Reviews For The BMI Workshop Songbook Podcast

I so wish they’d make another round of songs that have come about due to the BMI musicals workshop. Jeff Blumenkrantz is the perfect host for this, the performers are stellar, and I loved hearing all the songs. BUT, for some time now, one song is no longer available to be listened to, and I can’t help but wonder whether that isn’t (or more likely, is) due to the Disney powers, now that those two songwriters are best known for writing the songs for FROZEN. I’m figuring Disney doesn’t feel “The Pregnancy Song” fits well with the image they want for Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. While Disney can’t very well quash everything about AVENUE Q, perhaps they can remove this song from this podcast, or get the songwriters to do so. Just a hunch. Perhaps all that is also why no more copies of the songbook/sheet music are being made available. Hmmm. Am I being a paranoid conspiracy crazy? Anyway, so glad I got to hear and learn the song, before it disappeared.
This was a limited run series but totally entertaining and alot of fun. Here's hoping that Jeff can bring this back in a second season with an equally stellar line up of talent and music.