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It won't download to my iPod.
Great podcast. Amazingly edited, great interviews with industry professionals and awesome commentary. Keep rockin' it!
Best Chuck podcast by far.
Love the set up
I listen to this podcast only because they have some great interviews, but the new video feature is horrible and annoying - it skips to people just for "mmhmm" The three hosts are a little annoying too, but bearable is audio only.
It's been almost 3 weeks and no new podcasts what is going on


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By Luven
is the season pass for season 3 available in i tunes?it seems it is not available.can somebody help me?thanks


By Jdog658
WOW she is hot last nights eppisode was awsome chuck rules
What can I say but well done to Gray, Mel, and Liz. How I didn't find this podcast until now, I'll never know. It was refreshing to see how much the podcast was saturated with interviews from the cast, crew, and executive writers/directors/producers of the show. I never expected this much insight straight from the makers- so a very big kuddos to you guys for making the strides to make this possible, I know it wasn't easy. Also, I think this is just another testament to how much all of the makers of Chuck truly love their fans which just makes us want to work harder to keep them alive. My only Constructive critism will come in the form of frequency. We love Chuck and we want to hear you three talk about it more regularly! You are all great on air talents, you produce one heck of a show, and once season 3 begins again, it would be nice to hear you guys maybe do a weekly/bi-weekly podcast discussing what just aired with more e-mail responses generating discussions.... just a thought. Keep up the good work and let's all keep fighting the good fight to keep our favorite show on the air!!!! Long live Chuck!!!!
This is a Great podcast for chuck fans and if u want updates on the chuck news!!!
I've been listening since season 2. I really like the interviews. I'm amazed and thankful for the great interviews/content with the cast and writers of the show! So content is amazing! My only critizism would be the intro is way too long (thanks for adding chapters so i can fast forward through it). Also i noticed that the "out-tro" music is the exact same as another fan podcast of a NBC show (Heroes Podcast). Not that it bugs me but it's funny that two fan-based podcasts about NBC show's have the same music. Anyway, the positives are way more than the negatives. Thank you so much for all your help with keeping "Chuck" on the air!
Great! Best podcast! With all the images, you can picture the scene and remember it, if you already saw! I just wished all the podcast were avaiable to download from here, but that's O.K.! 5 Stars!!
Gray, Mel, and Liz, you guys do an amazing job with this podcast! It is informative and has fantastic interviews with the cast and crew. Keep it up! I would love to hear you weekly, if possible.
This show has everything I want!! The podcast are awesome and the host are super funy finally some one who understand me!!!
This Podcast is great to fullfill that Chuck fix between shows. great interviews and hosts that really love the show. Gray, Liz and Mel are Pretty.
This podcast gets great interviews with many of the secondary castmembers and production crew. The format works well, and it's both entertaining and informative. A more regular schedule would be beneficial. Two inaccuracies: this is no longer the only Chuck podcast. The creators of the fabulous Dharmalars Lost podcast have introduced the equally amusing Green Shirts Chuck 'cast. Also, Gray insists that Chuck vs. the Podcast is the #1 TV podcast on the internet. Where does he get this information? There are at least 10 Lost and Battlestar Galactica podcasts with more listeners.
Gray, Mel and Liz are personable, funny and oh-so-knowledgeable about Chuck, the adorable nerd-spy combo show. Their podcast features interviews, spoilers and plenty of witty banter. Plus, it's just fun to hear people talk about something they enjoy. If you love Chuck (which I totally do), you will adore Chuck vs. the Podcast.
Okay, so I am a huge fan of Chuck, a faithful watcher since the pilot episode, and I used to be looking for a good podcast about Chuck, well, I found one: Chuck vs. the Podcast!!! I highly recommend you download and listen to every episode!
Awesome job. Keep it up. Go weekly if you can!!!!!
You guys do a great job. I started watching Chuck prior to season 2. Loved it and immediately started searching for podcasts. Yours was the only one I found, mainly because I stopped looking. You guys have some cool spoilers and a lot of news about the show. I just wish you guys came out with podcasts a little more often.
three episodes have aired and they still havent released a new episode recently. Most other podcasts about TV shows release an episode right before the airing of the next tv episode. If they start releasing on a quicker schedule, I will gladly revise my review and give them an extra star or two.
This is such a great show. There is not a day that goes by where I do not wish I could watch a new episode. This podcast is great and keeps you up to date with all the things you need to know about Chuck. You can also check it out a which is also a great fan site. My only complaint is that the podcasts do not come out frequently enough but they are of great quality when they do come out.
This podcast helps me keep updated on my favorite show. Keep it up guys!!!
I love Chuck and I love podcasting - but I am glad that I didn't try to make a Chuck podcast because I know that wouldn't be able to make one that is this informative, this entertaining - and very slick and well produced! Well Done!!
At last- a Chuck podcast! It has been well worth the wait. The cohosts clearly love Chuck and have put a lot of time and energy into producing this podcast. Chuck vs. the Podcast features interviews with those involved in making the show. In fact, the first podcast includes an interview with Yvonne Strahovski (Agent Sarah Walker). This is a must listen for Chuck fans and the Chuck-curious.