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Empirical, factual, pragmatic and clear with research rich and knowledgeable guests. Well done.
Alway interesting and often insightful. They talk generally to people actually involved in issues as opposed to reporters with an opinion to flog. I listen even though I don’t live in NYC because the issues almost always relate to the broader culture and good governance.
What a breath of fresh air. People actually thinking and talking about social and political issues with some depth and analysis! Perfect length too

By vw10
Excellent discussion/analysis of the issues.
A heavy emphasis on public policy, urban issues, and crime, but also featuring some deep dives into longer-form journalism. A sober, moderate perspective, though with clear conservative underpinnings.
As the first podcast I ever subscribed to, it is sad to observe the intellectual rigor has clearly declined. Too many puff pieces to promote some hack’s book and mediocre interviewers and guests make the podcast dull and charmless. Not worth my time now that I have so many other podcasts I could listen to.
One of my favorite podcasts. I learn something new every pod
Great podcast, especially helpful considering these topics never get play on the mainstream media.
While coming from a center right perspective, City-Jounal is a non-hysterical, profoundly balanced, and, importantly, to the point and concise commentary on urban issues of the day.
The episode I listened to was the latest and the audio quality was a distraction. Voices fading in and out, channels changing from left to right and just a distraction from what was trying to be expressed. Surely you can do better than this.
I especially like that these 'casts are short(ish) and to the point. Full of facts, concepts and insights not a lot of blather
Good interview with CK
Good informed discussion on important issues not covered elsewhere. The length is perfect. Very informative and enjoyable.
I have been trying to find a balanced podcast that is smart, and can offer various perspectives. This one fits the bill. If you enjoy the Hoover institute podcasts, you’ll love this one. Give it a shot!
Excellent center right podcast w intelligent discussion on relevant topics.
Just listened to the Bratton episode and the interviewer did not all press some of the grand statements he was making about how broken windows policing saved NYC and LA. Pure propaganda and not real journalism. Pass.
Realistic and pragmatic and reliable analysis of urban issues.
I enjoy their enlightening conversations on social and political matters with free exchange of thoughts and opinions.
Every episode is interesting, never a clunker. Keep up the great work!
Thought this podcast looked very interesting but it is incredibly biased and white privilege shines through
I very much enjoy the intellectual depth of the contributors and the factual perspectives that so many times are needed to counter the unhinged attacks on our rule based society and history by the Left.
This podcast hosts a slanted parade of characters touting cherry-picked facts to reinforce white privilege.
She tells it like it is, backed up with facts.
Variable-quality as some interviewees express their opinions backed by evidence, history, and reasons, while other interviewees have nothing to offer beyond smarmily blaming political opponents. Overall it's a good resource for conservative opinion on current topics. They're best on economic issues. On social issues, they certainly are classier than the standard foaming-at-the-mouth one would expect from other sources, upgrading it to moral disdain. On racial issues, they're quite tone-deaf; minority podcast-listeners may wish to avoid such episodes.
Excellent, measured and data driven podcast. A breath of fresh air in times like these. I’d love to see them be twice as long. I think a hour is the minimum amount of time needed to truly dive into a major topic and the brevity of the episodes is honestly one of the only things holding this back from being one of my favorite podcasts.
This podcast proves information at a level you can learn from. It is beyond the childish and pop. Thank you. More please.
Great podcast that covers topical issues in an interesting, conversational manner. Highly recommend!
Excellent coverage by Mt Sinai physician
Great in-depth coverage of the most critical issues facing our cities and country. A GREAT complement to the outstanding magazine and website!
Top flight reporting. They cover all sides of an issue and provide great insight into the cause of problems and the opportunities to solve. Solid reporting! If your serious about understanding social issues, you’ll enjoy 10 Blocks!
I always look forward to 10 Blocks. Deep insight to many of the complex issues in our country and City.
A variety of interesting topics, discussed reasonably and logically. So refreshing...
Great podcast
Very insightful. How were homeless helped in ‘old days’ and how were they taught to live successful lives? Caring people and organizations who trained and taught kids to learn success principles. Children can be rescued by formation of behavioral norms rather than trying to reform them after they fail.
Superb. I also heard about this pod from nat review’s editors pod. Advertising money well spent.
Like others, I heard about y’all on the National Review Editors podcast. Delighted to follow you—smart, brisk, temperate.
This was recommended to me by NPROne under their “New Perspective.” I really respect that NPR has this built into their app. It’s nice to hear what kind of solutions the other side has to offer, even if I don’t agree with them. I would recommend the economic policy focused episodes like the one on homelessness in Seattle. I am a graduate student in economics, and it was interesting to see where I was able to find common ground with the speaker and where I was not. However, the episodes on social issues were very difficult for me to get though. The speaker on race relations actually said “the only problem blacks today have is freedom.” The speaker (who was black) seems to feel that his own personal experience should be universal. Since he was able to become successful, it should be just as easy for everyone else. I want to give him the benefit of ignorance. He seemed to be completely unaware of the lack of generational family wealth, property, and connections which make getting ahead far more difficult for black families. We don’t all start life on an even economic playing field. Just as the child of a plumber is less likely to become a millionaire than the child of a tech tycoon. Yes it’s possible, but the plumbers kid is gonna have to work a whole lot harder.
Learned of 10 Blocks from an advert on National Review’s The Editors podcast. Two episodes in, I’m glad I subscribed.
Really interesting guests. Discussions cover the pertinent details on issues of the day, and avoid the politically charged agenda driven drivel being pushed as “news” these days.
Food for thought! Not always do I agree. But as Dem run cities become lethal I enjoy this perspective.
love city journal for their quality of content and thoughtful prespective. if you love logic, reason, and strategy give it a listen!!
Compelling guests discuss various “under the radar” topics related to public policy from a center-right POV. And most are 25 minutes or less, therefore easily consumed during walks or breaks (key feature for me) but with info on how to read more about it.
Very informative
Great podcast, short and to the point. A good critical eye on the crooked local NY politics and social and financial matters. I especially like economist Milton Ezrati and his wise and acute readings of important money matters.
This is unfortunate to listen to, because these men and women are intelligent individuals, but they are shamefully ignorant about sensible and equitable urban policy. For those looking to hear about true urban issues and solutions, I recommend listening to the podcast "Talking Headways."
Great logical apolitical solutions to issues
Bratton, Kelly, Timoney
Listened to today’s show. You almost lost me at the shining example of the certificate industrial complex cheer leader who referred to the audience as successful merely because they raised their hands when asked, “How many of you have a degree?”. A great example of what’s wrong with our preparation of young people to meet the needs of business and society in the future - The mindset of those in charge. Most saddening was he said it with no fear of push back with anyone in the room. Sad.