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Good show , like the dueling hosts. I don’t agree with all the trump support, but it brings attention to the media slander. And makes for some good humor. Conspiracy talk is awesome. I don’t support red or blue, but No Agenda you have my support!! Love the show!


By Jill457
The content is pretty good, but one of the hosts is constantly burping and interrupting to say dumb things. Replace him with someone who has basic mic skills and I’m a fan.
The best podcast in the universe. CoHosted by the man who invented podcasting. This is my favorite podcast hands down!
I started listening this year and it was a great time to hear them deconstruct the media. They rightfully call them out when needed. They have gotten very conspiratorial and can’t hold two beliefs at once: the media is lying to you and Trump isn’t a God. Loved hearing the podcast with less bias.


By MMK42
I listened to one episode because I remember when Adam Curry was an MTV V-jay. And yikes. Conspiracy theories, boot licking, and Trump love. I don’t know why new episodes keep getting added to my feed.
In the Morning! Shoots and ladders folks.
I've listened from time to time over the last few years and have to say be prepared to think about things a little differently after you start listening. The show format makes fun of the typical brain-dead FM morning shows. However it provides good information and analaysis you don't get anywhere else. If you ever listened to or read a mainstream news report and said, "hey that's not how that went down" then you need to listen to this podcast.
The problem with this podcast is that I’m not sure if I hate it or like it. Frankly the hosts piss me off most of the time with their conspiracy theories and dismissive rhetoric. But yet I listen to at least part of each episode for its entertainment value so I must enjoy it a little bit. Decide for yourself but I’ll most likely delete this one from my subscription list. There are just too many smart shows to listen to. This isn’t one of them.
great show. been following both you guys since forever. keep up the great work. keep thinking new ideas AC 😎🍺👍
Media assassination at its very best!
Counter-narrative, very interesting, but somewhat conspiratorial. A great source for information that won't be covered elsewhere.
Love this podcast!! So informative, yet hilarious! Thank you for helping me remain a rebel at heart! ❤️
The creator of Podcasts and the Tech Grouch break down the media.
Helpful research into Mass Media pieces show us other sides of the stories, often willfully obstructed from us by advertisers and others with agendas. John & Adam do their work by reminding us episodically of this dark reality.
No Agenda? Right.
These guys are a riot and bring analytical thinking to a society that wants to make sheep out of the entire population. Worth to listen to. John and Adam pay attention to subtle cues and details in reporting that the mass media loves to push out. One doesn’t have to agree with all their opinions but one learns to appreciate their outside of the box thinking. If you love no thought-provoking, polarized news and entertainment this show is not for you. Their unique model allows them to cast opinions without fear to be shut down. John brings great perspective with experience and Adam puts a lot of work in the quality of production. I find this show very entertaining.
This show is very eye-opening and entertaining. If you are willing to open your mind and listen to a couple I promise you’ll be hooked. Anyone who says it is a MAGA podcast is an idiot.
All they do is talk about the virus. it used to be an informative show but it’s just annoying now


By hgzzw
All left. Want everyone die. Talking things they don’t know at all.
Ad Free - Listener Supported - Twice a Week Mind Sanitizer. Thank you for your courage.
This podcast is so refreshing . I am over the mainstream media repeating themselves all day every day. Nice to hear the facts for a change in a very entertaining way. Highly recommend!
I tried to listen after the Rogan bump, but Jesus, any pod that can only rip on the left media and not the right is bias...I like a more intelligent take on things, doesn’t have to be left or right...just bash or compliment them both equally...we already have Fox News and righty’s old and stale to me


Stopped listening after it was clear they do in fact have a agenda and are part of the MAGA cult
ive listened to this podcast since 2008 and it gets better every year. they put to words thoughts ive had about the world my whole life. they are the big brothers i never had. i love them like family.
Adam Curry and John Dvorak are the two kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human beings I’ve ever listened to in my life.
A refreshing media deconstruction that will make you look at MSM news coverage in a completely different light. A true dose of much needed sanity in a fear driven society.


By jrc1325
Wow these men fail to see their own extreme bias and lack of objectivity. Don’t need an agenda to be bias and factually incorrect frequently. Occasionally funny so I’ll give them 2 stars.
Great to get deconstruction and news no one covers.
Great podcast that is always informative and entertaining.
Thanks guys for such a great podcast. I look forward to listening to both episodes every week and appreciate all the hard work you both put into The Best Podcast in the Universe. Am on my way to donate, gotta look up how to spell John CD’s last name! Cheers!
Love these guys. They are not democrat or republican, they critique both sides as needed. It’s just that the dems are more corrupt hence they get the most criticism. Love how they deconstruct the media.
For the reviews that say it’s politically slanted, it is. Because it’s a media deconstruction, it tends to lean in the opposite direction as the news media preaches. Right now, it sounds republican. Last administration, it sounded Democrat.
Scraping the scum that bubbles up daily in the press. Then applying their limited intellect to explain it.
I agree with the recent 5 stars reviews. We need more independant media dissecting the Globalists' Media One World Government Agenda which is currently being pushed through. Resistance In The Morning!!!!
You can feel free to totally ignore the 1-star trolls and cry bullies. This is one of the best podcasts you can listen to. This isn’t remotely a politically slanted shill podcast. It’s a media deconstruction podcast designed around letting you know all the tricks and scams used in mainstream media, how to detect B.S., and what is the real truth behind it all. The guys are very pragmatic and pretty centrist. One is an Independent (former Democrat) and one doesn’t vote to help stay objective. They also are listener funded so they aren’t in the pocket of advertisers. They can’t be bought or bullied. The people trying to tell you it’s all Trump support are nothing but juvenile toddlers who are out of their minds. These are the types who are totally brainwashed by left-wing propaganda sites and who want every show to parrot their hysterical Trump bashing derangement syndrome and anti-Republican bigotry in order to validate their own cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias. If that’s what you are looking for, this show it not for you! They don’t promote either major party. They exist to point out nonsense and propaganda. Since the majority of the media is slanted left, most of the BS they point out is Democrat BS… but they will just as readily point out nonsense from the right, as they did often under Obama. They criticize Fox and right wing talkshows all the time as well. The 1-star types are childish, gullible low-information liars who are just trying damage any fair minded and honest source that points out all the holes in their party-line “narratives”. If you are a fair minded, pragmatic individual who wants to stay much better informed than the average person and wants to inoculate yourself from MSM propaganda this podcast is a life saving, game changer! Try it for yourself today!
Looking through reviews and a few 1 stars were up top. Felt compelled to give 5 stars because these guys are the only uncensored news outlet. If you can’t control your emotions this isn’t for you, but for anyone with half a brain, it’s great
Just started and will continue listen to every episode. Thanks for the enjoyable listen and different opinions
Started listening and was good for a while until they started sounding like the state media (Fox News). If you hate trump stay away from this podcast because is ALL about trump and how much they love him
New listener, but can really appreciate the open HONEST content. The fact that they can piss off anyone and everyone without fear of retribution or being cancelled. Humans are flawed beings so if someone’s looking for perfect consensus, you’ll be a long fruitless journey.
I stopped listening when Adam told John to shut the F up. I don’t need that.
Where was your micro analysis of how hot Bernie looks in his clothes, how good he could look if he just tried harder? It is completely unnecessary and blatantly sexist to focus on Elizabeth Warren’s looks and clothing choices. Check yourselves.
This podcast gives you an unbiased breakdown of news events. An alternative from the mainstream media which cannot be honest due to their funding by advertisers.
Started listening to these guys more than 10 years ago. At the time, as a lot of people here have already mentioned, they were really good. “Deconstructing” media news into what was really behind it, highlighting clear manipulations of information and being fact based. Then things started going downhill. For me, the first sign of alarm was a ridiculous support for Nigel Farage (I mean... really?). Then came the climate change denials. And then, of course, the Trump support. It basically went from interesting food for thought to a cringe mix of Alex Jones and Infowars. They have their audience and know how to speak to them, I’ll give them that. So does Trump...