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I really love the topics, sans commercials, but he talks funny...kind of like Kevin from The Office... “Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick” Can only do one a day. His vocal inflections, pauses, and cadence when he speaks is so difficult to listen to. It is unpleasant and makes it hard to follow the stories.
Features very interesting stories from history and Steve has a great personality. Usually a main story, an old radio show ad, three mini stories, and a little quiz. Highly entertaining
Firstly I have never heard of a company called Progressive until I listened thankfully it’s not available out the USA and it seems not in a lot of states or circumstances. This stupid woman Flo repeats the same awful illiterate add every time in such an annoying voice. The chap who has this also asks questions like when did colour tv sales exceed black and white you assume globally but no it’s just America. There are other countries in the world please please acknowledge this. Plus who is Mr Ed , Lysol etc ?
Love this podcast. But I’m looking Force new one. I can’t take all of the loud, jarring commercials. It’s a shame, but it’s just too annoying.
This is my bedtime ritual. One episode. So comforting. So soothing. So peaceful. Fun stories from the past. The perfect bedtime story.
I enjoy listening as my bedtime story. Fun info, fun presentation.
I listen to a lot of podcasts about trivia and obscure history. This podcast rarely duplicates stories I’ve heard elsewhere. I recently discovered it, so I’m delighted to have a large backlog to buzz through.
My only real complaint is that we have to wait forever in between episodes. He does a good job but why not do 2 or even 3 a month? I keep coming back hoping for a new episode and there never is.
The podcast is great, really. The delivery is solid, stories surprising and quirky...good stuff. But, my God, the Geico commercials are irritating. I know this isn’t necessarily the show’s fault, but it certainly affects my enjoyment of an otherwise excellent podcast.
This podcast really grew on me. At first, I didn’t know what to make of it. The title is meant to fool you. The stories in each episode fascinate me. The more I listen the more I want another episode. Update: I’m back to not knowing what to think of the stories in this podcast. Sometimes they’re interesting and sometimes; not so much. I think this podcast should be a 4.5 star but that isn’t available. Sometimes I love this podcast and sometimes I don’t.
I don’t want to sound harsh, but I really can’t stand the narrator. His inflection is aggravating to me, and his pauses are timed poorly. I’ve never had such issues with a narrator before. If you can stand or even enjoy the way he speaks, then by all means listen to the podcast because it has some great stories and info.
I can fall asleep from it and not in a bad way


do you know a joe joe momma. he smells cheese and is a monkey.
Want to learn about weird things that sprinkle our history? This ones for you! Steve delivers very interesting stories that you never knew you want to know about, and you don’t have to spend hours to learn. I wish my history teacher had been as interesting as Mr. Silverman. Sorry Mr. McKinney, but you could have learned much from Mr. Silverman. My only complaint, I want more! Gonna buy you your books!!!
Love the info put out and the attention to detail that comes with each episode. But that may be its undoing. While great time and effort is put into each podcast that also makes it so it’s a limited release (about once a month) compared to others (sometimes one a day).
Great pod. Love the attention to details and the historical context the stories are always offered in. The frequent references to metric units of measure seems a bit annoying. I hope he has a worldwide following to justify it.
Really enjoy these great stories. Great for conversation and things you’ll most likely never hear any where else. One of my favorite podcasts.


By Echo¥
I’ve been listening to this since almost the very beginning. In a college class back in 2014 I had to write about a podcast but I never listened to them so I started searching and came across this gem! Went back and listened to them all and have listened to them all since. Now I’m a huge fan of podcasts period! I listen to them everyday, and this one got me started!
I love this podcast. I’m not a history buff but this history podcast is clever and always interesting.
When I first the first useless info podcast I wasn’t sure I would like it, but it really grew on me. I quickly burned through all the past episodes and now eagerly look forward to new ones.
The information might be useless but it’s always interesting and well thought out. I love the show
This is a great show for history or trivia buffs or anyone that enjoys hearing about stories from the past. Most shows are self contained. They’re interesting. I especially like the old commercials that are used.
Love this podcast! Always interesting and I like that the episodes are small digestible snippets. I don’t think there’s ever been show where I didn’t learn something! I am very sensitive to voices (keeps me from listening to some podcasts even when the content is compelling), and even like his voice. Thanks! Keep p-casting!
How disappointing. Many of the stories are intriguing, but the presentation is horrible. I'm shocked that this host is an English teacher. He has inappropriate voice inflections and prolonged pauses. His manner of speaking is robotic and distracting from the topic. I will be unsubscribing from this podcast.
I REALLY like this podcast. It reminds me of Stuff You Should Know. The host is a teacher, which makes it confusing as to why he talks like this? I am not certain I can get past it. :(
Amazing! Steve’s voice has a little kid of melody to it and it is very relaxing! It is just what I need when I am going to sleep. The story’s on this podcast are really amazing!
This podcast is fantastic. The speaker holds a consistently pleasant tone while delivering short and interesting stories from the past. This has quickly become my go-to everyday.
I love random facts and this podcast never disappoints. I’m so happy I found this one. No weird beer reviews or meandering discussions, just the best useless useful information.
The stories here are indeed useless, so you won’t learn anything, but they can be interesting and entertaining nonetheless. Major gripe: the delivery by the host is painfully slow; to the extent that I think that audio has been manipulated to play at like ~80% or something. Sometimes sounds like the guy is slurring his words. Note the awkward pauses between sentences.. really annoying. Speeding up the playback on the app doesn’t yield a better listening experience unfortunately
I SO wish I could bear the unusual vocal tic of the narrator but, alas, I cannot. Every sentence ends with a dip-climb with an exclamation point. This must be an unfortunate choice. The stories are great but, the odd vocal patterning makes it impossible for me to enjoy the podcast.
This is a great show, and you should listen also!
great... makes history fun and interesting. I am totally addicted and have turned anyone I can onto it!
It sounds as if he is reading from a script with random letters removed from random words. I can’t tell if it’s a regional accent, but it sounds as if it is written out and read, again, with poor enunciation. I tried a couple of episodes but couldn’t get past the difficulty understanding words that were rushed over and not spoken completely.
Been listening for years, and I have enjoyed each podcast as it had come out. Thanx !!!
It’s hard to believe we have been listening to Steve and his USEFUL INFO for over 10 years now, but we have, and have enjoyed every episode. I think it’s time to start over, and binge listen from the beginning. Thanks, Steve, for all these hours of pleasure.
interesting content, each podcast contains several stories or fun facts. the length of each story is short enough to enjoy on a car ride or a spare moment. the narrator is charming and i enjoy hearing little anecdotes about his life and family.
This is my favorite podcast! Great stories!
Except if you want to laugh! Clever, subtle and fun podcast.
If I had a teacher like Steve in high school, I might well have been more engaged. As it was, it took me to graduate school to really get excited about learning. I love hearing little known and useless facts - and it is great fun to drop these stories into conversations whenever interest lags. Thank you Steve and please keep making your podcasts!
Very interesting subjects though I have to listen to a show more than once because of the mans‘ voice is so relaxing and tempo is light I most just start dozing half way through and this is a complement to the host I really do love this show. X0xo
Love listening to the stories of the quirky and obscure history in this podcast. Incredibly fascinating and informative podcast!
This is one of my favorite history podcasts! Steve Silverman's delivery is not the most professional sounding "radio voice" but that's one of the endearing characteristics of the Useless Information podcast. Every episode feels like Steve is in the room with me and we're having a conversation, sharing stories. He has a wonderful talent for finding some odd but fascinating bits of history. This isn't a podcast about the movers and shakers but stories about regular folks. Keep up the wonderful work, Steve! You may call your podcast "useless information" but, to me, it's anything but that!
Monotone voice and strange speech pattern makes it hard to listen. He try's really hard to sound like he knows what he’s talking about but interjects his own opinion and emotional feelings way to much. Stick to the facts otherwise this podcast is truly useless info.
I listen to this podcast a lot and I love it. The way you tell the stories is great. Keep making these podcasts.
I enjoy your podcasts. Thanks. I just listened to the above podcast and you mentioned the first commercial (I don’t remember your exact words) airline. For a bit of even less useful information, the first commercial airline was drum roll ...... in 1910 with the German Dirigibles the Zeppelins. (Not Lead) Like I said, I don’t remember your exact phrase, so I may really be nerding out.
A lovely, family friendly podcast. You will enjoy all of the stories, I promise. It truly is that good.
Great podcast. Well researched and well presented . All together fun to listen to an enjoy.
This is the podcast that got me into podcasts years ago. I love the bizarre and often stranger than fiction stories as well as the vintage commercials. I've been listening since near the beginning and look forward to each month's new episode. Very well done podcast!


Great Podcast, awesome theme song!