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A perfect blend of banter and info. Good interviews on a variety of topics. Great show guys.
Found it bout 3 months ago love it. Look forward to everyone. Thank you. You people seem down to earth!
Sorry guys but I unsubscribed. The mini podcast got to be too much. I Liked it better when it was just weekly. I will still tune in every so often, just can't take all the episodes.
Been listening to you guys for years! Very entertaining and informative. Love the soap box segments!
Fantastic information, credible source, good entertainment!
I always look forward to Monday morning to download the podcast. They have a lot of great info and stand a stand up team. God bless the UNJ team. Keep up the great work team.
Up North Journal is a great outdoor show and worth listening to by all outdoorsmen. The show covers hunting, fishing, 2A Rights, fun and Freedom!
Long time listener, look forward to the show every Monday for my ride into work! Great team- great content.
Thank you guys for the shoutout on your podcast for the Bowdudes! Great episodes from you. Keep telling it like it is! ~Julie
Got a chance to meet these gents and they are the real deal! Great show, great people!
I've been following Mike Adams and his wonderful outdoor family for 10 years, and in my opinion there isn't a better outdoor podcast out there. His down to earth style and sincere love of hunting, shooting, family, God and country makes this program a real pleasure. Don't miss it.
Great to have you back, and great pod cast
Better than tony paco's but not as good as a buckeye win over that team up north!

By rdtj
I got hooked on listening to Mike and Mike, and the gang last year. Now we have the whole family putting the podcast on their iPods and listening in. Love the new format and JT!
You guys are awesome! There are lots of great topics being discussed that share lots of helpful and interesting facts. I learn so much while I listen to your podcast at work. Keep up the great work!
I really enjoy this podcast. It's nice to have something local to listen to while driving to northern Michigan. I really like the topics that they choose and as a listener I don't feel talked down to. I feel that the best part is that it's a family podcast that I can be assured is clean for my two young outdoorsman to listen and learn from without the worry of some kind of slip in words. Keep it up!
Good information about hunting, fishing, and just plain outdoors activities. The UNJ crew has a passion for the outdoors that is contagious and will have you getting out and doing whatever you are into outdoors.
A great combination of father and young son and their experiences in Michigan's outdoors.
I've been listening to Mike and Mike since Nov 08 and have been impressed with each show. They present topics at a user level and make you want to "Tune in Next Week" while encouraging you to want to get out doors as soon as possible. It is a fantasic family oriented show you don't want to miss.
Mike & Mike have the perfect combination. A father sharing the outdoors with his son and his son doing the same with his father.


i love ths podcast. it is the best
This is my favorite podcast and I recommend it to anyone who like the outdoors.