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They do an excellent job of covering stories/ideas from around the world. A good mix of headlines and stories a little off the beaten path that you might not otherwise hear. Jerome is awesome!
one of the best shows on radio, terrific interviews with intellectuals, politicians and activists, and artist. A very thoughtful and creative program
Fantastic insight into international topics that are ignored by most of the media. Just be aware that since only one expert speaks per topic, you may not be getting a balanced view. Some may object to that format, but I find it refreshing.
Simply the smartest world affairs program in this country.
Though I mostly listen to broadcasts with a Middle Eastern focus, I find that the shows are intelligent and interesting. The host does his homework, and most of they guests really have something to say. I'm grateful for this show.
Constantly getting errof 400 when I try to download most recent podcasts
This is a great show and frequently highlights what individual citizens can do to solve global problems. You can hear in-depth discussions of topics here that won't be covered anywhere else. Followed by great music you won't run across otherwise. And yet it has disappeared… I hope it is just a short vacation.
Just say NO!!
if you think more govt corruption is a good thing, listen. otherwise, avoid.  and to the person who said you have everything in Chicago...I'm sure that's just what the Greeks thought, too---now look at their country.
Well made show, but not at all unbiased. Entire premise based on bigger gov.
This is Chicago of course it is liberal and we in Chicago have the best of everything
I look forward to this show every day.
Great addition to my line up of Planet Money, This American Life, Econ Talk, Radio Lab, Skeptics Guide, Brain Science Podcast, and Science Friday. I've been waiting for a podcast like this for months. Thank you so much.
This podcast, which focuses on one subject per episode, is well produced and features knowledgeable guests. Nevertheless, the entire slant to most episodes is more government involvement in the commanding heights of the economy, and backs this up with narrow viewpoints from the guests to rationalize this predetermined solution.
Really enjoy it. Chicago Public Radio has some great programs and this is one of them. Highly recommend it.
I love this current event/world perspective program. I have to admit that I don't listen to each and every show, but selectively choose the shows that sound interesting. The host is great. He covers topics of interest, asks intelligent questions and gives the people a chance to respond properly without cutting in (like a lot of the annoying talking heads.) I consider this my favorite radio program!
I really highly recommend this podcast to people who want to hear balanced analysis of current events around the world. I never miss an episode; each one is informative and interesting. Usually they cover just one issue a day - if you want to hear good coverage on various topics, I recommend The World (produced by PRI and the BBC).


This is amazing!