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Really impressed with the quality of the content and how enjoyable it was even being semi-unfamiliar with the topic. Unique perspective. Can't wait to consume all there is to listen to.
First, full disclosure. I know the host and have been a guest on the show a couple of times. With that out of the way,Wargaming Recon is an entertaining show that explores many various aspects of the wargaming hobby, both miniature and tabletop. It has a New England slant on things in a lot of ways, but don't let that turn you off if you live elsewhere. The show delves into all things gaming, from reviews to what to know when attending your first game convention, to gift buying guides. There are really very few aspects of gaming that haven't been touched on in one way or another during the show's life. Guests make frequent appearances and have included game designers, magazine editors and others running the gamut from indie developers to true industry luminaries to the gamer down the street. The host has a friendly, engaging and humorous style that will keep you entetained for the length of the show. If you are a gamer you want to check out Wargaming Recon. It's certainy worth what you pay for it! :P
Engaging, entertaining, and knowledgeable, this host brings the passion to the board in this podcast. If you're a gamer, especially if you live in the New England area, this podcast is for you. If you're outside of that, you should still subscribe! You'll be missing out if you don't…
Cool show about the wargaming hobby with a New England flavor, hosted by a passionate wargamer. Tips for beginners and experienced players alike, interviews with professionals from all walks of the hobby, coverage of local (New England area) gaming cons, plus the occasional foray into other areas of geek life. There's something here for everyone with a casual to serious interest in wargaming and geekdom in general.
A real great wargamer's podcast. The host is very knowledgeable and the content is right up my alley.
What an excellent podcast. Jonthan is a great host and has built an excellent community of wargamers. His love of war games is obvious and his show is not only infomative but interesting. Subscribe. Listen. Enjoy!
Good content, pleasant host. A pleasure to listen to.