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Good god this show is funny. Thanks to these guys I'm scouring the internet trying to find obscure movies.
i've listened to a lot of movie podcasts all the big popular ones out there, you know which ones, and Outside the Cinema is no doubt my favorite, while most movie review podcasts talk and discuss the same old film geek movies over and over again, this show does not discrimintate against movies with low budgets, poor production values, obscurity, international productions, high praise and low praise they cover it all and it all equals to a lot of fun listening to guys who tell it like it is and dont feel peer pressured to follow the heard of other movie reviewers who rate films on reputation and not the actual movie itself, these hosts are awesome and they have great guests throughout the shows and bring different point of views to movies and music might i add; highly recomend this podcast if you like to have fun and learn a thing or two
Been listening for years, Bill and Chris are excellent podcast hosts who've been responsible for me seeing such atrocities as Mardi Gras massacre and Alabama's ghost.
Used to be funny and entertaining.
Not only have Bill and Chris been doing this show consistantly for years, they also find a way to entertain every single week without fail. This is cult film 101 for movie fans that are looking to dig deeper into the cinematic world outside of mainstream movies.
I was recently introduced to OTC by a friend. With hundreds of episodes to catch up on, I was skeptical. Cut to: four weeks later and I had listened to all episodes, and subscribed to the Patreon to gain access to the archives. This is easily the best cinema podcast around. Funny, smart, honest... It's like hangin with two of your friends and listenin to them talk movies. But you have larangytis, so you just sit there and listen.
This is a great podcast with a great flow. Bill and Christ break this up into insightul and funny chunks whether they are breaking down Top Whatever lists, and then discussing the movies in both informative and hilarious ways. Great dynamic of guests, and Rev. Scott will leave you in stitches.
It's hard to quickly describe the experience of Outside the Cinema so just give it a listen. I thought I knew about cult films but these guys delve deeper than that friend of yours with the extensive VHS/laserdisc collection. This is probably where they hear about their movies. The offshoot music shows are also pretty rad. Bill and Chris constantly interact with their audience to make it a community which is fun to be part of.


Bill and Chris are awesomely funny and entertaining. One of my podcast highlights of the week. VIVA OTC!
Intelligent guys having a fun time talking about bad movies. What is not to like?
OTC has been hands down, the best cult movie review show in podcasting, for over 6 years now, two movies a week every week with a changing line up of other host segments and top 6 lists. So you want bonus shows? They do music based shows with top ten lists focused on music from the hosts and listeners alike. Don't just take my word for it, go download the archives and if you can, watch them stream live every week!!! Just subscribe and bring the cult movies from the hey day back into your life. Its worth it, take the time... feed their egos and become a OTC Nation member!!!!
I've been listening to OTC for a few years now and I don't miss an episode. Bill and Chris make you feel like you're sitting in on a great conversation about some wonderful -- and wonderfully awful -- films. There's nothing exclusionary about their show. It's a conversation that goes on from show to show, not just on the air but offline as well.
Bill and Chris at not only good friends but excellent hosts. Each week you get two movies, a music segment and Rev. Scott dropping the comedy. They look at a broad range of films and always have fun with it - which is great. If you're not listening weekly, you're missing out!
These guys are about as 'pro' as you can get in the wacky world of podcasting. A new show every week regardless of the trials of life, and they manage to do it most weeks with verve and very little of the bitterness that such a long term charity project can breed in people. The format and the content are routinely top notch, and I have found many movies I enjoyed through this podcast. Hell, since Mondo Movie crapped out these guys have moved to the top of my cult movie podcast list. Long live OTC!


By SsPrin
look forward to the episode every week.
A fellow listener told me about this show 3 years ago and have been listening ever since. i can always count on having this to get through my Tuesday's at the office. The movies discussed were never really in my wheel house before, but this has totally brought an amazing new genere to my movie viewing pleasure. Bill and Chris work very well together...and Rev Scott always ends the ep on a high note!
I'm from Worcester originally and never missed Creature Double Feature or Lenny Clarke's Late Show. Have you guys covered Man Eater of Hydra? I look forward to my weekly dose of this show. Been listening for several years and have burned through the available archive. I'll have to start from scratch. To be honest, I'm not really interested in a lot of the stuff they cover, but the show is great. Bill and Chris obviously love the movies, so even if I'm not interested in a specific one I love their enthusiasm. Besides, I live in Maine now. They have different accents up here.
What can I say about OTC that hasn't been said over and over again by the other commenters. These guys are always entertianing, interesting, and really bring the funny. all this and Reverend Scott... this show is wonderful! Listen to it and listen to it now!
Love it! If you are not listing to this you are missing out!!! we really love it!!! Bill by force ( with new robot Spine) And Mr. chris Are knowledgable And funny. give it a spin thanks for the great show guys Marz&The january Girl
Good enough for odd movie review. They have some of the longest commercials for other podcasts in this podcast. They are very good to other podcasts. The actual commercials for the subject movies are highly entertaining. Pray that someone has given feedback. Pray
I always enjoy this podcast. They are in a transitional phase, and the show just keeps getting stronger. Bill is a genius, from a production standpoint. And that takes the show a long way. And both guys have a lot to say. I can't recommend it enough. Download an episode, and become a fan today.
Guys, still listening after 250 eps and still love it. Can't wait for a return to the live show. Merry Christmas!
Great show
I listen to many different types of podcasts each week, but this is the one podcast that I always go to. I never miss a week and know that when it hits my download, I will listen to it. They are a fun show that has the personal touch needed to keep me coming back for more. They know their material and never cease to bring out movies from the past that I have never heard of. But, I can say this; if they recommend a movie, WATCH IT!!! I love this podcast.
Who knows when the never-ending string of new movie-centric podcasts will end? How to stay on top of who's covering what and why these days? What the %#%$ is the difference between "midnight", "cult", "exploitation" "eccentric" "offbeat" etc? Do all the podcasts out there even know?? Look no further - no need to clutter your podcast catcher thing with tons of different shows, hoping against hope that you'll get that magic combo of valuable information delivered in a deliciously deep-fried wrapping of your favorite dead animal meat. You are now in the right place - or at least one of the right places (no one likes a monopolist except for him/herself....) - when it comes to hearing from knowledgeable, smat and opinionated aficionados - Bill and Chris will not waste your precious time. There's a reason why they're one of the longest running and best rated podcasts in this arena - and you'll hear it for yourself in every episode.
Love the show! Love the hosts, love the lists, love the reviews, love the feedback, and love Rev. Scott! More than four years and they've never missed a week--now that's an accomplishment! Slashers, sci-fi, exploitation, giallos, and more! Very informed and entertaining--my list of cult movies to watch keeps getting longer!
First off let me say I love their Top 6 list and their movies reviews. My problem is that those segments usually take up less then half the length of what is frequenly a 2+ hour long show. The rest is taken up with emails and voice mail messages from listeners. They aren't all bad because a few of the regular fans have well produced segments that are quite entertaining. The rest of the feedback is one of the co-host trying to read aloud an email while the other one plays wacky sound effects. They rarely comment on the letter or voicemail before just going to the next one. I think it is great they have a lot of fans that are passionate about the show to write in but maybe cherry pick the best emails and voice mail or just have a seperate show just for feedback. In a market that is getting over flooded with quality podcast I am quickly finding out that time is way more valuable then money. I'd rather spend that time watching the genre films that led me to discovering your podcast then waste it on a segment that should be a half hour at most. Sorry for writing a negative review.
My favorite go-to podcast for exploitation film with a healthy dose of humor! :)
My husband turned me on to Outside the Cinema awhile back and have been listening regularly for over a year now. The movies they review are not always my cup of tea, but I love Chris and Bill's opinions on them. I have tried out several films based on their reviews and so far they haven't steered me wrong.
Outside the cinema is the best place to find reviews about any cult or obscure film out there. Bill and Chris are funny and Knowledgable about the films they watch. I would say to give it a listen.
The two hosts flaunt their cult movie knowledge with pride and lots of wit. They are likeable egomaniacs who deliver a surprisingly well-produced show that's jam-packed with trivia, best-of lists, hilarious sound effects, inside jokes and obscure B movie trailers. There's even Reverend Scott, a wiz at audio editing, who cleverly squeezes his way into each show. It's geeky, funny and a little bit raunchy. Absolutely essential for cult movie enthusiasts.
I have been listening for several years. Bill and Chris keep it rolling and Reverend Scott is a must here. Thanks Bill and Chris for hours of enjoyment discussing movies that no one ever wants to talk about... Kisses, Chop
A great,fun podcast,hosted by BillByForce and Mr. Chris,that has fun talking about some of the wackiest cult films around!Kung-Fu,blaxploitation,giallo,straight to VHS crap..they cover 'em all with an infectious energy and good-natured ribbing of each other.Plus the weekly Top 6 list (see how many times Big Trouble in Little China makes the list!) and the regular weekly visit from the Rev. Scott! Good fun,and highly recommended!
This is a fun show where the hosts aren't afraid to speak their minds. Many movies that they cover are films from my youth that I haven't thought about for years. Each film they cover is discussed and picked apart, giving the listener a pretty good idea if it's something they will enjoy or not. Bottom Line: This may be one of the most ......................................................................................................................................... Evil podcasts around! Definitely one to check out!
OTC with Bill by Force and Mr. Chris strikes a balence between intelligent observation and general stupidity. The movies run the gamut from great to terrible but the reviews are always entertaining. Cult cinema, horrah, comedy, they do it all. The podcast has great production quality as well, which makes it easy to listen to. Great podcast which also offers the option of watching the recording of the podcast live on livestream. Great show, great community surrounding it.
Just have to say that this podcast is one of the best podcasts out there. I download it weekly and have been listening to it for sometime. A bunch of films I'd love to see but these guys let me know prior so I don't waste my time. And to be honest, there are a lot of gems out there that are considered B-Movie's and these guys go through them and let us all know what is good and what is not. Listen to them but only if you have time since they are very addicting.
Outside the Cinema is the one podcast I listen to every week. Bill and Chris are very enthusiastic hosts that always know how to put on a show week after week. Being a cult movie junkie myself, I love hearing what they have to say about some of the movies I grew up with or have grown to love. I don't always have time to watch all of the movies they review but I always have time time to listen to the show. OTC definitely keeps my sanity throughout the work week. Love the show!
Bill and Chris are two regular guys reviewing two genre movies per episode. Categories include slashers, giallo, Asian cinema, exploitation, and spaghetti westerns to name a few. The Top Six feature is a list of notable selection from genre entertainment, whether actors good and bad, and so on. Adding spice to this meaty stew are listener feedback, musical mash-ups, and the occasional guest reviewer. The hosts have a good chemistry and there are actual, laugh-out-loud moments.
I am gonna keep this short if you love cult cinema like I do you have gotta listen to this podcast
Lets face it folks there are too many podcasts about film. That said, this is the only one you need to download and listen to. Bill and Chris have a banter that is unlike a lot of other podcasts is not forced. They cover movies that for the most part I have never heard of and while they are not the most detailed reviewers and they will freely admit to that they are entertaining. You can tell these two guys truly love what they are doing and that is the mark of a good podcast oh that and a show that isn't recorded on an xbox live headset. In other words it doesn't sound like two weasels farting on a snare drum. There isn't that good enough reason to listen to this cast???? Now go forward and become a member of the cult of OTC, they got better kool aid anyway.
OTC is just about the best podcast out-there for "odd movie" reviews... I'm a long time podcast downloader, but this is one of my first feedbacks for a show. I would say ten out of ten stars for OTC and OTCLive. OTC is a must download!
Imagine the best possible version of FM morning radio. This is pretty much it. One of the few podcast that I listen to, it's easily one of the best, highest quality shows out there.
I started listening on a whim a few months ago, and haven't stopped since. Here's why: * The People - Intel suggests that a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away Bill By Force & Mr. Chris were brought together by a little movie called Tetsuo: The Iron Man. They've remained friends - and huge genre film fans - ever since. But it's not just their repartee that makes the show such a treat. Each brings something new to the films reviewed: Bill's steeped in exploitation knowledge, while Chris is often watching the film for the first time. Their style can best be called irreverent reverence: they'll be the first to admit many of their films are bad, but they watch out of genuine interest, not to score irony points or make fun of anyone. * The Production - Bill refers to their recording location as "The Studio", and sound quality is spectacular. Crisp, clear & perfectly balanced; this isn't one of those podcasts that sounds like it was recorded in a pay phone at the bottom of a well. * The Community - Besides their weekly review show, the podcast stream also includes a second weekly show "OTC Live", in which Bill & Chris open up the studio for two hours of live chat. Anything and everything goes, from musical mashups & global film news to cyber-humanitarianism for other members of "The OTC Nation". A prime example of their openness is the rise of Reverend Scott, the show's "Third Beatle", a listener turned feedbacker whose chopped & screwed songs featuring clips from the live shows, news & other podcasts have become a regular feature. In short, well worth your time and the energy they put into it. Although if you're a first time listener, I highly recommend starting with one of the standard review shows vs. the stream of consciousness live shows. You'll become a regular in no time!
Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast. Bill and Chris have a dynamic most podcasts can never achieve. If you are a fan of comedy, horror, exploitation, mystery, bad movies, good movies, this podcast covers them all. Don't think for one second that it matters whether you've seen the movies they review or not, because it doesn't. In fact, often times, they do you a favor and weed out all the movies that are terrible from those that are down right classics. In addition to reviewing not one, but two movies weekly, OTC also has a Top 6 List at the beginning of every show. This list is about movies, charactors, actors, directors, or scenes in films that all follow a specific topic of that week. Top 6 movies in hospitals and institutions, scenes that disturbed you, up and coming directors, movies you can't understand why people love so much... you name it. After all this to wrap up the show is listener feedback, You'd be hard pressed to listen to a show anymore without hearing my input into the show. OTC has the best listeners in the business, and and their love for the show comes shining through every week. Take my advice and start listening today!
A fun and informative podcast for us esoteric genre film geeks. Woo Hoo!!
Well made gents very enjoyable highly educational and smart I am listening to the back cat right now and have not been bored once thanks guys and keep up the excellent work
If you like overhearing those two nerds at the office who talk about what they do on weekends with their family and the bad movies they watch to make fun of, listen to this podcast.
OTC is exactly what a podcast should be, fun, smart, engaging. If you like cult movies, punk rock, lots of sound clips OTC will steal many many hours of your life.... In a good way.