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The stories here are indeed useless, so you won’t learn anything, but they can be interesting and entertaining nonetheless. Major gripe: the delivery by the host is painfully slow; to the extent that I think that audio has been manipulated to play at like ~80% or something. Sometimes sounds like the guy is slurring his words. Note the awkward pauses between sentences.. really annoying. Speeding up the playback on the app doesn’t yield a better listening experience unfortunately
I SO wish I could bear the unusual vocal tic of the narrator but, alas, I cannot. Every sentence ends with a dip-climb with an exclamation point. This must be an unfortunate choice. The stories are great but, the odd vocal patterning makes it impossible for me to enjoy the podcast.
This is a great show, and you should listen also!
great... makes history fun and interesting. I am totally addicted and have turned anyone I can onto it!
It sounds as if he is reading from a script with random letters removed from random words. I can’t tell if it’s a regional accent, but it sounds as if it is written out and read, again, with poor enunciation. I tried a couple of episodes but couldn’t get past the difficulty understanding words that were rushed over and not spoken completely.
Been listening for years, and I have enjoyed each podcast as it had come out. Thanx !!!
It’s hard to believe we have been listening to Steve and his USEFUL INFO for over 10 years now, but we have, and have enjoyed every episode. I think it’s time to start over, and binge listen from the beginning. Thanks, Steve, for all these hours of pleasure.
interesting content, each podcast contains several stories or fun facts. the length of each story is short enough to enjoy on a car ride or a spare moment. the narrator is charming and i enjoy hearing little anecdotes about his life and family.
This is my favorite podcast! Great stories!
Except if you want to laugh! Clever, subtle and fun podcast.
If I had a teacher like Steve in high school, I might well have been more engaged. As it was, it took me to graduate school to really get excited about learning. I love hearing little known and useless facts - and it is great fun to drop these stories into conversations whenever interest lags. Thank you Steve and please keep making your podcasts!
Very interesting subjects though I have to listen to a show more than once because of the mans‘ voice is so relaxing and tempo is light I most just start dozing half way through and this is a complement to the host I really do love this show. X0xo
Love listening to the stories of the quirky and obscure history in this podcast. Incredibly fascinating and informative podcast!
This is one of my favorite history podcasts! Steve Silverman's delivery is not the most professional sounding "radio voice" but that's one of the endearing characteristics of the Useless Information podcast. Every episode feels like Steve is in the room with me and we're having a conversation, sharing stories. He has a wonderful talent for finding some odd but fascinating bits of history. This isn't a podcast about the movers and shakers but stories about regular folks. Keep up the wonderful work, Steve! You may call your podcast "useless information" but, to me, it's anything but that!
Monotone voice and strange speech pattern makes it hard to listen. He try's really hard to sound like he knows what he’s talking about but interjects his own opinion and emotional feelings way to much. Stick to the facts otherwise this podcast is truly useless info.
I listen to this podcast a lot and I love it. The way you tell the stories is great. Keep making these podcasts.
I enjoy your podcasts. Thanks. I just listened to the above podcast and you mentioned the first commercial (I don’t remember your exact words) airline. For a bit of even less useful information, the first commercial airline was drum roll ...... in 1910 with the German Dirigibles the Zeppelins. (Not Lead) Like I said, I don’t remember your exact phrase, so I may really be nerding out.
A lovely, family friendly podcast. You will enjoy all of the stories, I promise. It truly is that good.
Great podcast. Well researched and well presented . All together fun to listen to an enjoy.
This is the podcast that got me into podcasts years ago. I love the bizarre and often stranger than fiction stories as well as the vintage commercials. I've been listening since near the beginning and look forward to each month's new episode. Very well done podcast!


Great Podcast, awesome theme song!
I really wanted to like this- as a history major and teacher now, podcasts like this are my guilty pleasure. However the monotone way that the information is read to listeners totally takes the fun and surprise out of it, depriving history of the best thing about it- the STORY. It feels like someone just reading a script, not taking me back in time to visit an exciting event with them. Hopefully this can be remedied.
Under normal circumstances, these old stories lost in time probably wouldn’t be as appealing as they are in these podcasts. Steve paints history as if you’re there. In your mind’s eye, it’s 1912, 1948, 1960–and it’s the hot topic of the day. You can imagine what these people were like of their era. I absolutely love this podcast; these memories are interesting, unique and make one understand American history through the lives of everyday people!
This podcast is fun and well crafted.
Useless but fascinating! Steve Silverman really puts together a very fine and engaging show. I like it very much only after listening to the ten most recent episodes. Very excited to go delve into the extensive back catalog. RECOMMENDED!!
The information here may be "useless," but the stories are indispensable. Great podcast! (Like many of the reviewers, I wish they came out more often, but that's just being greedy...)
Funny and quirky. I love it. It goes through all sorts of wacky and obscure things that are funny - and interesting. Great job by host Steve Silverman.
Host has a very annoying over dramatic speech pattern. I don’t know how anyone can listen to this.
This stuff is fascinating! I can’t get enough.
This podcast is kind of like 99% Invisible but for history instead of design. Interesting little stories you'd never hear about anywhere else that make you go, "Huh! I didn't know that! That's cool!"
I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is by far my favorite. Keep up the great work!
These are fun, quirky bits of history perfect to listen to on a commute or run. I listened to the Bat Bombs and Dumpy the Dog episodes, and loved both (warning: Dumpy is a sad story). Steve reads like a professional NPR host.
Useless Information has been the hidden gem of educational podcasts for years. He finds better stories than anyone else and is the podcast I most anticipate coming out. No long-winded personal stories, no half-hour rants about how it relates to today's society, just straight facts with wonderful storytelling about some of the best stories to hit papers way back. Would recommend it to any history lover!
Love listening while I work in the kitchen. Great fascinating stories. Love love love
This podcast is always interesting and entertaining. I always enjoy hearing the stories and the way Silverman tells them.
Oh, I may start a fan club! I love, love this podcast. You hear the same stories over and over...but not here!
I like this show - it gets to the point of telling interesting stories. I prefer the ones that are more quirky and odd to the ones that can just be tragic and kind of sad, but overall it's one of my favorites.
Great info and fun delivery!
Please pump out more episodes!
I'm an information magpie, and this podcast is the perfect length and has a great breadth of stories for people like me.
Great podcast! Huge arena of strange/uncommon stories mixed with early TV and radio.
I enjoyed the stories and would probably never hear of these stories were it not for this podcasts. Unfortunately it was hard for me to listen to though I'm sure I am alone in this. Most sentences ended with a sort of swooping emphasis to end words. I wish it wouldnt but it became almost all I could hear. I caught myself going in and out of the story while caught up in the style of diction. Otherwise thank you so much for all the interesting stories!
Informative and presented in an engaging way.


I love these podcasts. Fun and informative. the retro sponsers are as interesting as the main topic
Very pleasant storytelling. Fun for all ages.
I love the unique information and trivia Steve Silverman brings to life. He delves into little known pieces of history that brings history to life and illuminate real people and their lives. I love trivia and history and Useless Information diggs into interesting subjects. A great podcast for my commute, just long enough for a story and some trivia every morning.
Fascinating snippets of bygone days! I especially look forward to a word from our Retro Sponsor :)
I just love Useless Information podcast-- Steve Silverman has a way of bringing to light the most obscure-yet-interesting stories to light and never fails to entertain. I also find his old "retro sponsor" ads amusing. Highly recommended if you like trivia, obscure facts, and the "flip side" of history!
Great information on things I never knew I wanted to know. Great job!