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These guys are great. Give em a listen
Great comic book podcast. Funny and informative. Check them out.
I love listening to this show, the guests they get on are sometimes surprisingly good and always entertaining. They have more giveaways to their live audience than Oprah, I can't wait to get to a live show. Be warned, the theme tune is an earworm.
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. These guys are great. They are very knowledgeable about a wild variety of comics. Not just main stream marvel n DC stuff. Alex, Pete and Justin are hands down the best comic hosts I’ve heard. Love the week in geek which is where they go over geek topics of note. Very cool definitely worth listening to.
Love this podcast, I’ve been listening to it for a few years now. I also attend the live show whenever I get a chance. I don’t know everything about comics, but this show has definitely helped me appreciate the medium & the creators of it way more. Thanks guys!


Pete gets mad. Alex and Justin make condescending jokes at Pete’s expense. Pete gets mad. They talk to a guest, Alex and Justin make fun of Pete. Comics are reviewed (sometimes). Fun is had by all. Legit.
Comedians talking comics! Who could ask for anything else? My only qualm is that the podcast isn't longer!!
I love listening to the comic talk, however the show devolves quickly into bad jokes and unnecessary callbacks. Neither of the guys can stay on topic because they're always interrupting each other. Pete's rants get old and I can't stomach Justin's humor. Once Alex and Justin gang up on Pete, the show becomes unbearable to listen to. I wish it was better.
I don't understand the harsh reviews of this show. I think it's a great mix of comedy and actual comic book talk. I've learned about many many many books because of this podcast, AND have had many many many moments of laughing out loud in public listening to it. These guys are a well oiled machine. Some episodes (depending on the guest) are very comic heavy with most of prey he episode being serious comic talk and some are very tangential and funny, but most of the time it's a solid mix. The best way to hear it is when all three of the hosts are there. They understand comedy comics and conversations. Check it out. Also there new riverdale podcast is great, just the three of them, no awkward or overbearing guest, and no audience, it really shows you how well they play off each other and why they are so good together. If you want straight comic reviews look elsewhere, if you want pure comedy, not the podcast for you, but if you want to learn about good new comics, and also have a laugh, comic book club fires on all cylinders.
Despite its title, the guys on this podcast don't seem to like comic books very much, and they aren't particularly knowledgable about comics. They seem much more interested in and excited about movies and tv shows. The show features much banter and efforts at humor, some less succesful than others. Not a good use of time if you want to keep up on what's new and interesting in comics.
It is a fun show, but light on actual content. They have good showmanship generally that keeps you engaged, but after a while you just feel like you didn't get any actual information or anything of value to warrant spending the time to listen anymore. THAT, coupled with the fact that it is the most irregularly posted show ever. Maybe one or two episodes a month at best lately. Why start or keep listening if there aren't regular shows? If they would make it a little longer with more content and actually do shows on a regular basis then I'd listen again and love it.
Such a funny comic book talk show, wish more people would listen to it.
Great show! My first listen and it provided everything I wanted in a comic podcast. Covered everything I knew about and introduced me to plenty of other things. Can't wait to listen weeklt now. Laugh out loud funny.
I listen every week! Keep up the great work!
Definitely not my cup of tea. I found the guys to be way too negative about much of the material they talked about. How can you call yourself a comic fan yet a good deal of what you discuss you lambast and hate? Don't get me wrong, they discuss things they love and seem to have a passion for the industry, but it's mired by constant biting snark and comments putting down comics and comic related material (I don't think there's a single Super Hero movie they actually like.) It's that sort of negative vibe you get from that one guy in every comic shop that seems to have an opinion on everything and lets everyone know it, too. Beyond that they have a tendency to talk over each other and interrupt one another. It can be aggravating but it's tolerable somewhat...until that person they do that to happens to be their guest, a writer or artist from the industry, which I find very rude. If you ask a person a question about their work, the decent thing is to let them discuss it and not interrupt every 30 seconds with a joke. I can see how some wouldn't mind the interrupting or negative attitude, but I don't like it. Bet they're nice guys but, I really just can't stand them on here. I gave a try and found it to not be my thing.
Love the live setting & the great guests from the comic book world. These are folks you're probably not gonna see get interviewed on TV talk shows. The interaction with the audience adds a really fun element to the show too. Look forward to the new episodes each week!
Never ceases to make me laugh out loud. Love it.
Okay, there are some serious technical issues with the sound recording and volume levels, and they need more mics that work. OTHERWISE, I love this show. The guys are a scream and the guests are usually pretty good. The show always make me laugh, and that's exactly what I want it to do. You guys are great, and GO PETE!
I loved the Marvel Agents of Shield episode. Keep doing it!
If you want a podcast that talks only about the new releases every week, this is not the podcast to listen to. But if you want one that will make you laugh and keep you entertained you can't go wrong with Comic Book Club. It's one of the few comic podcasts I can listen to even if have a 4 week backlog of comics to read.


Its as if Aots and Giant bomb had a baby in the form of a comic book podast. Well done gentleman
Do yourself a favor and give this show a listen
This is a great show for people who love comics and humor. Unlike many comics podcasts, the hosts actually possess some social skills and the ability to make their subject matter entertaining. Sometimes they get a bit carried away with the humor, but when they really get down to discussing the art of comics, they have a lot of insightful things to say. Plus, they manage to get some excellent guests (I recommend the Bill Willingham/Daniel Way episode as a trial starter). WARNING: They do spoil plot elements at times, especially of the Walking Dead TV show (I fast forward through that segment). OTHER WARNING: This show will make you want to purchase comics on a weekly basis.
This is the greatest show ever, it's so fluent in the dialogue and the guests for the most part are amazing. Plus there's always the full body babies
I actually used this podcast to get myself into comic books. After seeing their video podcast on the nerdist channel I followed them here and started reading what they recommend. I owe this podcast my new love of comics!
I thought this podcast was great! The guys in are funny and try know what they are talking about. The only thing that bugs me is the sound and the music. Like people have said before its hard to hear the people that they are interviewing and then it's hard to hear people talk when they play music when they change segments. But overall this is a great podcast.
In a world of niches, it seems you've got to find buddies for every single aspect of your life. These guys are great buddies! Friendship. Two qualms: 1) "friend us on facebook" Where is the CBC page? Is that an invitation to friend them individually? Does anyone know? 2) I wish there was a follow up on the next epsisode where they discussed the books they were looking forward to at the end of the previous episode. Those are qualms?! What a perfect show!!! Go to their website and jump in on their forum. It.....has potential to be the best time ever.
Started listening to the podcast and couldn't get enough, even went to a live show and it was fantastic!
The podcast is A+ when you guys are discussing comics....but can sink to a D- when you try to inject to many flat jokes or go off on Tangents...get more focused on this will be the premier Comic Podcast around....
Ugh over modulated
Any comic book enthusiast would love this show. Very charismatic hosts, great guests, and an overall good listen.
The hosts, Alex, Justin and Pete are 3 improv comedians in NYC who put in a hilarious and incredibly fun hour long show based around comic books and sometimes other nerdy things. They're an absolute blast to listen to, and I look forward to every upcoming episode, great stuff anyone who loves comics should subscribe asap
great fun and funny if you love comics you'll love it
I agree that this is one of my favorite new podcasts to listen to, however, the sound quality needs serious improvement. I have to turn up the volume to hear the conversations, only to have to quickly turn it down once the audience starts clapping or laughing, which makes me not want to continue listening. Please put the microphone up in front of the hosts/guests instead of in the audience.
In my humble opinion, three of the most knowledgeable, funny, and frank guys to critique the comics scene. Can't believe NNN dropped their show, but this is a great alternative. Gotta love Justin and Pete's Human Torch/Thing like relationship!
Don't change a thing! Okay..... maybe improve the audio a little, but this format is WAYYYYYY cooler than the screen of green. Awkward, a little crowded, and yet you guys look so much more comfortable. PLEASE don't change it. I am not kidding!
These guys are funny and they tell me what I want to know of the comic book world
This show is incredibly frustrating to listen to because they have great guests, but much of the dialogue is unintelligible, and when you can hear it, it's just difficult to listen to casually, you have to drop everything and concentrate on it like you're decoding morse code from outer space. Please invest in or borrow some individual microphones for each of the guests and hosts of the show, if you want people who weren't there to be able to listen. The current audio sounds like it comes from a microphone somewhere in the audience.
I'm sure this is a fun experience to see live, just like a comic convention panel, but somehow you feel left out listening to this. The hosts could also tone down the need to one up each other on cheap jokes, and actually talk about comic books with more depth and less schtick. sorry but this is so-so at best.
Alex, Justin, and Pete are easily one of my favorite comic podcasters and you should definitely check them out. They all have distinct and unique oppinions and knowledge of comic books so you're definitely not getting just one view on the books. Lots of funny banter and I've discovered many new comic books because of things they suggest. Keep 'em coming!!!