Reviews For Dov Baron: Leadership and Loyalty Show for Fortune 500 Executives, Family Businesses, Leadership, Business Management

I really admire and respect Dov's approach - he comes correct and doesn't offer any fluff. He cuts right to the heart of the subject and tells listeners what they NEED to hear (even if it's not what they WANT to hear).
Great show with many interesting and varied guests - glad I found it!

I look forward to each episode of this podcast not only because I learn about leadership and about life. There are so many nuggets that come from the guests - which Dov masterfully brings out during the conversation. This one is a can't miss for me!
Dov, you do a great job of tapping into the best ideas and stories. Thanks for this stimulating and fun interview. I hope thousands of your listeners get great value from it. Let's do it again!
Dov's podcast has become an instant favorite. Heart-led leadership is my mission and love Dov's mindful and heartful approach to leadership. Thank you!
Dov - Has radiates confidence like few others. Whether on the show or listening brings out the best in people. Defintely one of my favorite shows.
All of our time is short and selecting only those podcasts that really help and inspire us is key. Dov Baron's does that in spades!
Anytime you can listen to something for an hour, and walk away inspired and with new ideas, it is time well spent. I definitely have that with this show. Well done! Chris Dyer
This is one of my go-to podcasts. I regularly find useful information that I can actually apply at work - definitely worth the time investment.
Dov not only provides great guests and relevant information.... but his real, deal approach to leadership and development is the differentiator... No fluff.. just honest truths... Thanks Dov!
Dov explores the arc that leads successful leaders from pain to purpose, and from challenge to congruence and compassion. These dialogues engage you in the meaning-making journey at work and in life. They offer a compelling case for leading from the inside-out in ways that tilt the joy-to-pain and fulfilment-to-frustration ratios in your favor
Leadership. Loyalty. We all need to be better leaders, no matter what we do. And the need for loyal, trusting relationships is critical, both in our professional and personal lives. Dov is an expert in both. His podcast is a mix of Dov's wisdom and lively conversations with a broad range of guests. The podcast is well-produced too, so it sounds (and looks) good, in addition to having powerful content.
Dov serves his audience in a very humble way all about helping them, not serving his own purposes; something many influencers struggle with, It's what makes his program so powerful
Dov always seems to get to the inner workings of great leaders-- authenticity, integrity, and passion. He has realy Insightful guests. I particularly liked interview with Brian Mohr from YScout. This Podcast is for all those who lead and especially those who want to lead better.
This has always been on of my "go to podcasts" and I use a lot of these ideas with my team.
Dov enables all of us to be extraordinary leaders, bringing to bear authenticism, inspiration, purpose and meaning. The result is fulfillment for all.
This pocast is powerful. I have listened to 4 episodes this week. Love the show.
The conversations are reletively free form but can always hear the enthusiasm in Dov's voice with each interview. I listened to his episode with Jordan Harbinger and loved the exchange. Great listen.
Really enjoyed listeing to your recent interview with Cody Royle on the topic of Leadership as a Team Sport. His discussion of the importance of mindfulness and learning were reminiscent of a great talk I just heard by General Bob Brown on the Military Leader's Podcast.
Thank you for the podcast. It has kept me sane. I have enjoyed the new learning, relearning and reminding me of skills, talent and opportunities.
Dov, and his guests give greta nuggets which help empower leaders become great leaders, highly recommended
A ton of stuff happens in a short time with wicked smart guests. Dov, a super sharp host with a ton of insights, knows how to turn a conversation into usable nuggets at the drop of a hat. He goes deep fast and can find the humour while in intensity. Bring a notebook. They don't teach this in B-school!
If you haven’t taken the time to listen to this podcast already, check it out! It’s a value packed podcast, and the host is amazing
Very help for business people. Practical. Helpful. Clear and easy to understand and apply the priniciples.
Dov’s podcasts are full of valuable nuggets of wisdom shared by both him and his guests. What a treasure trove of knowledge to be able to tap into when needed to boost your thinking, giving you some fresh perspectives and insights to enhance your success. The Full Monty delivers. #insightful #irreverent #REAL
I absolutely love Dov Baron's line up of topics and speakers. It is hard to creat a podcast that works for all kind of people in business: different industries, functional focus, regions and realities. Most podcasts end but going very far and shallow - cover a lot of topics but barely scratch the surface. This podcast is different: every episode is deep and features true professionals of their fielf, yet the collection of episodes as a whole is wide, ranging from topics about global business trends to personal growth and everything in between. I appreciate a chance to learn new thing in a concise way and get insights and references to research and practical experience from people who actually do the work. Thank you Dov for bringing this amazing free resource to all of us!
Dov is such an amazing host, and he absolutely knows how to make his already-great guests that much more impactful and inspiring. Love this!
Dov seems to always have the right experts on at the right time. Episode after episode the insights and wisdom get better and better. THANK YOU
This podcast is a who's who of modern leaders. Not only is it incredibly insightful in the stories and wisdom the leaders share with Dov, but it's the ultimate tool for staying up to date on every aspect of leadership and the c-suite.
Dov's insight along with the authenticity and vulnerability of his guest speakers leads to an amazing amount of "take to heart" value in every episode. There is guidance here for leaders that you will not get anywhere else including new approaches to age old problems. With business changing so fast, the need for creative problem solving is paramount and companies that are led with purpose will persevere – those perspectives, great real-life advice and mountains of perspective can be found here.
I really appreciate Dov’s authenticity and style. His perspective on business, leadership, and life is such an important example and inspiration of the type of masculinity and leadership we need in the world today. He’s truly a conscious leader and teacher. This podcast is thoughtful, inspiring, relevant, and packed full of wisdom on how to live a more authentic and remarkable life. On top of that, it’s also very well produced and extremely entertaining!
Given the quality of the content why don’t they focus on audio quality? Sounds like a bad speaker phone.
Popped in to hear a few podcasts from Dov and loved every one! Thanks for bringing great content to my ears and even a few laughs along the way. Definitely will recommend to others!
Dov Baron is unique in his unflinching and intrepid approach to exploring the peaks and valleys of the leadeship landscape. You never know what's going to come along next in his show, but you can be sure that, whatever it is, it will be fresh and brimming with useful insights!
You want to be a better Leader? This is the show you need to listen to. Dov brings great guests with actionable items to become a better leader.
Dov is a masterful and engaging interviewer. His careful selection of guests brings value to the podcast every week...add this one to your subscriptions and listen regularly to take your efforts to the next level!
No nonsense host who calls it like it is in business. This is the Leadership show you have seeking!
I've been listening to Dov's podcasts and find the pace, energy and conversation riveting.
One of the best Podcasts on leadership and business. I would absolutely invest the time here as it will be a great investment for success.
Love this podcast, high energy, great content. High recomend
I always learn something when listening to Dov. He is so insightful. He has great guests. I come away super motivated to tackle the world!
Dov is the man, and his podcasts are great. I have learned a ton about leadership, not just theory, but rather things I can do now to be a better leader. Highly recommend.
Dov Baron know's the true leadership principles that drive meaningful and lasting change to organizations and individuals. His show and book have influenced the way I view and execute leadership in my company.
Dov brings the best out in people and gets to the heart of leadership. A must listen for seasoned leaders and aspiring leaders alike.
Very poor production and sound quality. The guests, for a podcast that claims anything related to Fortune 500, are very unaccomplished. Laughable really. Unemployable by Fortune 500 companies. This is an amateur podcast in both production and content.
We have the honor of being a guest on a variety of great podcasts. Dov has a spcial capability to pick up on a nuance of the conversation and then drill down to a pragmatic layer that you will walk away with the ability to immediately implement. Theory is everywhere, Dov gives you every opportunity to translate theory into action!
This is one of my favorite podcasts on leadership. Dov has great guests and brings out their best in the interviews. Highly recommend the two part "6 Months Undercover in a London Prison!" interview with Peter Sage. I've listened to both parts twice to get the full appreciation of Peter's story. Dov and Peter's discussion on metaphysics was eye opening and insightful. I really appreciate that Dov talks about being on his own growth journey - he's always learning and screws it up like everyone else! Keep up the great work, Dov! Look forward to future episodes with Peter Sage.
I really appreicate the wisdom and passion of Dov Baron. And I love his no BS intensity. If you are looking for great leadership advice and counsel, his show is one of the best!
These podcasts and interviews are fantastic because they cover the common sense approach to human interaction which is ultimately leadership.