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I used to workout and walk to Podrunner and started creating my own playlists but, I just started running and missed the consistent beat in a track and knew I needed a consistent BPM (bears per minute) for effective running! A BPM workout mix is hard to find, shockingly, so I for one appreciate that that’s how these mixes are labeled as they are. I am so happy to be back! DJSteve does a great job mixing for a workout with a solid BPM!


Not my thing usually, but pretty cool
I just got turned on to HIIT training and have been manually changing the beat of my music on my Podrunner app. I went looking for HIIT music and voila!!! I should have known. Thank you SO much Steve for creating this and the other interval music. Can’t wait to get started!!!!!


By Indyca
It's awesome And effective Better than most beginner to 5k programs because the music is AWESOME
Great beat and builds up your running time slowly so you don't overtrain. I have finished week two and am looking forward to when I can run a 5K!
In December of 2011 I was on my way to a heart attack. Walking up stairs was leaving me winded and was hurting my knees. I could only sleep comfortably in two positions and I was waking up in fits of not being able to breathe. In short, I was fast-tracking my application to the Pearly Gates. I was depressed, I was scared, and I didn't think I had the willpower to turn myself around. I really thought I was going to die soon. Needless to say I didn't like my outlook. I tried a few different workouts, riding my bike was my favorite in terms of enjoyment, but I really wasn't seeing any change in my health. I tried to run but I didn't know how hard or how far to go. I wanted a coach, I wanted someone to run with me and tell me how fast to go, for how long, when to slow down and when to speed up. I thought that would be really expensive... it turns out it was free. And it turned out to be fun as well. When I started I couldn't run a full lap around a 1/4 mile track. Today, seriously just 3 hours ago, I ran over four miles! By May I'm hoping to run my very first 10k. I cannot tell you what this has done for not only my health but my self-esteem as well. Podrunner Intervals isn't just the best music/workout podcast out there. It's the best podcast period. It has literally saved my life. Thank you Podrunner Intervals for all that you have done. I'm running more than ever and enjoying my life more than ever as well. Which is nice, because it looks like it's going to last a lot longer than I was expecting just a few months ago.
I am a longtime runner who fell victim to overtraining with a terrible case of ITBS last year. I went from regularly running ten miles to being unable to run at all, even on a treadmill. It was devastating. This summer, I was finally able to begin running again. I have been using the First Day to 5K podcasts for 10 Weeks, and just completed the Graduation run last night. I am thrilled that Podrunner has restored my basic fitness levels, and allowed me to safely return to running three days a week. I'm still a long way from running ten miles again, but I now know there is hope! Thanks for a wonderful 10 Weeks! Looking forward to the 8K podcasts next.
I have to congratulate you for this work. It is amazing. I am one of the ones that have not worked in a whiiiiile... (do not want to share my reasons or excuses).. I am on the "First Day to 5K" and I love it. I used to avoid running, it was boring to me, even with the music I like. But this routine is great, I enjoy it while running and walking. It takes you to a very reasonable pace from the beginning. Thanks again, you have no idea of how much I appreciate your work. Ray AC
Hands down the best exercise tool you can have on your iPod. The mixes will keep you moving and the gradual build will keep you motivated.
Let me first say "Thank you DJ SteveBoy". You got me running again and in a size 4 again! I am half way through the 8k series and I'm thrilled that you've added a speed interval mix. I spread the word about podrunner as much as I can. Because this is simply THE BEST download on iTunes. Thanks for keeping it free too! You are changing lives :)
Stumbled on podrunner while looking for exercise music. Frigging unreal! Beats / music easy on ears and fun to workout to. Techno music sound awsome! Allows me to workout harder because I don't have to use tunes not designed for cardio nor do I have to count beats in my head!! Well worth monthly contribution which I'm setting up this week. I love to speedwalk to beats. Hardest walking workout I've ever had had been this week since I first downloaded. I wish creators of this app the best!!!!!
So right now I'm doing First Day to 5k, and I'm on mix 2 of week 5. The only thing about this program that I'm having a problem with is the BPMs and how they work. Does this have to do with the speed I should be running? My heart rate? For what??! I usually run (rather jog) at about a 4.5 speed on the treadmill during the running portions. I've tried searching the internet but I'm not getting a clear answer/ If someone could explain this to me, or tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd really appreciate it!
These are great mixes. I am training for the Honolulu marathon and they have saved me from treadmill boredom! I teach fitness and have a hard time finding music to match my heart rate. Please keep making this wonderful interval training music!
Recently started working out again after 7 years of taking a break from intense training for 2 decades. Intervals allows you to build up every week. You don't realize your getting in shape but it happens quickly this way. Im almost half way and looking forward to seeing the end result in a few weeks.
I'm finishing 5k series and looking forward to start 8k ones. Thank you for making these music sets. It works perfectly with my workouts.
I am a two year listener of Podrunner and have to say it never gets old! I listen to the same mixes days in a row sometimes and have found that running improves with the fixed BPMs built into interval segments. Thank you for putting this together for me (and us all)!
I started with Intervals 2 years ago and it helped my weight loss plan. I lost a total of 45 lbs that year and have kept it off using this running program. It also trained me for my first 5k. I came in at 36 minutes, but I felt strong and knew I could do it again the next day if I had to. Then, last March, I ran a 4 mile race. I wasn't as prepared but I was able to run that extra mile and not stop to walk. Not even once.
I am doing the Freeway to 10K program and it is awesome! I feel spoiled :)
i came upon this on a search for workout music. I love it! great beats keep you motivated. audio cues make it easy to transition between intervals without having to look at your watch or keep track of the minutes. a no brainer. AND FREE!!!! Thank you for this. I'm now very excited about my training. I'm going to continue to do these and look forward to building up to 10 K and eventually the Bermuda Half Marathon on May 24. Maybe not this year, but next year will be great.
I can hardly finish anything I start but freeway to 5k has worked for me. I am on week 9 and I already signed up for my first race. My time is not any where near the 30 min but my goal is to finish the race and to keep moving. Thank you Steve this program and the music has kept me motivated and energized so I was able to stay with it. I highly recomend this podcast because it is not intimidating at all, on the contrary it helps build the confidence for non-runners.
I started this last summer just to see if I could do it (never having run for excercise) and by week 9 was confidant enough to sign up for a series of 5k races in the fall. It's kept me running through the winter (I live in Alaska) and I've got my eye on an 8k race this spring. The music is great for running: energizing but not distracting. I like the transition tones much better that someone's voice breaking in. Checking the BPM chart on my iPod (by clicking through to the show description) before I set out helps me pace myself during the run. Well done.
I am a mom of 5 and over 35. I managed to get up off the couch and start running regularly. It has been the gentleless yet motivating work out podcast!! I plan to run my first 5k this weekend
I love these interval sessions - the music instills energy and the transitions aren't as jarring as some other programs (tones instead of voices). However, the info promised a 10k -> Half program and it never showed up. Are you ever going to finish?
Even if you're like me and may never be able to run a 5k, this podcast has great benefits. The first few weeks are well suited to walking and the intervals keep your heart pumping and help you get the most out of your workout. You'll be motivated to go farther than ever before! The music is upbeat and the workouts are shorter so you can fit them in just about anytime. I love this one and it will always be on my iPod. Great for outdoor or indoor treadmill workouts. This one is the best!
I like starting out slow and speeding up then slowing down again. I feel like I get a real workout
I have been enjoying the Podrunner workout music for my running and gym workouts for some time and even though I don’t normally listen to electronic music, these podcasts are OUTSTANDING! Thanks for making the interval series. I am donating – your work is well worth it!
Podrunner and this new Podrunner Intervals is the best podcast out there for workout music. Period. I've triied listening to some others and I quickly lose interest. But Steve Boyett's stuff is flawless. you never get bored and its great for pushig you when you need it. If you haven't downloaded this yet, what are you waiting for?
I never thought of myself as a runner. I am an overweight mom who wasn't even regularly exercising when I decided to make a change and set a goal. I wanted to mostly run a 5K and since I didn't have an IPhone or ITouch I couldn't download Couch to 5K. I stumbled across your podcast and began the program. This past Sunday I just finished running my first 5K after finishing the 10 week training (I included week 10). Not only that I finished faster then I expected. Thank you for a wonderful training tool.
Thank you for taking the time to produce these podcasts. Thank you, also, for your words of inspiration and motivation at the beginning of each podcast. Never in my life have I enjoyed running. I have never thought myself capable or even have the desire to want to do something like this. To my amazement, I have just completed week 8 of "First Day to 5K" -- AND I have ENJOYED it! Thank you for helping me reach this fitness level. I am going to continue on with the "Gateway to 8K" series.
I thought I'd never be able to run again. After an injury that left me unable to walk for more than 2 months I thought my ability to run was tossed out the door for ever. After a long rehab, and working with Podrunner Intervals on a treadmill I am back in action and returning to an active athletic lifestyle. I cannot thank Steve Boyett and the podrunner folks enough for bringing back something so joyful in my life that I thought I had lost forever. Mahalo nui loa! Thank you so much! Great mixes that propel you forward and are nicely paced for intensity! Podrunner, you brought me back!
I just discovered Podrunner by "accident" and WOW! I am TOTALLY impressed! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time and effort to produce these! It's the perfect motivational running/jogging music and PERFECT for 5K training! Please keep up the excellent work!!!!
Podrunner Intervals has changed my life. I used to only walk 2x's/wk. Found PR:I in January '09 -finished my first 5k race in March and now I am training for my 1st 10k on July 4th!! Never in a million years would I have dreamed of running this distance. Podrunner is so easy to do - everyone wants to know how I got into running and I tell them about PODRUNNER- they are all on the "program" now - I am so glad I have been able to inspire so many people!! Can't thank you enough. Now I just need a mix for a HALF MARATHON training - my new goal for 2010!
This podcast has gotten me running again! I love the feeling of accomplishment as I finish another week. I'm currently doing the First Day to 5K, and then I plan to move up to the 8K and eventually 10K training series. I highly recommend these fun workout tunes.
In junior high school I learned to fear running. Physical fitness tests got the better of me, and I never wanted to run again. Now, at 42, I have overcome that fear with Podrunner intervals. This program is the best. I started with First Day to 5k. I have gone from being a total non-runner to a person who can run regularly because of the way this program is structured. Running is broken down into baby steps, week by week, until at the end, the reward is running those three miles. I finally learned how to pace myself, regulate my breathing, and stay mentally on track. Though it has not been easy or injury-free, it has been one of those life-altering experiences. I did something I never thought I could. I have learned to run! The health benefits have been amazing, and I've lost 35 lbs. Thank you to Steve Boyett for putting together some amazing music and helping me master something I never thought I would. Now I am on to the Gateway to 8k, and on from there.
Helps me get ready for a half marathon. Glad to see you guys are starting again. Without a coach screaming at you you still have something to motivate you to another pace. Thanks for the variation now. Still looking forward to longer distances with you, and keep up the great music.


Ran my first 5K because of these podcasts. I had never attempted to run before I found them. The build-up was so gradual it was like, BOOM, one day I was running 3 miles without stopping. You have given me so much pride in myself, I just knew if I did the workout, just hit the pavement I could do it and I did! It was nice to not have to think about or question if I was doing it right, I just listened to the beat and the chimes.Thank you thank you thank you!!! I have my next race schduled:)
Intervals are the most efficient method of maximizing your fitness levels; do the research. I usually run to Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, or other trance DJs. These podcasts are a no brainer; just follow the program, and you are on your way. The tones telling you to speed up and slow down make these the perfect playlists to run to.


By msgete
WOW !!! TKS !!! I just started running again and these have REALLY helped me keep the pace. I look forward to every week to see what you have. I love POD RUNNER !!!!! and yes i tell all my friends, plus i love that it is FREE !!!! TKS again :)) keep them coming !!!
This is a great podcast for nearly anyone that has the ability run. I love that it will take some one with no experience all the way to a regular runner in a paced, safe way. Music is great, queues are great, intervals make pushing experienced runners feel confident with their gains. After all the praise, I have to say that the only thing I wish these podcasts had was a halfway or turn around notice. I run outside and on trails most of the time. I still use these podcasts to work back up to my normal run after breaks in the coldest parts of winter, and I recommend them to anyone who likes to run already or would like to start.
So glad I found this program when I started training again for a spring sprint triathlon. Someone pointed me to Podrunner from Nike+. I'm on Week 4 of the "One Day to 5K" interval series and I couldn't be more encouraged by my progress. The hardest thing has been for this old man to learn to push all the right buttons in the right order on my iTouch. Once I got past that challenge, DJ Steve Boy has been a welcome friend on my morning runs. I am recommending it to everyone who mentions they are thinking about running to get in shape.
I found this by chance. I am using the freeway to 10k to help improve my speed across the board. I ran my last marathon at about 11 minutes per mile (MM). I am aiming to improve my speed in an upcoming half marathon run to 9 MM. I am on week 4 and love it. THANK YOU Mehran PS. How about doing one for freeway to half marathon... PPS. Any chance you can add a voice instruction to the pace change tone "Get ready to run" or "Time for Power Walk"
I run reguarly and these podcasts are a great break from my normal running playlist. The music is AWESOME!!! The beats really get you going and pumped up. Love them!!! I highly recommend them to anybody looking for some new music to run to or any new runners.
I have been planning to start an exercise regime for a whole year now, and never had the motivation to stick to it. These "weekly" updates are going to keep my mind fresh and avoid boredom which I often get when listening to the same music all the time. Thanks for making this free as well, it's hard to afford stuff while going to College. Love u guys, keep up the good work! Kisses
I cannot give this Podcast enough credit! I literally went from being an athlete but NO distance running whatsoever to an aspiring marathoner. I started this in September and am well on my way to a half marathon. I ran my first 5k at the end of the program, and it was one of the most exciting experiences. I have recommended this Podcast to all of my friends, and they are all jumping on the bandwagon! I have nothing but amazing things to say about this program! Because of Podrunner Intervals, I can now call myself a runner! :)
Thank you so much for doing these podcasts...and for offering them up for free!! I am a beginner and have just started the intervals but so far I love's the perfect thing for someone like me. I have a hard time pushing myself. So thanks again!!
Thank you so much for all your running mixes. Can't run without them.
And its all thanks to podrunner intervals!! LOVE them!!
Sounds good, the music. Though, I don't get it or it doesn't sound logical to me that the files are shorter in the first weeks, where the same distance should take you longer...
No lie. I'm a mid-forties mother of 3 teenagers. I can run farther than my kids now. One suggestions: shorten the titles of each segment. On my iPod the last part of the title doesn't appear until I select the track. It's that last part that indicates which week. How about "5K-Week 2" ?