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I just discovered the comic club and subscribed right away. They talk about a lot of books and don’t take it too seriously. I know what’s good and bad about comics, I don’t need to hear it ad nauseam. Sometimes I wonder why people on other podcasts still bother reading since it seems like they hate everything. These guys are refreshing because they don’t seem jaded or burned out on the industry (ahem, iFanboy). Thumbs up, I’m psyched to have discovered this cast. Peeeeete!
Been a Patreon supporter of the show for months now, and thought I’d leave a review to praise your guys’ work, make a suggestion, and request a book review. The chemistry the three of you have is excellent! You play off of each other incredibly well, keeping things light, while also managing to make quality content reviewing comics books. One suggestion I have is to mention the title of the book you’re reviewing more as you’re reviewing it. You mention the title of the book before you start reviewing, and if I don’t recognize it I forget the title. But then if you sell me on the book during your review of it, and I decide I want to check it out, I have to rewind the show to figure out what you were talking about. I’d like to request a review or Mark Millar and Terry Dodson’s miniseries for Marvel, “Trouble”. It’s a romcom, and the art’s great, so I think Pete should have a good time, and Alex and Justin should have a good time discussing the controversy that the book stirred (Aunt May being Peter Parker’s biological mother). Keep up the great work!
Great back and forth between all hosts. You can tell they have passion for this podcast amd it never get stale. This show is not bananas good but instead it is bananas awesome. 5 out of 5 bananas and the show is worth it for the art alone. Thanks for all the laughs guys and for maintaining a very positive review podcast. Would love to hear a review of the now completed series TMNT: The Last Ronin , where Eastman and Laird have finally teamed up again. I feel this series could use a more in depth review. (This one is for you Pete)
Love listening to this show, especially the stack episodes. Keeps me up to date with what is going on in comics. I’d love the crew to read and review Jack Kirby’s The Demon!
You better start backing up the produce truck, because the pod is BANANAS GOOD. Glad I found this, nice hearing 3 sometimes distinctly different point of views weigh in on the books. Sometimes I wish they covered more books that I was reading but it’s rare they don’t review something on my pull list. Overall a real fun listen weekly & something I look forward to. If I had to request something to have you guys cover, maybe Champions by Mark Waid.
Love you guys, informative, with a nice pace and tangible friendships between members. I do have to point out that Pete is basically Carl from Aqua teen hunger force. There, I dare you to unhear it.
A well oiled machine of a podcast, go back and invest in listening to the YEARS Alex, Justin and Pete have put in to making hysterical and informative podcasts. You’ll learn new words and phrases that you’d never think you’d want to know. I’d love to hear what the CBC guys think of Asterios Polyp and/or any of the Carl Barks / Don Rosa duck comics.
Recently started listening to this show during work and I’ve been hooked from day 1. The banter is hilarious but that doesn’t stop the hosts from offering a lot of insight into a wide variety of books which have even made me change my outlook of some books that I haven’t liked in the past. I’m not sure if this book has been review before, but I would love to here your opinions on Silver Surfer: Requiem by JMS. I knew very little about Silver Surfer prior to reading this but the art and writing were fantastic and really resonated with me and made me fall in love with the character in just 4 issues.
I look forward to The Stack every week, really enjoying the banter between the guys. It “Bananas Good!” It’s like hanging out with your buddies, talking comics over a few cold ones. Review recommendation: “Batman Universe” is a Brian Michael Bendis story that first appeared in the Walmart exclusive, 100 page “Giant” books. To me, it was much better than it had any business being. I’d love to hear if you think I’m crazy or if this is truly a hidden gem.
I've been listening to the show for what feels like forever now, and it's consistently enjoyable, and has a great slack community too! They read and talk about so many comics, and answer live questions on a weekly basis, it's amazing that have time for other stuff! I'd love to hear you read and review a story that greatly influenced me as a kid, Catwoman: The Catfile by Chuck Dixon and Jim Balent
I look forward to each episode of this podcast. I’ve been a life long comic book fan and collector and it’s fun hearing the three hosts talk about comics with such passion. You can tell that they all love what they do and they are good friends. It reminds me of the comic hangs I have with some of my friends I have converted to medium. I would love to hear you discuss and review Batman Dark Victory. We always hear about The Long Halloween, but Dark Victory isn’t mentioned as often. Another run from the 90’s I’d love to hear your review on is Grant Morrison’s JLA Rock of Ages.
Three of the most laidback nerds on the internet make for the best comic podcast out there! These guys are just so gosh darn entertaining and have put me on to some of my now-favorite new books. Comic REC for The Stack: SPIDER-MAN REIGN. I read this when I was younger and cried my eyes out then grew up to find out everybody else hated it! It’s my favorite comic of all time and feel like many miss the point. The most hated aspect (we all know what that is) makes perfect sense because Spider-Man will always be the foil to Peter Parker. Absolutely love the show guys!
It is nice to listen to a comic book podcast where there host actually seem to enjoy comics rather than complain about them. I try to catch the live show every week and listen to The Stack podcast every Wednesday. I would love to hear you guys review The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins, the comic book adaptation of the first arc of my favorite ever (non-CBC) podcast. Keep up the good work!
Hey guys, just want to say I love the podcast! The stack is my favorite show on the pod, as there are too many books to read every week, you guys help me stay up to date. The live show is equally awesome and I think you guys always do a good job giving creators a chance to get people excited about their stuff. With all of that said, I would love to hear your thoughts on Bendis and Maleev's Daredevil, as that is one of my favorite runs of all time!
What’s up boys, LOVE the pod. Easily 5 stars. I would love to hear your thoughts on my personal favorite comic series, “Oblivion Song”. It’s got everything in it that I love about reading comics. I’m excited to hear what you think! Sorry if you’ve already reviewed it. I’m a fairly new listener.
This is such a great podcast! Any time I’m laughing to myself like a crazy person with my headphones in my wife always asks if I’m listening to the Comic Book Club Boys (we just say CBCBs around the house to save time) and she’s always right. The dynamics between the three of them is perfect. Pete’s secret Punisher quiz was the highlight of my last decade……and I got married and had a child in that time. I would love to hear you guys review Sunstone Volume 1, this series is one of the absolute best love stories I’ve ever read.
Im so impressed (and happy!) that you guys have maintained such enthusiasm for comics for as long as you guys have. Long time fan of the show. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Marvel Boy miniseries by Grant Morrison and J G Jones published by Marvel in the early 2000s. A five star comic for a five star podcast!
This is the best comic book podcast! I’ve been listening for years and these guys always deliver. Lots of laughs, great guests and helps a lot with being introduced to new comics available or coming soon!
These guys are funny and they tell me what I want to know of the comic book world. I’ve been listening this show for years and love it. I’d love it for the guys to review Spider-Man: The Other
I can’t say enough great things about these guys. I found them through their Riverdale podcast (Alex may be the only adult who loves Archie comics as much as I do), and, as a healthcare worker during covid I tried podcast after podcast to distract me from anxiety. Several helped but none more than CBC. I can’t overstate how much these three funny, smart randos who share my interests have helped me through our darkest timeline. My partner who doesn’t do podcasts knows who I’m talking about when I mention Alex, Pete, or Justin. They’re hilarious and their takes on comics are thoughtful, and they also feel like very real people. I’m not sure if it qualifies for your review-a-book challenge as it’s manga, but I think it would be wildly outside of your usual field to talk about Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction. I know the title is crazy but it’s my favorite current manga and I’d love to hear your take if it’s ever possible.
These guys title an episode after a creator, then interview them for 10 seconds (after 30 minutes of horribly boring banter like anyone cares), then a 5 second interview before going back to slobbering on the mic for another half hour. These podcasts are so misleading in their titles, these guys think they are vastly more interesting than they are, and over all the episodes are toilet paper. Unsubscribed and 0 stars. Stop acting like people care about your personal lives for 1/2 the episode my god
Not every great work of art starts off with a bang. Sometimes, it takes a minute for the artist(s) to get their footing. An example of this is Alan Moore’s legendary run on Swamp Thing. When I first tried reading the series, I struggled through the lengthy prose of the first trade and then let it set on my shelf for a few years, alone. Luckily, I finally gave it another shot, and it is now my favorite run in all of comics. Unlike Alan Moore’s slow burn masterpiece, Comic Book Club is immediately great. From go, these guys are at the peak of their craft. True masters of the form. A more perfectly formed team cannot be found in any comic book. They always bring fresh takes on the big books and make sure to highlight the smaller books that other comic sites and podcasts neglect. They understand when a series needs some time to figure out its pacing and long term structure. That’s why I’m confident they will read the second trade of Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing. :)
Fantastic show! Come for the great comic book content, stay for the sardonic witticisms. A thoroughly enjoyable way to ease away from dinnertime.
I’ve been listening to CBC every week for well over a decade now. Hands down my favorite podcast! Warning, do not listen while driving – I’ve narrowly avoided multiple car accidents while laughing at (I mean with) these guys during my commute. Anyway, guys, could you review (at least the first volume of) Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing? One of my favorite runs of all time
These guys put out a lot of material across their various podcasts, well worth checking all of them out. Each of the guys brings something different to the table and you can tell they’ve been working together for years. Subscribe to the pods, the more you listen to the more you can appreciate the recurring jokes. Just ask longtime line producer Justin Tyler, a guy who can appreciate a “tight package” like each of these podcasts.
Love this show! Love it so much that I'm going to take JT up on his offer and suggest a book to review - "I am 'Why Do I Need Venmo?' Years Old" co-written and illustrated by the brilliant Ali Solomon (who, yes, just so happens to be wife - what of it?!)
Love this podcast. Definitely one I never miss
Like your show a lot. But hate the tons of F-bombs for no reason.
Every podcast you three do is great. From the interviews to the Stack. You all do an amazing job. Thank you for the hours of entertainment. Keep up the great work!!!
I love listening to this show, the guests they get on are surprisingly good and always entertaining. They have more giveaways to their live audience than Oprah, I can't wait to get to a live show again. Be warned, the theme tune is an earworm.
12 years ago I saw a video with 3 stand up comedians talking about Secret Invasion. I follwed them through gobs or Green Lantern events and learned about indie comics along the way. Then Thanos snapped them away but I guess Tony snapped them back. I was psyched to see a new video pop up in my feed just in time for a global pandemic. Thank for doing what you do CBC'ers!!! Looking forward to tuning in for Falcon/Winter Soldier, Loki, What-If and more.
If I wanted to get preached at, I’d subscribe to a podcast that espouses a view politically, lord knows there are plenty. Stick to the funny books.
Can’t listen to the content with kids because of the cursing.
Whether you’re suckin on a cheesesteak or producing lines this is the best comic book podcast. Also, u got a favorite comic book tv show? These 3 dudes probably have a podcast about it.
I love it, you’re wonderful, keep it up!
Comic Book Club is by far one of my weekly must listen to podcasts. They’re subjective, (aside from Punisher) They’re funny as all hell and I can fairly accurately base if I’m going to enjoy a book or not based on their opinions. Consistent in all of the best ways. Being a creative director of a trio of comic shops (a trio because three doesn’t sound fancy enough ... I digress) out here in Southern California and many times needing a leg up before the obligatory “what is this about?” Wednesday Questions arise (before I get to read them for myself) ...a blessing. Side note: I gotta see what you all look like eventually, from the very beginning, and please don’t take this the wrong way but, since the beginning I’ve envisioned you guys as the Impractical Jokers guys. I’ll let you figure out who’s who after you guys are done being offended. (Kidding.) Thank you for continuing to make the all glorious CONTENT and keeping us feeling a little more normal during this comic book crisis life we’re currently living. Shameless plug to “a Shop Called Quest” (Proudly offering phone orders / curbside pick up and shipping options at all three locations in the beautifully plagued Southland.) Thank you guys. You’re the best. 🙏✨- Milk
This is one of the few podcasts I’ll listen to start to finish each week. I love the stack and the Live show, both entertaining as hell. I also love all of the other side projects they have (loved watchmen watch, and read Locke and key because of them).
Discovered them through their Watchmen comic and then TV show review, and it is legendary. An absolute must-have for any reread or rewatch. Subscribing on patreon now!
Best live comic review podcast, bar none. They have amazing guests and a delighful format. The hosts are oh so knowledgeable about comic books, the industry, and just about everything comics-related, but they are also down-to-earth and genuinely funny. I highly recommend.
I’ve been looking for a comic podcast that reviewed comics and was actually entertaining for years to no avail. I had all but given up...till recently I stumbled upon Comic Book Club. I listen to a good amount of podcasts, but this is the first one I’ve found that really hit home for me on a deeper level than just enjoyment. Their friendships are very clear and sincere as they discuss comic books and joke around. That is something that really means a lot to me as one of my closest friends moved five years ago and I’ll be damned if Alex doesn’t remind me of him every time I listen. He and I still talk regularly and see each other when possible, but this definitely helps make me feel closer to him. So thank you, Pete, Justin, and Alex. Best comic book podcast by far and I recommend it to anyone who is into counter culture, not just comics.
So on Aug 21, 2019 I gave them 3 stars and wrote this : "Great except for the guy hating on hoxpox. He is just annoying. I get having a different opinion but he just seems like a troll." On the next podcast, they read my review and the guy i called a troll gives a much better explanation of his views, most i even agree with. I must say I wasn't expecting that. They have earned my respect, and these 5 stars
Love all your content. As a comic shop owner, I don’t always get to read everything before opening on Wednesday but you guys give me enough talking points about each title I didn’t get to. Plus, you make me laugh. Thanks for the weekly enjoyment. Oh, and Pete, please make another secret quiz. South Side Comics
Love this podcast, the stack helps me out to stay updated on what’s going on in all comic book universe’s. Definitely helps what issue to check out, Also Alex, Justin, and Pete might be the hardest working podcasters out there. I’m a stay at home dad and I can barley get threw and issue a week. These guys work full time, have family’s and run 90% of the podcasting network. Keep it going! Your friend in time. Dan
Love the stack and hate the live show. Wish they would be two separate podcasts so I could subscribe to just the stack. Guys have great chemistry and been a fan since old YouTube videos. My go to for comic reviews.
My husband and I go to the live show every week. These guys have been doing this show for a long time and it's the most fun. Comic books, laughs, tears, surprise quizzes hidden everywhere, awesome guests. I definitely started reading more comics since listening - they recommend so many things I wouldn't otherwise have thought to check out. They also do a ton of podcasts covering lots of TV shows based on comics and those are absolutely worth listening to as well!
These guys are great. Give em a listen
Great comic book podcast. Funny and informative. Check them out.
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. These guys are great. They are very knowledgeable about a wild variety of comics. Not just main stream marvel n DC stuff. Alex, Pete and Justin are hands down the best comic hosts I’ve heard. Love the week in geek which is where they go over geek topics of note. Very cool definitely worth listening to.
Love this podcast, I’ve been listening to it for a few years now. I also attend the live show whenever I get a chance. I don’t know everything about comics, but this show has definitely helped me appreciate the medium & the creators of it way more. Thanks guys!