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Reviews For City Journal's 10 Blocks

Great podcast, short and to the point. A good critical eye on the crooked local NY politics and social and financial matters. I especially like economist Milton Ezrati and his wise and acute readings of important money matters.
This is unfortunate to listen to, because these men and women are intelligent individuals, but they are shamefully ignorant about sensible and equitable urban policy. For those looking to hear about true urban issues and solutions, I recommend listening to the podcast "Talking Headways."
Great logical apolitical solutions to issues
Bratton, Kelly, Timoney
Listened to today’s show. You almost lost me at the shining example of the certificate industrial complex cheer leader who referred to the audience as successful merely because they raised their hands when asked, “How many of you have a degree?”. A great example of what’s wrong with our preparation of young people to meet the needs of business and society in the future - The mindset of those in charge. Most saddening was he said it with no fear of push back with anyone in the room. Sad.
Top flight reporting. They cover all sides of an issue and provide great insight into the cause of problems and the opportunities to solve. Solid reporting!
Lately the tone of this podcast has gone in a more cultural conservative direction than discussing conservative solutions to urban problems.
What a breath of fresh air. People actually thinking and talking about social and political issues with some depth and analysis!
I love listening to City Journal's 10 Blocks podcast. It's always interestin and Informative. My only real complaint is how short they are! I wouldn't mind closer to an hour per episode!
Taking failed tactics to build a new strategy. The thinking man's guide to what works. A great find. City Journal keep it up.
Enjoying the podcasts very much. Excellent analysis and topics.
Some of the best commentary.
Very conservative take on urban issues and policy. Favors an upper class perspective on what improves cities such as Right to Work policies and gentrification.
This podcast always provides an opportunity to deeply think about trending issues.
Outstanding interviewers and guests. I usually have to pause and take notes!


By KVD176
Excellent podcast, dives into the real issues and gives the appropriate backstory for historical context. I look forward to listening as soon as the notification goes off. Great work guys, keep it going!
City Journal is one of the most under-rated political journals I've ever seen. It seems most political shows are simply giving a blow-by-blow of petty politics but City Journals gets into the dirty plumbing of urban affairs and economics.
 Pure intelligence, well presented.