation is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, with humor too, if appropriate. Format usually follows questions from listeners about numbers in the news (e.g. "Crime has risen x percent in the last y years"). The team examine what such claims really mean and show how claims made in the media, while possibly true, can also mislead.
I wish more shows covered these topics, I can't get enough!
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High quality show that anyone into Planet Money should check out. Lots of fun facts and statistics too.
They do a great job chasing down where numbers being thrown around in the media come from, and how well they are being used.
Compelling interviews and topics that are current. This podcast is part of my weekly news feed. The figures discussed are also great conversation starters at social gatherings!
so few thoughtful math or stats podcasts out there. Harford walks the line between geek interest and mass appeal.
This was one of those podcasts I discovered early on that was not simply a podcast version of a show I already listened to, and it has been so consistently good that it has encouraged me to dig deeper for other gems--but few can match it for continuous high quality and entertaining information. I recommend it to young people I know who have any interest in math or science.
Wonderful. Listen to it and you can't help to be informed and amused.
100% recommend! Clear, concise, and interesting snapshots of where the news has gone wrong and occasionally right. I do miss having Tim Hartford hosting--things have gotten a bit punny lately, and I enjoyed more when the topics are about current news items.
With all the fake news and slippery statistics being bandied about in 2017, the More or Less podcast should be essential listening. Helps you get your head around what's happening in the world and develop critical thinking skills. Tim and team are skilled presenters and my attention never strays.
This is a great little insight into why we should be really careful about statistics we hear. And to help us to spot questionable statistics. And it's presented in a really engaging way. Who knew statistics could be such fun?!
Ah, More or Less, my warm statistical blanket. The place I run to when the world seems to be going crazy. I don't always understand what they're talking about but I love the way they say it. Anything that references Trumpton as much as this programme does has got to be good.
This show consistently surprises me by making the statistics in our news entertaining, great podcast
This podcast provides consistently outstanding content! The presentation style is both quirky and accessible!
Examines the numbers we hear in the news in a fun and rigorous fashion!
A kind of"Thinking, Fast and Slow"in the news
Clearly explained stats on topics and with investigations that grab your attention and with a sense of humor too.
Clear reporting with understandable statistics, from back-of-envelope to advanced.
It's difficult to listen to this one casually as every minute is full of data and info, but I've come to love the joy Tim and crew take in getting to the fuzzy truth behind harmfully wrong stats.
One of the best and most important podcasts for any news consumer who wants superior analysis has just changed their format to provide more unique stories and repeat less content. I didn't think More or Less could get much better, but it just did.
Excellent discussion and information about the blizzard of statistics we hear every day.
This is an amazing podcast for those who are critical of the stats they hear on the news. Their investigations are thorough and interesting.
This podcasts combine interesting topics and the numbers behind them. It is also the perfect length. This combines my love of numbers and stories of people/places/things.
Smart, funny and mathematical. What more could you want?
Ideal amount of relevant research mixed in with an informal style equals to a well entertaining podcast.
I hated statistics in school but I love this show. The podcast description given for this show is true. Give this show a listen.