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I’m down here on the SW side of Houston enjoying your masterpieces. I’m ADOS, broke like some, but I wanna show my appreciation for what you do. I’m going to follow you on your other platforms, dm me your cash app handle, so I can send you some change. Namaste.
I’m loving this Gospel mix!
Yo, this Gospel Workout Mix is on POINT!! Jammin and getting good motivation! Keep it up man... DJ Detroit’s mixes are phenomenal!
DJ Detroit has a DJ IQ that is beyond above average! Gifted and Lit! Anything you fire up or crank up should include DJ Detroit! For example, Crank my car, Crank Dj Detroit, Fire up my Grill, Fire up DJ Detroit! Keep the blends/mixes coming brother!
I keep this mix on rotation! Looking for a blazing mixx, download this mixx ASAP! Cause this is DJ Detroit....and this is what he does!
Y"ll better recognize game. If you don't know, now you know. Subscribe to Dj Detroit ASAP. I've been rockin since 96 and I'm still rockin. DJ Detroit is the hottest DJ I know.
This guy knows his stuff...


Great beats!
Hot mixes!!!
Genius. Great Mix nice blends
This is what real DJing is all about. DJ Detroit rips it up on the 1s and 2s! You cannot go wrong by subscribing to this podcast. Best of all its FREE!