Arlene Tats and Knits

Reviews For Arlene Tats and Knits

I've enjoyed listening to this podcast! Arlene has a nice friendly manner AND, for me, it is nice to hear someone from my old hometown which I miss. (Go Steelers!) Oh, gotta mention that she gets me motivated to TAT!
Tatting is such a special Thread Art. I look forward to each show! Keep them coming.
Arlene is passionate about tatting and knitting so it shouldn't be a surprise that she's got a very interesting life even when she puts her needlework down. I didn't know I was icurious about tatting untiil I heard Arlene talk about it, but now I'm trolling the web to learn about tatting and may just work up the courage to add that to the knitting I already love to do. Arlene talks about her life which is at the stage after parenting little children and teenagers amd guess what? Life beyond the rigors of raising a family is full of adventures and things to be enthusiastic about. I enjoy this podcast thoroughly and look forward to new episodes. I think they'll be excellent entertainment as i tat while I listen.
You all need to sub this pod cast if you like to knit or tat or like cats! ;-) You will have to listen to understand that last one. It's a very friendly pod cast from a down to earth crafter. It's so good to see you Arlene! I love the kitty stories and was I ever happy to hear from you twice! You are doing a great job, keep up the good work. I couldn't post to the blog so you have to endure me here. Wendy, (professional test knitter, professional spinner, dabler in all other needle arts.... including that bobbin lace kit I bought that's sitting there collecting dust!)
Tatting, knitting and spinning, Arlene does it all. Well that and rescuing a kitty or two along the way. Arlene reminds me of the friends I used to work and craft with. She is talented in her crafts and teachingothers about them. She makes me want to pick up the shuttle again.
I love to listen to Arlene. It's like a virtual tatter's coffee break. Fun chatter about what she's making in the various crafts, and where she got the patterns and supplies (usually on-line). I'm a cat-loving tatter and knitter too, and I'm just learning to spin. Now I don't feel so strange for doing so many crafts (or having cats!)
I liked this little podcast. Arlene seems like a fun person and she makes her tatting sound like a lot of fun. I am a knitter so there is something for me in each podcast, too. You never know...she may convince me to tat someday!