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The podcast delivers relevant and interesting content for athletes who want to learn about the training process. I always discover something interesting when listening that I can apply to my own training.
The host asked the question: if a vegetarian is concerned about a vitamin deficiency, why would they be a vegetarian? Ignorant and short sided. Good luck bud.
Not alot of fluff. Chris repeatedly gets right to the good stuff! Thank you!
I've been listening for a couple of years. I learn something new on practically every episode. Chris's advice is science based but accessible. It's clear that he loves what he is doing and is dedicated to helping all us weekend warriors improve our training and racing. He has a healthy skepticism and well researches the topics that he discusses. He also not afraid to point out popular advice that has no scientific standing. I look foward to every podcast!
Chris does a great job of breaking down training methods in a way the average athlete can understand. His recent series on periodization has been insightful and practical. It's one thing to have book knowledge, quite another to be able to show how it can work in a busy schedule for non-professional athletes. Keep up the good work!
The ESP Podcast has been a great find. It is an excellent delivery of technical info and practical tips for all athletes. At its core this podcast is more than just about going fast, it is about living better. Subscribe o this today and get out the door!
What a great discovery Chris's podcast is. This is data-driven training talk. Don't waste time slogging through forums and message boards in hopes of finding the best/correct info. If it is even there, it is buried amongst posts that are written like fact, but typically don't have any science supporting them. So much of many endurance athlete's training is rooted in outdated methodologies and "this is how it has always been done." The bonus here is that Chris's training methods also work great for the normal everyday athlete juggling family and heavy work obligations. This is a breath of fresh air for anyone that finds themselves flogging themselves for missing a workout due to an unexpected work or family situation. Finally, the podcast is just well done with the occasional very qualified guest and always great takeaways for any athlete looking to improve performance.
Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and brings relevant and current topics that can help any rider, racer, or pro. When I click on my podcasts and get ready for a training ride, I first look for the latest ESP podcast. Love the guests, discussion, and adivce. Cheers!
Well researched, fact based information.
This project is really well presented, and is definitely worth your time if you're interested in any part of exercise training. Great tips, nice guest speaker selection, and nice flow of topics. Awesome cast overall!
I really enjoy this podcast great information on training and preparing for races and other topics related to fitness and exercise science.He has had some great guests on. It is easy for the average person or trained exercise person to know what he is talking about. Very good speaking voice and easy to listen to. would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to better their training or just wants information on health related topics.
Home run on the last two interviews! Dr. Lim -- what can you say; the go to guy for endurance sports nutrition. And even though I don't have a "dog in the fight" with the Micah Rice interview issue, it was a fascinating insight into the upper levels of sports. I also found out why I have to sign all the liability paperwork prior to my local bike races. Keep up the good work. John
Love this podcast. Always science based, research backed information. Clearly presented. Great stuff.
Loved the latest podcast and the interview with Chris Carmichael. As a subscriber to the “Time Crunched Cyclist” I was excited to listen to this interview and Chris Carmichael talk about his philosophy and the concept of his program. Chris Harnish does such a good job with these interviews and the topics are always full of useful information. I find myself going back to older podcasts and have listened to many of them more than once. Great stuff!
Chris knows his stuff. He's a trained exercise physiologist and he stays on top of current literature. He's my coach, and he's got me performing better on less training time. How? Listen to the podcast. He cuts through the mythology and delivers advice that will get you performing better, too.
Even though I am in no way a serious athlete, I found this podcast to be extremely informative. Chris' discussion on interval trianing really spoke to me. I would encourage anyone interested in training or general fitness to give this podcast a listen!
Tons of great information for the serious athlete (especially if you're into endurance type events) or hobbiest. It contains an excellent mix of practical advice and scientific information which is something that is lacking in a lot of "advice" podcasts. The host's style and delivery is also excellent: His tone of voice is particular good: It's easy to listen to and sounds very professional. The episodes have been getting consistenly better - the first has a few issues with spontaneous "umms" but those have all but disappeared in the later episodes. It's definitely worth a listen!
A great podcast geared perfectly toward the serious athlete or the weekend warrior. It's steeped in a deep Exercise Science background and, by the end, you'll understand not only what your body is doing in training, but why. Chris Harnish is a great coach, both virtually and in person.