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CNN, Fox, Network news…..they are like listening to someone play the drums. Noisy, garish windows on the world of 5 minutes ago. Bill Moyers is the exception. Substantive and graceful. Thank you!
Bill Moyers is back! Check out the "Moyers & Company" podcast. Thank you Bill.
I always enjoy a Bill Moyers podcast. He interviews the most interesting and informed people. He asks the questions his viewers want asked. Due to his vast knowledge and experience he can view the occurrences of today through the lens of a veteran of the past. He recognizes lies when he hears them, stupid when he sees it, and weakness when it's present. He's been there, he can compare the '60s to now and explain how he recognizes the actions and attitudes believed to be long past. He's more honest; he doesn't pretend that there's wrong on both sides when there's obviously a right and wrong side on an issue.
Most of these reviews look like PBS marketing pieces.
This is balanced, investigative journalism at its best. It is not from the perspective of the right or the left just straight on.
I've recently started to watch the Journal podcast and I find myself watching episodes covering events past solely for the perspective he offers. While I watch the news of the major news companies, I am always sure to check in at the Journal as a base to compare and judge the soundness of what I hear from the major programs. Great show and topics!
This show had potential but not if u continue to bring on the most BORING GUESTS, week after week. Just bc it's publicly funded doesn't mean it has 2 look like an interview from the 80's. Please start interviewing more more compelling guest on more interesting topics, so this show will B entertaining. I used to watch this, but the last Yr. has been SO DULL I can't bare to sit still long enough. It's so dry my mouth gets dry and my eyes glaze over. Moyers, ur a good journalist it's obvious that u have stopped trying or maybe ur producer has : | REVAMP THIS SHOW!
Incisive, thoughtful and respectful, Moyers' show represents what journalism was and should be: a no nonsense search for truth. In an era of shrill and deceitful infotainment and propaganda masquerading as news, this show is a refreshing throwback to the days of the late Edward R Murrow and Walter Cronkite: newsmen who told it "the way it is" but didn't shy away from exposing lies and hypocrisy.
Couldn't agree more with everyone else's comments about Moyers' journalistic integrity. But why not have better quality video to watch here?
The depth of Bill Moyers Journal continues to amaze me. The topics are varied and the guests are intelligent and experienced. I have a great amount of respect for Bill Moyers, who as an outspoken liberal is BRAVE to stick by his principals through the past few years of vicious partisan conflict. Thanks to those who bring us this program as we struggle to rid ourselves of mean spirited politics that does not serve the people of the United States!


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Regardless of your political views, it's clear that Bill Moyers is a media legend who has the guts to explore issues that no one else will. He is a national treasure. Everyone should pay attention to these issues.
Bill Moyers is a dying breed, it's called investigative reporting. In these days of talking heads its nice to hear someone who is still a reporter. Intelligent, articulate, and not afraid of asking hard questions of anyone. He truly represents the fourth branch of government Ben Franklin wrote about. Thanks Bill for your time and efforts.
Great journalism, but I get an error message saying the "Podcast address does not seem to be valid." I miss it though. Another great source for news: Democracy Now! has a podcast.
Bill Moyers is one of a very few journalists willing to aspire to the greatest heights of the profession. His ability to provide analysis with depth, interviews with heart, and presentation with class is woefully rare in the news industry of the United States. The world is better for the subjects he has investigated, the issues he has brought to light, and the great minds he has interviewed. This is how news should be done.
I love being able to watch this whenever I want. It's why I donate.
Bill Moyers has a long history of doing this country a great service by producing and discussing some of the most important issues of our time with thoughtful execution. Instead of the ADD-action-disaster-crime of cable news Bill Moyers takes the time to ask questions that make you think about world events. Also, the government waste episode is pretty remarkable.
Bill Moyers brings to journalism what so few are willing or are able to - clarity, quality, and insight. Moyers has an excellent track record and does not come off as pretentious or sensational which is often seen in journalism today. He's a journalist I can respect.
A rare treat of a balanced journalism in the US media. Delivers timely and concise kernel of thought-provoking news and analysis that could only live on the non-profit public airwaves of PBS. Often manages to be inspiring, rising to the best on television.
Bill Moyers is one of my heroes. He relentlessy and skillfully digs deeply into the subjects he investigates. And his natural talent as an interviewer is unparalleled in the industry. Finally, "Bill Moyers Journal" can be seen and heard on iTunes -- for free! I'm sure these podcasts will become as necessary and as addictive as the TED podcasts. Thanks!