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I just found this podcast and love it. I've been wishing for something like this! Thank you Andrea I love the geeky podcast...for girls! :)
This podcast is perfect for folks who can't live without the Internet, iPod, social networks, cell phones, and so on. You don't have to be an expert to relate. The host, Andrea, is a true fan of technology and she shares here experiences. She's very open to feedback, so you can call, e-mail, or comment on the blog and be a part of this fine show. Amanda from Michigan
This is a great show for beginners into the technology space, and it's a wonderful refresher for people like me who live inside this world. In between major shows, Andrea posts a preview of the show and makes a call for people to submit their own opinions to integrate into the show. This is something I don't see anyone else doing and I have to commend her on it. It's an amazing idea and makes me look forward to the next show that much more.
I'm sure it will only get better, so make sure to subscribe. geek IS chic!