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I’ve been listening to Reformed Forum for the past 7+ years. There is no other program out there that consistently engages in such in-depth theological discussion. Dr. Lane Tipton is one of the best teachers in the world on biblical theology (redemptive-historical hermeneutics). Dr. Camden Bucey is a fine teacher as well, thoroughly conversant with the best authors. Dr. Waddington is also a fine fellow, very knowledgeable and kind. This content is the gold standard for heavy hitting theology from the Westminster and OPC perspective. I have enjoyed fellowship with these brothers on a couple of occasions and they are humble and down to earth—fraternal rather than merely ‘professional.’ This ministry is worth supporting; a clear voice of refreshing truth in the midst of the incessant clamor of internet noise. Thanks brothers. Keep pressing on, for the Lamb is worthy.
I can never browse older episodes by subscribing to this podcast. I have to subscribe to the catch-all Reformed Forum podcast but that makes it hard to manage playlists.
The kind folks at Christ the Center are solid reformed and confessional saints. If you are looking for Rich theological dialogue grounded in Scripture and the confessions, then you won’t find a better podcast than this. Consistent, edifying, challenging, yet not pretentious and even fun at time. It’s like you’re back at old Princeton with Vos and the rest of them. This is a rare find, and I beg Camden and the guys to stay true to the mission of simple, lovely, confessional, already / not yet content focused on the eschatological Lamb.
One of the best Reformed Podcasts around. Insightful and in-depth.
CTC is definitely one of my top 3 favorite podcasts. Each and every week you get a solid meal of meaty theological conversation and discussion. You’ll need to bring your thinking caps, though; not for the faint of heart, yet it’s accessible enough for even a layman like me. Highly recommended!!!
This is an enjoyable podcast, usually under an hour, it features fascinating discussion about theology, philosophy, and church life. Holding a Reformed Worldview, this is an edifying podcast, and one that all Christians should listen to and enjoy.
Very edifying and encouraging!
This is the most intelligent discussion of theology I have ever come across. Also very helpful in always pointing you towards a wealth of further resources if you wish to dig deeper and investigate. Often scriptural basis for discussion/positions as well.
Its rare to get 3 or more guys talking about faith before one or more goes verbally postal. It helps of course if these three are smart, studied, well spoken and generally respect others. What I love about this program is that they always talk about the most important thing ever Jesus Christ, thus the name.
I have greatly enjoyed the variety of speakers/pastors/professors interviewed by the panel. They cover subjects of great impotance thoruoughly, practically, and, at times, humorously.