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Many huge thanks for BF work!!!
Doctor Who Fans, those who likten to audiobooks and radio shows/dramas, and peple just enjoy good banter and interviews, Must subscibe to this one!!!!
The frequency of the podcasts has been a lot more sporadic since Paul Spragg died (sigh) but they’re still funny and great to listen to when they do occur. Big Finish is a place I would love to work from just listening to the staff interact! Nicholas Briggs is the one constant in the podcast and though they do advertise their products, they do fantastic work - not just Doctor Who, either. Great stuff!
Toby Hadoke's Who's Round is stunning! More reasons why Big Finish knows how to do Doctor Who right! Cheers Toby! _______________________________ Big Finish IS Doctor Who...but also so much more! Beyond meeting the lovely folks of Big Finish at conventions, this is the best way they could humanize this small company - in a way to fight piracy of the audios. I know that thir efforts got me on board after I had lost interest in the Doctor Who range fo a while. I love the informality, the banter and all-out sense of fun and fandom these passionate folks exhibit with each show. Very endearing group and definitely a must-listen, must-subscribe show. Bravo Nick, Paul, David and all at Big Finish!
The boys of Big Finish sit down in front of the mics mwhen they aren't so busy behind them making great Doctor Who audios, to discuss the upcoming releases and try to remember their own competetions. A great podcast from Nick and the gang.
A part of me knows I shouldn't like this podcast. It is, after all, one giant advertisement for the products and services of Big Finish. But the damned thing is simply infectious. From about the Christmas 2009 episodes forward, the easygoing banter led by Nick Briggs has been funny, naturalistic and utterly charming. Whereas older episodes were far too overproduced and slick, the new Big Finish Podcast is simply a bunch of guys talkin' story while they're eating lunch. Despite its newfound informality, it nevertheless stays on point and, perhaps more importantly, on time. Sure, one has to take the enthusiasm Briggs and company have for their products with a grain of salt, but the podcast is nevertheless a model for how companies can use podcasting to establish a rapport with their customers. In the tradition of Walt Disney talking to his customers each week about what progress was being made on completing Disneyland, Briggs and company give us tantalizing glimpses into their particular theme park each and every episode.
The guys are a great listen and include alot of clips from upcoming Big Finish audios plus an occasional guest. Facebook subscribers get Tour....
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Podcast is great, but I can't get any more of them because I can't remember my password, nor can I access the website to maybe get some help. If someone knows of a way to do so, please let me know. Thanks
For anyone who loves the Doctor Who Audio Series or any of the other fine products from the "Big Finish" production team, this is a must-listen! Writer/Director/Producer/Actor/VOICE OF THE DALEKS Nicholas Briggs leads this entertaining series. The comedic interplay between Mr. Briggs, Paul Wilson, and Barnaby Edwards keeps me in stitches constantly. Oh, and there's some good production info thrown in for good measure. I can't say enough for this podcast and this team, so I'll stop.