The Communion of the Saint

Reviews For The Communion of the Saint

Loved the characters in this story and the plot was excellent. Your voice was like spring rain...soothing and comfortable
I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters are different than what one would expect, yet honest and realistic. The reader's voice is not distracting or annoying. I would definitely recommend this podcast to a friend, and would happily pay to read or listen to another book by this gifted author.
This is a fantastic novel in every way. Good story, believable, well read. Once you start, you will not be able to put it down. Looking forward to seeing more from this author.
What a wonderful novel. The story is fresh, the narration excellent. Importantly to me, the characters are believable and sympathetic. I read a pod-review which chastised the book, particularly for having no clear antagonist, especially early on. This is not the case, as the main character is her own antagonist. Another reviewer noted that they were leery of the book as it seemed too religious, but liked it anyway , in the end. This observation bothers me, because is presupposes religion and sci fi are incompatible, which is too narrowing in my estimation. An excellent work of sci fi is an excellent work, and this book certainly qualifies on that count.
a good book is one you don't want to put down...a good story teller is one you want to continue... mr justice has me wanting to hear more of the story. he reads his story well. he writes his story well. if i have hear the last chapter, i do hope he starts another soon so i can start a new listen while i knit my bits of yarn. he is really great company!