Reviews For Corvette Chief - David McLellan -

Fangio, Moss, Fitch, Taruffi, and Arkus-Duntov at Sebring '57 on my iPod! Incredible! Thanks, Dave.
Excellent podcast and two thumbs up for the Zora interview, its not everyday you can hear someone bang through the gears of a '61 Corvette...
I was gonna say "The Cadillac of Podcasts" but this is much is the CORVETTE of Podcasts! Dave is very informative, and easy to listen to. It is also quite and experience listening to a living legend. Like listening to history, while getting excited about the future. Dave, thank you so much for putting out this podcast and your great website! I shall tell others!
I found Mr McLellan's Podcast to be very interesting. His soft spoken presentation, in an unhurried informative way gives insight to a subject that is near and dear to my heart. If you have any interest in Corvettes, either past or present don't hesitate to give a listen.