Reviews For Harvard Extension School's Computer Science E-75: Building Dynamic Websites

Let me start out by saying I'm 18 and began teaching myself programming (Objective-C) when I was around 13-14 to create iPhone apps. I had no idea what direction I needed to go in at the time, so it took me considerably longer to learn than it *should* have (my apps now have over 4.5M downloads). With Dr. Malan's videos I feel like I have covered more in web development in a night than I did with iPhone development in over a year. This guy is truly gifted at teaching.


I wish I had a teacher this good just once in my life.
a great oppurtunity for those not fortunate enough to have gotten the chance to sit in class at a great school like harvard
Clear, informative, educational podcast with topics from basic web structure and schema to advanced PHP topics. Highly recommended!
Excellent teacher. great lectures and information.
The series is an outstanding example of education.
So far I am very happy with the quality of the lectures and the video. However, the download speed is incredibly sluggish. It took 5 hours per lecture. Huh?