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This is a wonderful resource for the Christian single!
Loved hearing Lee Strobels story! Would love to hear his wife’s perspective!
Love Boundless, it's my favorite podcast.
I started listening to Boundless about a year ago. Since then I’ve relied on their great insight as I’ve maneuvered through some really painful and challenging relationships. I love that Boundless seeks out people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to interview. Also, don’t we all listen just because we want to be best friends with Lisa? I mean, c’mon.
Was listening to the podcast on Suicide Loss but immediately was turned off when someone’s daughter being homosexual is considered to be a loss.
Honestly, I listen to the Boundless show almost everyday. I have learned a lot about how to honor God through singleness, relationships, and marriage. So grateful for you all!
Thought provoking and worthwhile!
Couldn’t help trying to rhyme Boundless with abundance. My friend introduced me to your podcast and I’ve been impressed with the shows. I’ve found your topics relevant, timely and real. A great resource for me as an older adult to pass onto younger singles that I mentor. Lisa A. thanks for your humour and hope you visit our part of the world since you love to travel :) May God be glorified through the good work of Boundless!
I have been reading Boundless articles for a few years, but only started listening to their podcasts within the past few months. As a single 34-year-old, I find the conversations encouraging, funny, thought-provoking, and inspiring. I have gotten two single friends in their 30’s hooked as well. I commute a lot for work and play, and these podcasts give me something to look forward to! Thanks, Boundless, for not overlooking a demographic so often forgotten in our society and churches - post-college singles. Keep up the good work!
So much truth, absolutely love this show.
I've been listening to boundless since 2010!!! I've gone through so many life stages listening to this podcast from turning 18, dating, finding a career, being single, to now married. I feel like Lisa and all the regulars are dear friends even though I've never actually met them. I've learned so much through this podcast that has helped me with my walk with God, my career, friendships, and now being newly married. Thank you Boundless!!! :)
I loveeeeee this podcast. It is fun, engaging and full of wisdom! I highly recommend!
There are several great episodes and interviews, however I’ve discovered this show to be more about how to follow the “church culture” rather than looking to scripture and Jesus for guidance. We are all sinners however the panel and host seem to imply they are somehow above others and often come across as puritanical. I’m sure I’ll try to listen to some snippets here are there for the interviews, but I just have a difficult time listening to every new podcast that comes out.
I just found out about Boundless yesterday and have already listened to over 10 episodes -- at work, at home, in the car. As a single 30-something Christian, I've gone as far as considering my own podcast for others like me. Now I don't need to because Boundless covers great topics around dating, friendships and careers! Thank you, Focus on the Family for another homerun.
As a Christian, I could overlook some of the clear Christian rhetoric that failed to really look at the heart of Christ, but the latest episode took it too far. Condemning people for criticizing the USA and the "legacy" of Lincoln is short sighted like many of the guests on this show. I wanted more of an apologetics approach than religious rhetoric. There is space for criticism so that we can improve the church. Disappointed after trying for over a year.
I've been listening to the Boundless Show for at least two years now and also enjoy articles from the website. Every week the show features a round table discussion, an interview with someone well-known and advice for a listener. The subject matter is very relatable for Christian singles especially. The direction of the conversation always encourages and challenges the listener towards a personal relationship with Christ and living for Christ daily.
I've been enjoying this podcast for over 7 years, and it's truly a favorite. Good work, boundless team!
I started listening to this podcast about 2 months ago and I can say it has transformed just about every area of my life! I recommend it to so many of my friends!! Keep it up, you guys!!!
A great podcast that deals with relevant issues.
Love the variety of topics and that it relates to everyday life.
I've listened to Boundless for years now, and always appreciated the work they did. But when I read the recent Atlantic article on their firing Joy Beth Smith, I was extremely disheartened. As a Christian conservative I've had to do some soul-searching this past year, and realize that not everything on the conservative platform has been God-honoring and beneficial. When I first read her articles on Boundless I was happy that other Christians agreed with me. To find out that she's been fired for this has been heavy on my heart. After five years of listening, I have to unsubscribe. We are not the community that should be squashing dissent, and I am worried about that.
It is so much fun. Always waiting for the next episode to come out. Witty. Wisdom. Wonderful!
I love the Boundless Show. As a divorced, single mom of a teen girl, I can honestly say I have found very few podcasts that address my age and stage. Though this show is geared towards millenials, I have found much of their conversation relevant to singles of all generations. I think it helps that the host is herself in her 40's, though single and never married. I also find the info is good to help me guide my teen daughter through her emerging "single" years. It's once a week, which is about all us singles have time for, and in the Roundtable Discussion (first segment) Lisa talks to her audience as if they are her friends. She also makes sure to keep the male perspective in there. The Culture segment (second segment) has kept me in the loop on what's new in Christian culture. I find it hard to listen to all of the mainstream Christian podcasts that are so family oriented... it just brings me pain in my situation, so being able to hear authors and guests specifically adress their topics to singles is a soul saver. I often long for a whole show of Inbox Questions (third segment) because these are the stuff of life and those counselors that answer the questions are usually refreshingly unique in their perspectives. As a side note, the music used to transition from segment to segment is always very good... I have downloaded many songs I've Shazamed during the transition. Kudos to whomever chooses those!
I've listened to Boundless off/on for 5 years. Every time I begin to listen to the podcasts again I remember how life giving and changing they are (and I wonder why I ever stopped listening). Love Lisa Anderson’s personality, wisdom and all the guests have great information. I also recommend Focus on the Family’s Daily Broadcast!
I love The Boundless show! A lot of great practical advice, and Lisa is amazing! Great show for single adults.
I loved the episode recently about working in an intergenerational environment. So many great points. And the host asks well rounded questions that aren't just about her but about getting clear information to the listener. Well done!
If you are looking for a podcast to fill you up without beating you up, this it it! I am continuously convicted by the topics and challenged with new ways of thinking. I listen in my car rides or while I'm showering and it's a great, inconvenient way to be filled with little nuggets of goodness! Lisa has the best personality for the radio and I am always looking forward to her sarcasm and wit. To top it all off the podcast is just oozing with Jesus! 🙌🏾
I just started listening to the Boundless Show, and I love it! They have conversations about current and relevant topics by panels, experts, and Q&A time. It has been very challenging and helpful for me as I grow closer to Christ and in my relationships with the people around me.
Boundless is a great resource for information, encouragement and advice for both Christians and people who aren't Christians. The talks are really relevant to today's culture. I highly recommend giving them a listen!
This show is encouraging, fun, practical and educational all in one! Downloaded all the podcasts available and started listening at work every day since... This is exactly what I needed to get my relationship with the Lord going again. This show helped nudge me back to him. Thank you boundless! I am so thankful! Praise be to God!!!
This podcast is a "have to" for any single Christian wanting to prepare for marriage. I'm a 40-something divorced person who wishes I'd known about Boundless before I got married. Now that I've found it, I'm so grateful that I can seek and be ready for a godly man who also desires a God honoring marriage. BTW, this podcast isn't "super holy". Lisa Anderson and her "round table" guests are genuine and funny, sharing real stories. LOVE this podcast !!
I'm a married woman and I love this show. I'm single in a different way; I have no girlfriends. I have many of the same issues that single women have, such a wondering what is wrong with me, loneliness, uncertainty, etc. There are many things discussed here that are universally helpful.
Been a long time listener to Boundless for 2+yrs. I've enjoyed the advice and encouragement received from countless round tables, specialists, and authors that appeal to me - a single 20-something Christian. Topics include everything from Biblical perspectives on marriage, dating, careers, money, and so much more.
I stumbled across from The Boundless Show on the radio one day. Of course, it was on a day where being single was weighing me down. I was in a really low place riding in my car alone. I found that there was a podcast from going to the website. I have become so much more content and am learning to be a single woman who is OK with being single. I have the confidence to be open to dating while honoring God. They had the guts to discuss online dating. I LOVE Boundless!!!
I've listened to every episode for the past two years. Lisa Anderson is an excellent host, the topics are relevant, and I've learned about many great speakers, books, and Christian organizations through the culture segment of the podcast. It's a weekly encouragement to me. Check it out!
Not only is Lisa Anderson an awesome host-funny, entertaining and informative-but this show really hits on much needed topics that need to be talked about...like how to make friends after college or how to deal with anger. And deeper topics, like doubting God or dealing with suffering. I love being able to relate to the guests and to listen to the different perspectives of people my age living in different parts of the country. Give it a try :)
Im so blessed to have find this show, im a hispanic male born outside of the US i live in san francisco, this show has be been a tremendous help for me in this season of my life, i been a christian all my life and done the christian life style, four years ago i was involved in a relationship and things didn't go well lots of mistakes and sins. God helped go through it, healing me from my past and giving me a new beginning, about seven months ago i met this wonderful lady, how everything happen it was God orchestrating everything, now we been in serious relationship heading towards marriage. I found the Boundless Show right on time, i had so many questions and concerns, i wanted with all my heart to do right this time, and the resources of this ministry has help through the process. Im so grateful for the work at Focus in The Family and the Boundless Show, you guys have been a divine source of information for my life!!! Thank you, your work is a blessing and a gift to my life! Tenga un buen dia :)
The Boundless show is the perfect mix of Spirit-filled counsel and down-to-earth fun. Thank you, Boundless team, for this awesome community and the encouragement (and sometimes needed conviction haha) that this show brings!
I've been listening to the Boundless show for years now. What I like most is their ability to address tough subjects without sounding preachy or authoritative. The advice of the hosts and the guests has been helpful personally to me. It's so good that I'm still listening even though I'm no longer single. Thanks, Boundless!
They talked about an amazing range of things in the modern life of Christians, with a strong, but not exclusive focus on younger singles. Some really difficult issues tackled with a combination of grace and frankness I found life changing!!!
I stumbled upon the Boundless show 2 years ago and have not looked back since. The Boundless Team always talk about relevant topics that have to do with both life and relationships in a fresh and entertaining way. Their culture segment is by far my favourite segment, being an avid reader, as they chat to authors of books that are relevant to our walk in life and the authors always give such great and practical advice. Through these podcasts, I have definitely gained better perspective on how to be a healthier person for my future spouse and has given me confidence to embrace who I am.
I got to Boundless through Brant and Sherry and I'm so happy to be here! It's overwhelming to go to the archives so I subscribed and will walk through the Boundless path from today on. I found so many relevant stories and points in the first podcast. I can relate to Lisa instantly. Oh yeah, I need to find her on Facebook. :) Keep up the good work and you'll be hearing from me more! Christina
Just wanted to say thank you for your ministry. God bless
I look forward to the Boundless podcast each week. I love the round table discussions and culture segments. Continually I am challenged and inspired to more fully live the life I’ve been given. Lisa Anderson is also my favorite podcast host and virtual running buddy.
I am really enjoying the podcasts that I downloaded but there is lacking material. As a single woman in my 30s I was expecting a bit more about the challenges working/living single adults face...not just lacking a spouse.
The topics are tough and keep your attention. Great program! So thankful for podcasts like this.
I reccomend this podcast for any teen approaching college, college student approaching graduation, or graduate approaching...well, the rest of their lives. This team will speak both wisdom and humor in an upbeat, revelant way, reviewing resources and interviewing people on a broad spectrum of topics. God will use this podcast to convict you to meditate of God's standards for dating, arriage, carreer, and family. Subscribe and be sure to check out their older podcasts, too!
I am a loyal listener. Love the show and I recommend it to others.