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“Um” “uhh” “mmhmm”
I started KH on 3. I’m sorry to say, but FF I played 1 (nes classic mini version) 6(SNES mini) 7 (Switch version) 9(Switch) and I got consumed it the magic of Alexandria and Midgar
I enjoy listening to this podcast quite a bit. I can no longer consider myself a true kingdom hearts fan, since I was severely disappointed with KH3, aside from the toy story and monsters inc worlds. Regardless, I still find this podcast very intriguing and entertaining. One question though for KH Union: Do you think worlds based on 20th Century Fox films, like Ice Age and Night at the Museum, will appear in future titles, now that Disney owns Fox?
The only complaint I have is you head the words uh and um every 1.5 minutes but great discussions
The insight Brandon gives into game development and Japanese culture, both on the podcast and in the deep dive streams, are really under appreciated and amazing, imho. I can tell he works really hard to bring this info to us. Thanks Brandon!
These are my two favorite games of all time and just having the pleasure of listening to people talk about them is music to my ears or rather words in this case love it five ⭐️
Been listening to you guys podcast for years now and have enjoyed every single one of em. Thank you for the hard work you put into making an exciting , entertaining and Infor filled podcast and look forward to many more of your episodes. My only suggestion is really utilize the description of each episode. It would be nice if you could link the sources to some stuff you mention in the show and especially the music segment. It can be difficult to hear the name of composer and would be nice seeing it in text or/and have a link to the composer page for there music. Beside that keep up the awesome work
Love it as a long time JRPG fan!
This is a fun podcast worth anyones time
This is the most professional Final Fantasy oriented podcast on iTunes. All of the hosts are cordial, well spoken, polite, and highly informed on the series. They're almost always positive; when they're critical it's almost always with good reason. All in all an informative, refined podcast. Good job folks!
No new episodes this year? What the heck? Great podcast though. Very informative on Kingdom Hearts.
Literally subscribed as soon as the lady made a Rupaul reference when she said "choices" love her already! 5/5
I've been a regular listener since 2010, even before that. And i have been listening to this podcast through out my morning drives to work. But for the last few months the podcast seems to disappear from my subscribed stations and is being replaced with others that i never heard of before, mostly a podcast named 'Christephor Titus'?. Yet when i check through the search, it says im subscribed to you guys, but i don`t get your latest podcasts. And this only happens with your podcast and not others.
I love listening to these while I'm working, it's funny and keeps me focused! Keep up great work guys
Every time I tune in it feels like getting together with some good friends to hang out & talk about our favorite games. I initially just subscribed for the KH episodes but I look forward to the FF episodes now too. The hosts do an excellant job keeping things organized, informative, and entertaining; even when there isn't any big current news. These podcaster's have a wealth of information on these games and while I feel the same to some extent in that regard, I still feel like I pick up some interesting tidbit nearly every episode. Also, at the end of each episode they showcase a fan rendition/cover/interpretation of music from the series. Overall, I just really appreciate them getting together every month (soon-to-be 2 weeks & If you listen to both that means a new episode every week) to record an episode because it really makes the series that I never stopped playing feel more relevant. I never had too many friends that were as into the series as I was, so for me it's awesome just to hear other people get as excited as I am; the more the merrier! So yeah, awesome show, great job. Looking forward to the new year.
Came across this podcast and started listening. Now I'm hooked! Love the fact that Lauren, Fozzie, & Marina just start talking Japanese!!
Every time I come to this podcast, I leave satisfied. Appreciate the work they do and good listening to people to adore the series so much. Entertaining group as well!
This is by far the best place to keep up with information about Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. The interviews Final Fantasy Union do with cast members of Final Fantasy games are really good. If you are a fan of either of these games, you will not be disappointed with the podcast as the podcast hosts are huge fans as well!!
I really love this podcast. I have been playing final fantasy forever. I'm happy that i get to look forward to listening to a radio show that talks about my favorite series! Gracias por todo!
This is a must-listen/must-subscribe podcast if you love the final fantasy and kingdom hearts franchises! They have tons of info to share, calming voices, and a charm they cast that makes you complete a whole episode without even realizing it as you listen to them.
The hosts are on their game, the conversations and segments are everything you could want from a Final Fantasy podcast and more. The recent voice cast interviews were amazing added content as well.
Really informing to Kingdom Hearts and a joy to listen to!
Enjoyable. Darryl keeps the podcast organized. News, fans and music. Sometimes I can't stand Lauren sighing, saying how she doesn't like everything. I wish she could give a negative opinion or be scenical without sounding like a brick wall. But other then that, it's great.
Can you tell me what happen in coded
I enjoy both podcasts. I appriciate it when they have a character interview or a another guest/host (even the editor) who comes in and changes it up. They give it a pleasent ending with some FF/KH music. To the hosts of these podcasts, thanks for your work! If you have some time to talk about the Distant Worlds concerts or music, that would be a nice addition.
Love both games but kingdom hearts is the best
How will America decide to deal with Lightning Returns?
It's awesome
Show is boring and lack luster. Unprofessional with insults of other games in the genre. Very heavy oppionated show. Insaulting other fans of the game who may share a different oppion. Remember your only small part of the community your voice isn't the majority or even always right. To act or portray like you are, is complete ignorance.
As a lover of both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, this is the only podcast I go to for all of my news, reviews, etc. Even when there isn't any real news to tell, the hosts still make it a wonderful listening experience. It's nice to be able to hear the thoughts, opinions and ideas about a topic that I enjoy so much.
This podcast is okay.. The kingdom hearts one is great. The final fantasy podcast is just a bunch of negativity and 13 bashing from so called fans who don't even understand the game. Spencer is the most logical, he is great. Lauren needs to either think about what she is going to say or not speak. She is irritating.
Found this podcast and decided to give it a chance, I defiantly wasn't disappointed. Awesome show, keep up the good work! :-)
Listened to it today, found it quite enjoyable and have since subscribed to the podcast. I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy games and this is a podcast that seems to have everyone one it that shares that feeling with me. So if you are into Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts then this is the podcast for you. :)
Just plain awesome
I found this podcast on accident and gave it a listen and instantly became hooked its so amazing I wanted to join in on the questions and stuff but when I registered to the site I didn't get a confirmation email so I could ask the questions I've been really wanting to ask :/ so I'm gonna write them here and hope either someone else asks them for me or the KH union team see's and answers them so here goes... Do you think it's time for a new song from utada hikaru in KH3, and if so how would you want it to sound? Second question is would you like to see the return of vanitas, and do you think he'd be a good villain to face?
I love kh it was my first square enix game and since then I have played a lot more. But these podcasts are funny as hell and are fun to listen to. It makes me just wanna meet these people cuz there such good fun fans of the game!!!!!!:) this is the best. Ive been listening for about a year and a half and I am a DIE HARD FAN!!!!brandon, Jackie, lauran, Darrel and churro I love you all!!!!!!
I love this podcast!!! Did I ever mention that Lauren's voice sounds really hot and cute! I lurve U!!!!!
The dedication of these great people and their fan-base knows no bounds.
This is funny, informative, and fun to listen to! I'm a huge kh fan and found this. I'm happy its free with soooo many episodes!! The funniest thing is Lauren's done is the muggle voice! It's SOOOO cute! And....... It has interviews. One with Axel!!
Really love this show, they really delve into these games, and they dont forget that people dont want things spoiled either. Also Lauren should make Moogle noises more often!!!
This used to be a good podcast until Lauren started being such a huge nostalgia freak.... I think I'll stop listening to the FF podcast because she just won't shut her mouth and sound positive for once. Other than that I'll stick to the KH podcast...
I eagerly anticipate each and every episode. I love the podcast crew, their different opinions, and how well they get along. I love Brian and Darryl-they are my favorites. I check the Podcast regularly, to see if a new episode has been released. And even though each one is about an hour, they always feel short to me because I love them, and its always sad for me to hear the outro.
One of the best things on iTunes


THIS IS THE MOST AWESOMEST PODCAST I'VE HEARD! They give the greatest coverage on on Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, just hope Square Enix comes up with some more sheen with FF and KH
I love the show. The hosts are funny and it is a great way to keep up with information on the games. Still want a Noel or hope interview.
Not really wanting to sound like one of "those guys", but I miss how the FF show used to be. It's not horrible though I guess
I love the new news on kingdomhearts thank you for telling us all the new news 