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If you want more than standard fantasy podcast fare Rich and Tim bring an outstanding 1-2 punch of science and research along with savvy and strategy. A great listen, have not missed one in 9 years. Thank you for your time and effort!
I very much used to enjoy the podcast and website. But the recent addition of advertisements everywhere on the website make it useless. Moreover, while some podcasts have an ad at the beginning and/or the end, your podcast has 6 or 7 ads per hour, frequently interrupting the podcast multiple times per hour. I appreciate that you need to support the podcast with some advertising but this is too much. Simply not worth the aggravation to listen to your podcast when compared with so many others in the industry. After listening for over 5 years, I cannot take the current format & recommend others avoid your podcast as well.
Hi Rich and Tim, Thank you for you time and dedication to this podcast. I have been a listener for many year. As a matter of fact I remember Rich touting the 16 year old Wilmer Flores, btw I still believe. I do not listen to many podcast but always try to find new baseball podcasts and am normally disappointed. 361 podcast has stood the test of time. The chemistry is great, top notch information, opinions, and facts are provided week in and week out. Congratulations on a successful show, retirement, and friendship. Best Regards Doug
The host claims to be a musician but from the sound of the audio I’m thinking he’s a bit of a novice. I just can get past the horrible audio, annoying sound effects and the fact that both guys consistently laugh at their own unfunny jokes. Invest in some quality mics and scrap the humor and you fellas may have an insightful podcast.
I love you guys! I have been with you since the beginning. I live in NW NJ. My son lives in Morristown where you lived Rich. I have been using Tim's rating for years (Sorry Rich!) and the connection between you two is genuine. My only BUT is some of those ***** commercials. Some day when I hear Jamie or Progressive for the hundredth time I'm either going to jump in front of a car when I'm running, or drive into a tree when I'm driving! :( Not really but I get it. Why not go for a yearly subscription and get those commercials grounded. But seriously, you guys are great! The banter can't be beat, so keep on keeping on. PS Rich, I do listen to your opinions as well. lol Dr Paul
Impossible to listen to. Tim sounds like he is on a 1990s era speaker phone. Ridiculous volume swings and cracklings audio. Listening to a ham radio operator may be a better comparison. Content is pretty weak, but the crappy audio makes it unlistenable.
You blow my ear drums out ever 2 minutes. It’s so low the whole time then you scream yeahhh!!! Into the mic. Otherwise your material is fine.
Always great content and a great community to interact with. Top notch insights on prospects. Keep it up guys!
Great show BUT Tim is a bit of an ear buster when he starts out each comment with WELL YEAH very loudly. Again love the show. You guys help me out of ton in my Dynasty league but please find that inner volume button. It might be next that spacebar you use for your wavier wire 😂
Light vibe, great info. And Im from southeast Pa, in a Pa dutch area . . . and i grew up having supper. Especially supper at the grandparents. Even had a diner close by called Sip & Supp. So it’s not just Tim!
You found the best Fantasy Baseball Podcast. These guysm Rich Wilson and Tim Mcloed, give you honest opinions. No sponsors or sports channel spin. You may be surprised to hear the inside truth. Lock these guys in and SUBSCRIBE!
Would help if they left the time stamp for where each section starts. Would prefer to be able to jump to rankings and discussion rather than small talk. I understand where some could enjoy the personalities, just not for me.
Love getting advice on prospects. Such a fun way to do fantasy baseball and these guys know their stuff
This is hands down the best fantasy baseball podcast out there, I never miss a Sunday night. Rich and Tim do an amazing job talking baseball and whatever the heck they want to talk about! Rich is the host and a top notch prospect expert. His baseball analysis is backed with research and thousands of hours watching the game. He adds some great personal stories from his life, such as the time he traveled to India and was taken out to dinner and served the spiciest Indian food imaginable. The stories add a personal touch, no other podcast can match. Tim is an industry fantasy player as he competes in leagues with some of the toughest players out there. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great fantasy baseball mind. These guys are amazing and they have helped me make key decisions that have led to a number of fantasy championships.
This podcast is like spending the evening talking fantasy baseball with your buddies. Rich and Tim won't bore you with advanced stats, but offer great insight and advice. Rich knows his prospects well while Tim is a great fantasy player. You won't be disappointed with these guys.
Rich and Tim are like family. Makes my Monday drive to work something to look forward to each week. I'll have to start my antidepressants soon with baseball season ending in a couple more weeks. If you haven't listened to them your missing out! Great Job guys!
Rich and Tim are great people to spend 2 hours with every week - AND they're brilliant fantasy players! Their knowledge and insights are unique and helpful - a fun and informative show
No gimmicks or fake personalities. Just two guys who love and understand the game giving straight up advice. Other shows try too hard making themselves unique but this show keeps it simple. Best prospect talk out there also. -Craig
Rich and Tim are awesome. They are great for fantasy baseball fans and baseball fans in general. They are always informative and entertaining. Year round makes them stand out as well. Also they have an amazing Facebook great. Keep it up
No one else is close on fantasy content, prospect content, and entertainment. It's like spending the afternoon with your uncles crackin wise about baseball, fantasy baseball, or what ever the heck they want to talk about. We're lucky to have top notch guys like Tim & Rich putting out quality content week after week. If you're in a dynasty league you really can't miss this.
Great content! Absolutely love the personality and advice from this pod. My Personal Favorite.
Best in depth fantasy baseball show I have listened to. Good humor and real world discussions as well. Rich and Tim are great!
Love the witty banter and the sometimes useful insights! Just kidding keep up the great work. Tim seems old and eccentric, but in a good way and Rich reminds me of being home in NYC! - Erik
Who would you rather have Addison Russell or Kris Bryant ? Holy shix. That is what he asked tonight. Also no new info. He tries to act like a scout or something. He needs to go back to playing an instrument in India. Nothing new guys. Terrible podcast
I just found this last week right before my fantasy drafts. These guys are great together. They're also very knowledgeable and insightful. You gotta live Tim and his Canadian accent.
Great Podcast. It’s long compared with some other Fantasy Baseball podcasts, but that’s only because it’s packed with information. Rich and Tim have great chemistry as co-hosts, and they do a great job of throwing in some humor and personal anecdotes along the way. Highly recommended if only as a preseason draft guide. Keep up the good work! I've had to stop listening to some other podcasts because the hosts are disrespectul to one another and to their listeners. I won't name name, but it starts with a C and end with an S. Thanks to Rich and Tim for being there for their listeners, answering all the questions they can, and providing some of the best analysis available by podcast!
Good, clean information. Been listening for a while now, Rich and Tim are very comfortable to listen to and with each other making the podcast enjoyable. The good part is their interests in the game not just the stats or fantasy baseball. So you get well rounded information on players and prospects.
These two have to tone down the anti-Trump nonsense a lot. You've got a Canadian, and a hippe, who can't stand Trump. Yeah.....WE GET IT......can we please just talk about baseball?? NO ONE tunes hear you two drone on and on about letting anybody in the world into the country just....well...because I guess... I can't even listen anymore. I DON"T CARE what your politics are. You're great at fantasy baseball. Leave it at that. You just gotta move on, guys...please... Cut off your ponytail (grow up) for the one.....realize you're not an American, for the other.....and tell me more about prospects.....not how brilliant your political theories are....
I started listening to the podcast about 5 years ago and it was easily identified as an asset due to the in-person scouting from Rich Wilson and and one of the best fantasy baseball players in Tim McLeod. There are a ton of podcasts. There are zero podcasts that have such a great relationship with their listeners/followers while touching on every aspect of fantasy. That's why 5 years ago I knew these guys would attract great owners which has now evolved into a Facebook group of over 1800 filtered members. Rock on fellas!!!
This podcast is usually a good source of baseball info, even if it only makes you more set into your beliefs which may be alternate to the hosts. I listen to almost every fantasy baseball podcast and I can easily say that this one lacks a consistent train of thought more often than others. Not that that's all bad but it often leads to long rambles about things that could be covered much more quickly. In an age where we as consumers are hungry for as much information as we can possibly consume, it might be important to stick to your best selling points while also keeping us hungry for more. I understand that the hosts like to banter about whatever is happening in their lives and that makes them more human for us as listeners but sometime they lose my attention after slowly going back and forth over a two hour episode. Also, the host recently called out ESPN and CBS fantasy podcasts for not ever talking bad about players because the hosts are worried about their networks well-being, and since I listen to those podcasts as well I can say that, that statement is far far from the truth. Both ESPN and CBS cut down players often and it leads to healthy and fruitful discussions.
Rich and Tim keep it going all year long talking and I don't know what I'd do without them. For baseball fans, and especially fantasy baseball fans. Give them a few listens and you won't know what you did without them. Rich always takes time to respond on Twitter, and Tim is a class act on all fronts. Thanks guys and best of luck this season
this podcast was recommended to me a year ago and I've listened to every episode since. Rich and Tim know prospects keenly, but they talk about more than just prospects. they are expert fantasy players, but they talk about more than just fantasy. they don't just rehash the same info and opinions that all the other shows and sites spit out, but don't make outrageous "look at me" statements either. What I like best is they are a couple ordinary guys with real lives who produce a very professional show consistently with a lot of quality content (year round, not just in season). the audio quality may not be as great as other shows, but that's partly because they stream it live, and because they are baseball guys, not tech pros. along with streaming the show they also are active writers on their site, maintain a interactive Facebook group and respond on Twitter. I really enjoy the Fantasy Baseball Live Podcast from Prospect361 and listen every Monday morning.
Year round fantasy baseball goodness. Tim and Rich are awesome. There is something more genuine about this podcast than others. They also have a great Facebook group too
I had to write this after seeing (sponge) Bob Shower's review. He couldn't be more wrong. They will cover players you primary podcasts won't. They will talk players for both redraft and dynasty value. Don't listen to 1 show during a slow week while a host is sick and offer a bad rating. Crowd source this. There are lots of ***** for a reason.
The bar for fantasy podcasts are really low as is, but this pushes it further down. Two guys just rambling. Not very organized and I think the content is a little simplistic at times. There's better stuff out there.
I absolutely love listening to Rich and Tim every week. I always look forward to a Monday morning to be entertained on my way to work in Chicago traffic. Wonderful fantasy and prospect analysis and true lovers of this gorgeous game we call baseball. Thanks to all involved.
This podcast is simply wonderful. The great Rich Wilson and Tim Mcleod have managed to stumble into the perfect balance of everything on their podcast. Maybe it’s because they bring to the kitchen table the perfect balance of Canadian nonsense and American sensibility. They touch on just the right amount fantasy baseball info and talking whatever the hell else they want to talk about. Of talking everyday major leaguers and the next great 14 year old Cuban prospect. Of High level advanced sabermetrics and scouting intuition and guessing. Of redraft and dynasty. Of baseball and ballet. If you’re looking for a once a week, hour and a half podcast that always lasts over 2 hours to help you win your league… Done like dinner, you’ve found it.
It took me a couple of episodes to truly commit, but eventually, this became one of my favorite podcasts. With Cory Schwartz no longer podcasting, you will not find a better fantasy expert than the great Tim McLeod. The information is excellent and the delivery is entertaining. Rich does a nice job of hosting while delivering a different level of information with his prospect expertise. People can complain about how pronunciation or whatever, but the information is solid and the presentation is entertaining and honest. I've listened for years and may they continue for years to come.
My favorite podcast, bar none. Rich and Tim are a pleasure to listen to (though they can go off on tangents) and offer a tremendous amount of useful fantasy advice.
I don't play in dynasty leagues, just redraft, but listening to this podcast has vastly increased my knowledge of real and fantasy baseball. I've gone from a middle of the pack owner to winner of back to back championships in my highly competitive league. I've benefitted not just from the waiver wire advice, but I've come to learn valuable insight about baseball, fantasy baseball and whatever the hell else Rich and Tim want to talk about. Keep it up guys and I'll keep listening and hopefully keep winning. Your show is hilarious and insightful, you've got the best fantasy podcast in town. Now if we could just get you two to do a daily lineup and a redraft podcast, we'd have all the bases covered (had to throw a pun in). Please set up a donation page so we can throw money at you, I know I owe you. Best of luck guys, and best of luck to future HOFer Brandon Belt!
So good I wish I bought a shirt. Thanks for all that you guys do for the community and making my Monday morning a bit brighter.
I don’t play in a dynasty league, so a lot of the information isn’t terribly applicable to me, but I really like you guys. Real people, having real fun playing fantasy baseball. That I love.
The best thing about Rich and Tim is that the dig deep every week. Whether you are in a deep or shallow league, they put players on your radar for the endgame of the draft and free agency throughout the year. It's easy to talk about the big names in the first few rounds and at the top of everyone's free agent cue, but Rich and Tim give info on rising stars and future call-ups months before they are the on the radar of other podcasts. Scooping you league on "the next big thing" is the way to win. Keep up the great work guys. I'm done like dinner.
You listen to Rich and Tim, and you instantly feel their love for the game of baseball. They are thoughtful and knowledgable, and have a genuine good time discussing Americas past time. Both Rich and Tim interact with their listeners via Facebook and Twitter, and take the time to give you answers to your fantasy questions. I can't wait for Monday morning while I'm out delivering the mail to listen to the podcast. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy as well.
My favorite podcast to listen to, and I listen to them all day, every day. Always insightful, funny and informational. It also a good mix of scheduled topics and open banter. I like the longer format, too.

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Whether you're interested in thorough fantasy baseball analysis or a discussion on how long it takes grapes to expire, there's no duo quite like Rich and Tim.
Deep analysis for serious fantasy players.
Rich and Tim are a wonderful listen, and the fact that they give as much time as they do for no pay whatsoever should be truly commended. A great mix of prospect talk, current events talk and real life baseball talk all with a bit of silliness mixed in (Tim). Keep up the great work guys, Brian in KC