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I really loved this podcast at first. But after they started using special effects like reverberation on their voices, I had to stop listening. It's too hard to hear what they're saying and follow what's going on. I'd give it 5 stars if they released cleaned-up recordings without the weird voice effects.
This is, of all my folklore and pagan podcasts, my absolute favorite. I’ve found so many good resources for books and music. It’s also a way to embrace your heritage. Just adore it.
Perfect mix of drama and folktale. I feel like I’m sitting around the fire listening to the bard
The Celtic Myth Podshow is everything you would hope for from the title, plus a whole lot more. Gary and Ruth are fabulous storytellers, staying true to the source material while making the stories accessible to people in the modern age. Not only do you get retellings of old stories, you also can expect current developments in Celtic study, fabulous holiday and music shows, and a pair of hosts who engage with their listeners in a truly authentic way. Great for both budding scholars and casual listeners alike!
Great narration and fantastic music. Very entertaining podcast.
Gary and Ruth are a true treasure, like Dagda's Cauldron, always full of knowledge
I love the Celtic Myth Podshow! The affection for the ancient tales shines through their presentation by Gary and Ruthie. Each episode is delight to my Celtophile heart. Pour a Guinness, light a fire, and drift into the mists of Celtic stories. I also recommend their sister show, "Celtic Tomes." Beannachtaí! :-)
I stumbled upon the Celtic Myth Podshow a couple of weeks ago , or a fortnight ago as the podshow's hosts would say. I'm glad to know they are still putting up episodes, as the show began several years ago. The stories are well produced and are allowed to stand on their own merits. I studied Celtic mythology in my college program -- this show offers a wonderful refresher to my studies. A lot of great music, too! Ruth and Gary, the hosts, are very likable. I could listen to their musical accents all day long. Their accents are quite exotic to this Midwestern American. I hope they will keep producing these shows for a long time to come.


Quality show. Educational, well-researched, entertaining, engaging, beautiful. The hosts are lovely. Thank you for the amazing work that you and your team do. You bring such joy to so many people and have attracted such a wonderful, warm community around you and your show. All the best wishes and thoughts sent your way.
I love this podcast. It has brought magic into many a long drive and traffic jam, and alive in my world. I've been especially enjoying the Welsh Mabinogian stories, that start at Episode 030. The hosts are joyful and always make me smile, and their website is a great resource.
This podcast is so well done, with great storytelling and the right level of friendly humour. I'm always happy when I see a new episode on my iPod.
I've been on a kick for mythology lately, approaching from a desire for studying human archetypes in a Jungian kind of way. Perusing for podcasts on mythology , I stopped on the CMP, having never been able to grasp the books of celt myths I'd read years ago. I was taken aback by Gary and Ruth's sincere and welcoming tone. I feel like I am their guest when they read, and feel childlike as I listen. Under their spell, the complexity of the Celtic myth cycle becomes more plastic and digestible and I know I am learning simply by absorbing what I can. Fortunately these episodes are short enough for a proper dose of entertainment that bear repeat listenings. The dramatizations are lovingly rendered and particularly endearing. It's an ancient brand of entertainment that only the most modern format can deliver. Well done. Thank you, Ruth, Gary, Et al.
This is a wonderful podcast! The hosts, Gary and Ruth, do a fantastic job of making the Celtic myths accessible to a modern audience with engaging storytelling, great voice acting, and appropriate background sound effects and incidental music. Plus, Gary and Ruth are very charming hosts who also include interesting music selections and news items that they think their listeners might enjoy. Love this show!
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Excellent job of editing, even if they do leave in some of the "bloopers." Fantastic research and thoughtful story telling. Love it!!!
I adore this show. I learn so much from it and it meets a big storytelling need in my life. Keep it up! Thanks so much.
I really love this podcast, it's now one of my new favorite. I'm so glad I found it! Beyond brilliant idea to make a Celtic Myth podcast, it's so much better than finding them online and reading. This really does bring back the true way of the Bard! A huge thank you to Gary and Ruth for bringing this amazing tradition back to us.
Absolutely great!! Very much appreciated! A true celebration of storytelling.
This is such a fun show to listen to. I find myself listening over and over and often playing an episode to fall asleep to. They have such soothing voices! Though I have to admit that I can't fall asleep to one I don't know by heart- they're just that good! You'll want to hear the episodes again and again!
Its like a free audiobook! In all honesty, I downloaded it to find out the myths and this show delivers them in a fun and interesting way, if it is sometimes hard to keep track of names and places (which is not their fault. Irish names are hard)
I am a massage therapist and as I massage people hour after hour after 11 years now I can listen fun stories to keep my mind focussed a not wondering Thanks for the hours of stories.
Humble and ever-endeavoring to improve their already great work, Ruth and Gary present some wonderfully-told tales. They experiment with a variety of voice-effects to differentiate between characters, include sound-effects when appropriate and most helpful- they pronounce some of the daunting individual and place-names found in Celtic mythology- not an easy task! Though the show has been on a sporadic bit of hiatus due to health concerns, I eagerly and patiently await their return. Be well, Ruth and especially Gary- I can't wait to hear you again!
I love the Celtic Myth Podshow. Ruth and Gary are two of the most likable and listenable hosts in the podcasting world. The show is at once fun, funny, joyful, educational and relevant. I recommend this show to all my friends, relatives and colleagues who have an interest in the myths of the Celtic lands. I am happy to hear that Gary is feeling well, and I certainly hope that means more episodes will be available. There is nothing like this show anywhere in the world and we are certainly blessed to have it! Blessed be, Ariel
I love your podcast! I feel more connected to my Celtic culture now more than ever!
Awesome podcast which brings to life what can be very difficult material to read. Great production values. Great voices. Hosts sound like people I'd like to have a pint with.
I absolutly LOVE you guys. Gary is the best storyteller EVER! never stop! I'll always listen. You guys are such a happy discovery!
I really enjpy this procast. It's mixing stories with dramtic music and sound effects. If you enjoy myths and histery it's a podcast you will want to listen to.
This is one of my top 3 podcasts. Well researched, high production values and so easy to listen to. This team has given new life to my long ride to work and motivated me to try my own hand at storytelling with my children. It has also interested me in looking into my Irish roots.
better quality good humor, excellent storytellers, what more could you want on a saturday afternoon? Love it!
Super Awesome and nicely done. I enjoy the stories and little scenes. Makes for good stories and very enjoyable to all!!
This is an absolutely FABULOUS Podcast! Always wanted to learn Irish & Celtic mythology and stories, but never knew where to find them. Not exactly flowing from the public library shelves I must say! :-) This is an excellent podcast. I love how Gary and Ruth bring the stories and the characters to life, and you get a sense of what it must had been like to sit around the fireside listening to these wonderful stories, and letting your imagination create the images in your mind. Truely wonderful, and great fun! Whenever I take long trips I bring Gary and Ruth with me to help shorten the road. :-) I cannot wait to hear the next story, and/or traditional tale this extremely talented couple will bring next. Go raibh mile maith agat, agus Slan go Foile! Scott McGovern
I just discovered this podcast and immediately fell in love. I have listened to all of them in the past week. Rather than an audiobook-type reading, is a dramatic re-telling of famous Celtic legends and mythology, complete with background music and ambient sound effects. If you are interested in Celtic heritage, if that is your ancestry, if you are of the Pagan persuasion, or if you just plain like fantasy, then this is the podcast for you.
They have really done an excellent job of retelling the Celtic Myths, and they read wonderful excerpts of folklore and modern fiction as well as play all kinds of really interesting and beautiful music. I have learned a tremendous amount from them and look forward to each new episode.
I just love the theatricality of this podshow, which makes it much more enjoyable than just one person reading from abook for half an hour. Definently a great pick for myth lovers.
Thanks to Marc Gunn and his podcast I found you recently and started listening. Now I'm listening from the beginning to the end. Being a mixed bag of cultures that include scot/irish, I enjoy listening to myths and legends. You are among the best storytellers on iTunes. Thank you.
You bring the breathe of life to the past that is labeled myth by the victors of history. Please post or speak. As above so below is peace within.
Gary and Ruth, the hosts of this podcast, are informed, dorky, talented, likeable people who are a pleasure to listen to. the material is engaging and they really work hard to bring the stories to life. This show is a worthy expenditure of time for folks who don't know anything about Celtic mythology or those just brushing up.
look forward to each new episode - thanks so much for all your hard work! Sue
When I found the Celtic Myth Podshow I was thrilled and now I am in awe of the talent and quality of each episode. Keep up the good work never ever stop! this is the best way to get the ancient Celtic tales the accests inhance the episodes for me. Gary is a true Bard and Ruth's soft lilt inspires this listener to write. Your latest episode was so well produced that my kitten went crazy looking for the sound effects in the room. Now even the animals listen! I can't thank you enough I really love the show!
From your beginning music to the last toe-tapping song, I was enchanted, fell in love, fascinated, made curious for more, taught by a master teacher, found another wonderful source for Celtic stories and made thirsty for a wee dram of Ardberg. All this in a liitle over an hour, and I am excited to hear more. Thank you and Please keep it coming.
I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this podcast! The combination of story telling, music, and discussion makes a wonderful listen. Thank you for the time you take to make this available.
With thanks to Ruth, Gary and the hosts of legends brought back through the mist of time to our ears once more. Done the old way by the spoken word. In each episode one is invited to sit by the fire and hear a story just as our ancestors did. However after you play catch up listening to past episodes you are forlorn for a fortnight until their voices return to embrace your spirit. Never have I heard the old stories told as well as the likes these folks. Be a part of and most of all, enjoy the magic!!!
If you have every even thought you might be interested in Celtic Myths, give them a listen. You will be hooked for life.
Growing up with stories of the Celtic god's and goddesses I found life in America rather monotonous. Every American tale has an American ending. Always happy, always turning bad situations into dreams come true. The fictitious world i was born into is hardly the reality that we walk through every day. It is nice to see the Gary and Ruthie have put forth a endeavor such as this so that us culturally deprived surviving Celts in America can get in touch with out ancestors through the stories and legends of our people. This podcast is my favorite find in the podcast world. Thank you Gary & Ruthie for reaching around the world to tell me stories. I much appreciate it.
Gary and Ruth have the perfect voices to make Celtic Mythology real. You aren't sitting at your desk listening, you are standing there on the field next to these mythological people talking. Their warmness and caring about these myths and their listeners is touching and heart-warming. Listen to this podcast, and I promise you won't be disappointed. Saol fada chugat "Long Life to You"
Gary is an amazing voice performer. I love the straightforwardness and theatricality of this podcast. ~An American fan
Without injecting their theories and "insight," the wonderful hosts of this magical program simply present the stories. That's something sorely lacking in modern mythology discussions and representations. Congratulations on keeping my attention for more than ten minutes and for truly putting together a solid show.
I absolutely love this podcast and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys mythology, is interested in the Celts, and enjoys radio drama, because this amazing podcast is all three! You're doin' great, Gary and Ruth! Keep up the good work! <3
I've been looking for a Celtic mythology podcast and I sure was happy to find this one! Rather than just a dry, historical reading this podcast is done in a dramatic manner. So if you want to learn about the mythology or just hear a great story this podcast will serve both needs. The sound is clean and the production values are good and they even send the artwork for us iphone/touch owners.
"Celtic Myth Podshow" deftly mixes dramatic retellings of Celtic mythology, music, and feedback into a truly enjoyable show. This is one of my favorite podcasts!