Reviews For Church of the Highlands - Weekend Messages - Video

I listen every week and most of the time twice in one week. The teaching is solid and most importantly backed by scripture. The word is presented in a relevant and easy to understand way. Pastor Chris is my favorite preacher and love listening to him.
I started following them a few months ago, then tried a few other churches. I found a couple of others I liked , but none comparable to the Church of the Highlands. I kept going back and listening over and over and each timevI learn something new that strengthens my faith and walk with Jesus. The pastors are delightful and often comedic making the sermons uplifting and incredibly enjoyable as they should be.
Good messages. Real answers for life.
I've never seen someone butcher Easter so badly. It took 22 minutes to say the word "resurrection" and it made the gospel into some sort of life fulfillment guide to happiness. Guess what? The gospel isn't about this life. It's about eternal life. It's about forgiveness. It's about Jesus dying in OUR place for OUR sins so that we may live with him.
I've had the incredible opportunity to part-time intern (252) at Church of the Highlands when in high school; but now that I've graduated and gone to Pittsburgh to attend college, I'm clearly unable to go to the services. And with a busy schedule, I can't always watch the online services (which include worship - AWESOME!). So PRAISE GOD for these podcasts! I can sit down and get God into my day when I finally have the chance and not have to wait for the next Sunday to roll around. Plus! I've been able to share the amazing messages of Pastor Chris and the Highlands community with my friends at school, helping them to grow deeper in their relationship with God. These podcasts are truly a blessing.
I love this church and how it has impacted many lives. I am very thankful for all of the things God has done in my life. GOD BLESS!!
This is the first church that I have attended that I really look forward to attending each week. Pastor Chris rocks!
I attend Church Of The Highlands Montgomery. I just started with the kids and miss the service. I'm so thankful that I can still hear the amazing sermons.
this church has brought me much closer to god! the podcast is great to listen to it right before going to bed!! LOVE IT!!!
We actually only live about 40 min away from the greystone campus... But I work swing shift and can't always make it... This is nice cos I can watch it on my phone at work and never have to miss a service... Just wish the praise and worship was included... I'm thinking copyright prevents that though
I miss watching but now I've downloaded all the podcast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the idea
My Husband and I miss Highlands so much since we've moved to Kentucky, but being able to watch these podcasts makes life a little easier without the building in our backdoor! We are thankful for such life giving messages at the tips of our fingers. Much love to our Highlands family from two states away!
I love church of the highlands and am so glad that this is available.
Its great to be able to hear the services that I can only occasionally attend, even some that I have been able to hear in person. I've not gotten all I thought I would but I just reset my setting so I'm not caught up, but having this sync to my iPhone means that I can listen anywhere: walking, driving, shopping, waiting, even relaxing in bed before sleep. I just hope they will all download now. Whenever we are in Birmingham, I know where I'll be if COTH is in "session." But otherwise, look forward to having more podcasts. (I'm technically challenged.) I'm just so happy to have had the Church of the Highlands experience and its brought me even closer to my precious daughter. Thanks for being available!!! Free is just one more plus, but I'd pay if that were the only way to keep this podcast going.
I love the fact that I have it wherever I go. I love the way that it helps me guide my thinking and helps answers tough questions. It's great to download for my husband when he travels and can't be at church. WONDERFUL IDEA!