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He is a TRUE man of God. He talks the talk AND walks the walk....
Dr. Youssef does not try to sugar coat or manipulate what God's word says to make anyone feel better or to be politically correct. He preaches the truth without remorse. I love the honesty of his messages. A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that makes it very hard for me to read. I now use Leading the Way as one of my daily devotionals. It has helped me to grow in Christ so much and I often wish I could thank Dr. Youssef for how is messages have changed my faith. I have gone from becoming a luke warm Christian to wanting nothing more than giving all of me to Christ!
Michael teaches great sound biblical truths in a straight forward manner that wakes the conscious of the hearer into action. I thank God that He has raised such a man for this time. Glory to God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!
I really like leading the way I try to follow this ministry Dr Yousseff really preaches the word of God.
The Podcast transform my daily commute to work into an intimate time to be in God's presence. May The Lord Bless you and your ministry today and forever
Love listening to him everyday
YOU deserve all the stars of the firmament! GOD bless you! I love you! Thelma!
I thank The LORD for pastor Youseff. He's one of the VERY few (TV) preachers i deeply respect and listen to. In this day of widespread apostasy and typically sound teachers suddenly entertaining false teachings, a pastor who is preaching the true word of God that honors Christ alone is a breath of fresh air! The difference is very clear! I'm telling you, I watch/listen to his sermons and I am continually convicted by the Holy Spirit and/or strengthened in The LORD. His recent series about The Resurrection and especially Revelation have been amazing! Also, the testimonies from the satellite station in the Middle East are beautiful and are an example of The power and ministry of The Holy Sprit in all hearts of men. On TV, he's usually sandwiched between false and confused teachers but I pray God will continue to use his ministry.
I try to listen to these sermons everyday! Absolutely love the word from Michaels messages. You can here the passion and his hunger for people to know God in every message. So glad I accidentally stumbled upon this ministry!


By Gabzero
This is the good news. Jesus is lord!
I was referred by my pastors wife to listen to Dr. Youseff Ministry. Due to my volunteering in church I was missing services. I was thirsty for the word. But, I knew I was doing Gods will. As soon as I started I was impressed with the boldness and truth that he presented Gods Holy Word definitely led by The Holy Spirit. It has become my daily word.
A must listen for everyone!
Can't do without these sermons daily as it's so soul lifting
Dr. Michael Youssef shares the truth of scripture in an applicable and compassionate way, so all who hear may know the Uncompromising Truth! Thank you!
Powerful, bold, spirit led teaching! You will be encouraged & challenged!!!!!
I love it it is so awesome
Couldn't make it to Church this summer. Found Jesus teaching on the radio.
By far the most amazing and gifted pastor in this day and age. Dr Youssef is always right on and in line with the Word of God.
I have listened to Michael Youssef for 9 years. Amazing insights,always the truth of God's inerrant word. Elated to find him here.
It's GREAT to be able to experience the power of God and the Bible's teachings through Dr. Youssef in this way! I'd like to see a density map included that shows where people are downloading this App all across the world!
Michael Youssef brings a fresh perspective to the Word of God. By applying his knowledge of the area and era, he can help even the most mature Christian enjoy a depth of understanding they may have previously missed. When we know what the first readers or hearers of God's Word understood about a story, it gives us a richer appreciation for God's Truth. I've especially enjoyed Dr. Youssef's studies on the parables and the more familiar stories of Scripture.
We use these podcasts as our daily study and with Dr. Michael Youssef which I have been listening to for a few years, you know is the true bibical word being taught.


By Csvideo
Really good teaching. Strong on detail and passionate about truth.
Whether I am listening to the radio or TV broadcast, I know that what I am hearing is God's word, explained so clearly by Dr. Youssef. God has truly blessed Dr. Youssef with his ability to deliver the wonderful message of Jesus and his redeeming power. I am so thankful to hear these messages and look forward to each new episode.
I completely enjoy Dr. Youssef's messages and can't wait to hear a new one each day. Most churches, God is on the outside knocking, and waiting for them to open the door. Dr. Youssef has God's word in each message, holding nothing back, which is what Christ showed us in His own teachings while here. So.. LOOK UP!
I have now heard it all. Thanks to those that provide a one stop place within Itunes to find Dr. Michael Youssef's Radio Broadcasts. GG