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He doesn't know what he's saying.. :(
These are incredible sermons. Bryan says them in a way people young and old can understand and want to hear more about the subject. ILOVE HIS SERMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have always loved going to grace and I love that I can now hear sermons I miss on my iPhone.
I attend Grace Chapel -- a fantastic "full service" evangelical church that is so gifted in speaking into the needs of both those curious about Christianity, as well as those who are needing to deepen and broaden their relationship with their faith. On Sunday mornings, I like to think that I am soaking up the teaching, and then I listen to the podcast...scary as to how much I had forgotten or never really understood. As a life community leader (small groups that meet in communities in the greater Boston area), relistening to the sermon has proved invaluable. I tell everyone that I do it to be a better group leader, but also make it clear that the real benefit for anyone is that it helps reconnect us to the real purpose of the serman -- and by doing so, allow the bibical teaching change my heart. Thank you Grace Chapel pastors for making this available.
Pastor Bryan Wilkerson's sermons are an unparalleled balance of biblical exposition and application. He weaves them together effortlessly like no other pastor or Christian speaker I've ever heard. The current series on doing good has changed how I view people and what I do. That's the power that Jesus's sermons had.