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Pastor Chuck will challenge you as a Christian, he is easy to listen to and tells it like it is. God is truly using him as a tool and Pastor Chuck loves every minute of it. You will be blessed by these podcasts. Pastor Chuck is one of the the top Pastors in the nation in my opinion.
We use the NASB at crossroads


By kperr78
what Bible do they use at this church?
Lately I have not been able to physically go to the church i used to. These podcasts allow me to learn about Jesus and be challenged by it from the comfort of my home or driving on my way to school. I am so glad I found crossroads Christian church podcasts.
Chuck recently visited my church in grand prairie texas and I was moved by his true biblical teaching. He is not a feel good about yourself teacher like joyce meyers and joel olstein but preaches the word I would like to beleive that Jesus wanted it to be taught.If you find anyone better, please let me know because I have looked 31 years and this is it!!!!
My family and I stopped going to Crossroads (too far from home & was difficult to get connected in small groups), but we maintain the friendships we did create and, through the power of technology, I can still listen to Chuck's messages... I absolutely love each one - and not because they're easy to listen to (they are), but he challenges me/us through the truth of His word to lead a consistent, Christ-centered life. I can't recommend this podcast highly enough...
This church and its messeges have changed my life! Pastor Chuck speaks in a way so that everyone can understand and that really touches you. I have become a stronger Christian and a better person since I have been attending Crossroads and listening to these podcasts.
This church has always been good and Chuck's preaching is one of the best I've ever heard. Its nice to be able to listen to it online since I moved out to AZ. I still enjoy it and hope everyone I used to work with is having fun and enjoying the church. God bless.
I was away last semester for an internship, so I couldn't attend my church like normal. Through searching the internet, I stumbled across Crossroads Church and was able to watch a couple of sermons online. Wow. Pastor Chuck is awesome. Even though I'm back home now, I still download his weekly sermons and listen to him. I just wish I could attend Crossroads in person.
I attend Crossroads and love the way Pastor Chuck teaches. This allows me to never miss a message when I cant make it.