Everlasting Gospel

Reviews For Everlasting Gospel

I have found the information presented in these podcasts to be very enlightening. I have learned so much about what the Bible "really" teaches!! It's so easy to understand what the Bible says, if you let the Bible explain itself. A real revelation for me that the Bible actually interprets itself. Comparing Scripture with Scripture has enabled me to compare church teaching to Bible teaching. Which, unfortunately, are seldom the same. I feel empowered!!!! Listen for yourself and follow along in the Bible.
So glad this is available online and on my iPhone, God is truly blessing this ministry. Praise the Lord for this ministry doing God's last days work.
U can't just watgh one, u can feel God's working through this ministry. Loved every single one.
I love these sermons, but would be even happier if they were available in audio only....
This Pastor seems to share God's truth to lead others to what God has planned for each of us at that great & terrible day of judgment. All one has to do is pray for the Holy Spirit to guide them then read God's word to know the truth. So many churches have broken from God's commandments. When you break one-you break them all & this is sin.


Great stuff!!! The best part is that Pastor Doug never leaves the Word! If you open your eyes and ears and check the source (The Holy Word of God) you will never be mislead. Great work!
I love the way everything is bible based. Bold and truthful , no candy coating just thruth
I believe that you need to check everything out for yourself. Don't just believe what someone else tells you. If it is something from the Bible go look it up for yourself. The same goes for reviews of this podcast. it is obvious that some people that have made reviews don't know all the facts. Ellen White was not a 'false' prophet, but don't take only my word for it go do research for yourself.
there are some great sermons on this podcast! like all things, eat the watermelon - spit out the seeds. i especially enjoyed jonathan henderson, doug batchelor, jose rojas and ron halvorsen, sr. there's something for everyone here.