The Bourne Trilogy - Truth or Nonsense

Reviews For The Bourne Trilogy - Truth or Nonsense

You need to make more eposodes
It could have been better cuz it was slow and boring.
i thought it would be much better. this episode has been out for like a year. extreamly disappionted
Why should I care, Matt! This was a STUPID podcast and it took up too much of my time. I don't understand why anybody would ever want to listen to this and I unfortunately made that mistake. Ya, great job, Matt!


By NAbos
good podcast, a little slow, but well done. Needs more episodes!
The podcast covers in 12 minutes what could be covered in 3. The podcaster isn't very interesting. Slow and boring.
Matthew, this is a good podcast, but you need more episodes. Keep it going. If you need ideas, watch the movies again. There's plenty of things you can make an episode about.


I thought that it was a decent podcast, but I am disappointed that there was only one episode.
Matthew Niall Edwards gives information that, in my opinion, is pretty much common knowledge. I found the exerpt from the "Davinci Code" to be somewhat irrelevant, although I can see why it was included. No great insight was found here. I think that if you have read the novels or have seen any of the films, you may find that listening to Mr. Edwards is hardly worth it. Some, including myself, may find this podcast to be a bit rambling and unorganized. May Mr.Edwards prove me wrong with some actual insights next time.
Listening to this I wonder if its worth even subscribing to, it sounds intersting but it might just ruin all the fun of it being a fictional character that people know and are intersted in. Im giving it a two star only because it is intersting, otherwise its not bery fun at all.