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Reviews For IRrelevant Astronomy HD

I so miss these podcasts. They were informative and funny
I am subscribed to the JPL Spitzer Hidden Universe HD video podcasts, and they showed an episode of IRrelevant Astronomy as well. I was hooked! I wish that I had this while growing up! This generation of children should be fully captivated by the high quality graphics, entertaining scripts and delivery mode. GREAT JOB NASA!! GREAT JOB SPITZER SCIENCE CENTER!! Thank you! Keep them coming!
This podcast is delightful. Nerdy and entertaining.
One of the most entertaining and informative science shows of all time...wish they where 1 hour shows.
a really great podcast. I think it could make it on prime time tv.
This was great! I'm a trekky and this reminded me of growing up watching star trek in the 90's. The SFX weren't super but they were still good. I really enjoyed the humor and the learning potential. Thank You and Keep 'em coming!