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The podcast of Reformed Forum is wonderful. For non-Christians curious to learn more about the tenets of historic orthodox Christianity and for Christians who either are wanting to learn more about reformed theology, or already-reformed Christians, this podcast is helpful. Christians--especially of the Calvinistic flavor--are often look on a high-brow curmudgeons. Those who participate in the production of the various shows of this podcast go a long way in dispelling these (sometimes accurate) caricatures in their winsome treatment of various theological and sociological issues. If, however, you are lacking some theological vocabulary, some episodes will be a bit opaque while others are not. That is the nature of the beast as they say...
I'm thankful for this podcast. It has sharpened me both in mind and in ministry. It's great to be refreshed on what I learned at Westminster, and it has enlightened in different areas of the Reformed Faith as well.
Each episode unearths the treasures of God's Word.
As a pastor without formal seminary training beyond a cursory Arminian Bible school experience in a former theological life... I have benefited greatly from the educational opportunity this podcast has provided me on the go. May it awaken, enlighten, and equip many more ambassadors for Christ! K. Carlton
If you enjoy good solid theology from a reformed perspective then this show is for you. They have great professors from Westminster Seminary as hosts. I have grown greatly in my knowledge thanks to this program.
When they venture into philosophy (unqualified and oversimplistic) and seem to be yet another group held hostage by the irrational strictures of Van Tillian Apologetics.
This is a great podcast if you're seeking to understand: current trends in theology, especially reformed theology; new books and media currently being published; and historic doctrines of the Christian faith. Highly recommended!
I am very impressed with the depth of subject of this program. Along with an exegetical stance toward the scripture, Van Tillian apologetics, and a full treatment of reformed theology, it will always keep me checking in for new podcasts. This is stellar!