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I like this show - it gets to the point of telling interesting stories. I prefer the ones that are more quirky and odd to the ones that can just be tragic and kind of sad, but overall it's one of my favorites.
Great info and fun delivery!
Please pump out more episodes!
I'm an information magpie, and this podcast is the perfect length and has a great breadth of stories for people like me.
Great podcast! Huge arena of strange/uncommon stories mixed with early TV and radio.
I enjoyed the stories and would probably never hear of these stories were it not for this podcasts. Unfortunately it was hard for me to listen to though I'm sure I am alone in this. Most sentences ended with a sort of swooping emphasis to end words. I wish it wouldnt but it became almost all I could hear. I caught myself going in and out of the story while caught up in the style of diction. Otherwise thank you so much for all the interesting stories!
Informative and presented in an engaging way.


I love these podcasts. Fun and informative. the retro sponsers are as interesting as the main topic
Very pleasant storytelling. Fun for all ages.
I love the unique information and trivia Steve Silverman brings to life. He delves into little known pieces of history that brings history to life and illuminate real people and their lives. I love trivia and history and Useless Information diggs into interesting subjects. A great podcast for my commute, just long enough for a story and some trivia every morning.
Fascinating snippets of bygone days! I especially look forward to a word from our Retro Sponsor :)
Update June 26, 2016 4:13 am local time I woke up a while ago wondering if U.I. and Steve had reached my inbox yet. No? Sob, cry, whine! Never fear, I'll check back, probably several times before they FINALLY arrive. Steve, you remain number one in my inbox❗️ 👵🏻Kate Steve and his information have reached the top of the heap of history podcasts. Really. The presentation is excellent, along with the info. Thanks so much, Steve.
I just love Useless Information podcast-- Steve Silverman has a way of bringing to light the most obscure-yet-interesting stories to light and never fails to entertain. I also find his old "retro sponsor" ads amusing. Highly recommended if you like trivia, obscure facts, and the "flip side" of history!
Great information on things I never knew I wanted to know. Great job!
You can listen with your grandkids or preacher and enjoy. Clean is very hard to find so share this one with everyone. LEAD ON
One of my top 5 favorite podcasts! Entertaining and thought provoking, and I look for the next episode daily!
This podcast opens your eyes to many unknown subjects. I like the "question of the day" format.
I'm so glad I found this podcast. The topics are interesting and Steve's enthusiasm comes through during every segment, the question, the retro sponsor and the main topics. The presentation is always clear and infromative and it's obvious that the host knows the topic and enjoys sharing it with others. I thought my head was already fairly filled with "useless" information but it appears I was wrong, way wrong. If you haven't tried yet give it a listen.
One of my favorite podcasts! Mr. Silverman does an excellent job of giving anyone who listens one of those "hmm" moments in every podcast. I'm sure my family will tire of me coming home from work saying "guess what I heard today?", but so far, they put up with me. Love this podcast! I feel like a useless information afficianado.. thank you!!!
Interesting newspaper stories from around the nation and through out time. One of the best podcasts I have found, but then again I am a history nerd...


10/10 wow!
All the bits of fascinating info give the listener an anthropological peek into past times. Learning about the norms and taboos of the past is great fun. Thanks!
One of the best and intertaining podcast out there
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Steve presents interesting stories from history's back pages - human interest stories that have been largely forgotten, but which still entertain.
Enjoying the format and like that host uses "retro ads" instead of standard commercials. I would give 5 stars, but I wish the stories were just a little that's just my taste.
If you like history and interesting stories, here is the podcast for you. I have been listening the Useless Information podcast for several years and I find it quite enjoyable. How he finds these stories is beyond me. It is a great way to treat yourself and pass the time.
This is probably the only podcast I listen to, I can't seem to find any other podcasts as interesting, entertaining, and educational. I appreciate how much research goes into these stories! Keep it up!
I like tech and history podcasts but get tired of listening to the banter between hosts. This host is pleasant but not overly chatty, and his topics are unique.
This is a great podcast. It's mindless trivia that keeps you entertained.
I used to do research through old newspaper archives on microfiche, and while looking for some particular citation I would stumble across some story that, in the world of 1927 or whatever, was page one or page two news then but has since been lost to almost all history books. And I'd linger on these occasionally and think it would be fun to follow up on them, find the story in the next day's or next week's paper, and given up whatever research I was doing. What I love about Steve Silverman's podcast is that this is exactly what he does; I'm not sure in the Internet age how he finds these stories, but he comes across some interesting little tidbit and fleshes it out. It's a fun and illuminating approach to history, and his friendly natural presentation make it one of my only remaining amateur-produced history podcasts.
I love this podcast. I really like learning little known facts that you cant get from most podcasts.
The guy is geat ! Fun info and he knows his stuff. If you like odd history and facts then give this one a go.

By JWF86
Love these podcasts. They are so well done. I understand how time consuming they must be to make, but I wish there were more of them. I could listen to these all day!
I listen to it with my kids and always learn something interesting and new. Keep up the good work.
I love the stories! Can't wait to hear the next podcast. I find myself retelling the stories to my family.
I love and look forward to every episode of this pocast. If you like history - that doesnt make it into the history books - you will LOVE this podcast. I especially enjoy the old-time commercials and the history behind them.
The content is interesting and entertaining, but Steve's diction is terrible. Slow down and use your consonants, please! :-)
Lots of fascinating stories about little known moments in history.
Totally useless and totally fun
Been a listener since 2008 and I haven't missed an episode since. It's not grand or full of sounders and theme music, just Steve talking about weird and random events through history. The audio quality is great and makes my workday that much more tolerable. Keep up the great work!
I've always loved this kind of thing - interesting but obscure little stories. This is a very well done treatment of the material. I also enjoy the extras - News of the Weird Past; the Question of the Day; the vintage advertising... Just a very enjoyable, entertaining podcast.
I want to like this podcast, but I can't get used to his narration. He over pronounces words in a way that feels forced and wincing. It seems like he's practicing a speech out loud.
Hey it's Chris Hidley haha awesome story's!!!


By immat
Mr. Silverman was my physics teacher so I have heard plenty of useless information stories, but they never get old! They’re extremely interesting. Awesome podcast, Mr. Silverman!
I started listening to your podcasts back in 9th grade (I believe that was back in 2010) and i am always looking forward to hearing what your going to put out in the next ones. Its fun and just amazing to listen to. Keep up the Fantastic Information. (wonder if theyll be any storys about the great state of Iowa haha) Good Work!!
Not only is this an excellent podcast with a lot of great trivia for a trivia-lover, it is well done with very good audio, so that it is good for listening while on a walk around one's neighborhood. Thank you.
So, I'm probably late to the game here since this podcast has been going on for years, but I'm leaving a review anyway. This podcast is awesome. My 4 year old daughter and I listen to it before bed (we have been working through the podcast archives), and we love it. They are short, interesting, fun, and quirky. The RetroSponsor ads are really cool, too. :) Great job! We love it!
I know I’m in the minority here in terms of reviews but while I enjoy the concept and find the subjects to be fun and interesting, I just can’t get past what I can only describe as a droning and repetitive vocal pattern that is like nails on a chalkboard after having sat through 2 of these episodes. Honestly, I’d really love to listen to this but just can’t.
I really like this podcast. The stories are great and I like the quiz he gives. The commercials he plays seem so funny now. I bought Mr. Silverman's book Einstein's Refrigerator. The stories are just right to read to someone and then talk about how crazy or amazing the chapter is. My all time favorite podcast is the headless chicken.