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Been listening for two straight seasons - hardly missed an episode. This show has the rare combination of consistent entertainment and equally consistently useful info/analysis. I’m a much better ROTO GM from listening - 100% recommend!!
Great podcast for insight on fantasy baseball and news around the sport.
These guys are AWESOME! With a “little” of there help I won 7/8 of my leagues ( the 8th was brutal with injuries finished 5th) Take what you can for your team with their insights and tips, during my playoffs I used a couple of their players they mentioned (players I never would have picked up) and cruised and crushed my opponents all the way to 7 championships! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Chris Towers has made this unlistenable. When I hear his voice in the beginning I just shut it off
They do a good job keeping you updated. They ramble at times, but they quality information outweighs the annoying banter most of the time. Pitching prospect analysis is very useful. Keep up the good work.
Good baseball pod
Informative and entertaining. A staple of my morning and evening commutes. Host and analysts are truly talented and organize/deliver a high quality product. Keep up the good work
This is by far the best fantasy baseball podcast I have listened to. It's informative and entertaining. And I absolutely love the Kokomo Friday song! Highly recommend this podcast if you want to prepare for fantasy baseball while having a laugh.
Chris Towers is a beating.


I really enjoy these guys and have for quite some time. Adam has great energy and the guys are very thorough. My son was born with major disabilities and I had to quit my career for care and these guys have helped me get through my weeks!
Absolutely my number 1 go to for fantasy baseball. The guys have differing philosophies when analyzing players which provides a comprehensive review, allowing me to then make an informed decision. 3 analysts with different personalities plus a host that dominates his craft. Inside jokes, making fun of each other, and great banter provide a great mixed bag when coupled with the outstanding fantasy analysis. I’ve tried other podcasts, but I inevitably get sucked back in to the cbs crew.
Most annoying sports podcasts ever,the host Adam should be fired,he’s like Ned Flanders son got his own podcast,he’s a whinny baby that knows nothing
Fast paced, great fantasy analysis! Adam A. does an excellent job keeping things moving to cover as much as possible. Great change of pace if you are tired (literally!) of competitors 10 minute breakdown of the D-backs middle infield platoon (again, literally!!).
The best advice from multiple angles.
Definitely a lot of good info but it almost seems like there’s real tension during show. The cast doesn’t feed off of each other well and that’s a big part of a podcast for me
Wonderful insights, quick pace and great hosts.
Super informative about fantasy, and they’re really entertaining to listen to


I thought the host was always annoying, but today I realized that it’s his voice singing the intro and I puked. Dbag
Only pod cast I listen to!
I like to imagine Heath stroking his beard and smoking a pipe while he does the podcast. For some reason I imagine Aizer is an Eric Karabel clone hear him. Imagery aside...I look forward to the podcast every day!
Adam does a great job running this podcast as always has fun and interesting subject matter. Scott and Heath have been around for a long time and are probably the best in the industry at judging current players and they’re both excellent at keeping their listeners on top of the latest with top prospects in the minor leagues. Chris adds a whole other dimension to the show as he appears to be the strongest in Sabermetrics and Advanced Stats. They’re actually all pretty strong in reading and predicting a players success based off of the Advanced Stats and I have personally learned a lot from this show and find it very entraining!!!
These guys do provide good information if your able to listen through their bickering back and forth and getting off topic occasionally. I’m sure they’re well aware of this. I had to take a little break from these millennial nerds. One of the guys is so slow to respond to a question, I have to speed up my podcast just to hear him get to the point. On a positive note, the info provided is usually good. They’re not correct 100% of the time, but it’s baseball after all.
If you enjoy fantasy baseball, this is a must listen. I really enjoy keeping up with the guys. Best baseball podcast out there.


An everyday must-listen for any baseball fan
Great podcast with good fantasy baseball info!
I listen to this one every day. Great host, always entertaining
These guys cover a lot of ground in an entertaining, informative and easy-to-listen-to hour. Best thing about this podcast is that the host repeats the name of players being talked about when they’re done discussing that player, so you don’t have to tap back to find out who they were talking about in case you happen to zone out at the start of the conversation.
Won my league last year with their advice. They respect my time, have fun but work hard to keep the show to an hour or less. Adam’s humor is ok, but he drives the podcast and keeps it moving. He also does a great job on Football podcast too.Lots of player info always! Many many other podcasts on Fantasy are poor wanna be’s or even worse, THEY think they are funny, and they don’t even know that they should take lesson’s from this podcast.
Adam Aizer might be the most annoying analyst I’ve ever heard. I liked this podcast for a few weeks but his attitude really started to grate on me after awhile and I think I’m done with this podcast at this point simply due to his presence. He might be tolerable if he were simply a bit player but as a host, it’s just entirely too much.
Solid podcast where the guys get a little distracted. Great to keep you informed on fantasy baseball and well put together. A little long and sometimes they get caught up on players and leave out some analysis I wish they would get to. Over all 9/10 and fun to listen to considering how dry some fantasy baseball podcasts can get.
Love the podcast!! Great bunch of guys who know their stuff!!! Great job guys!!! ( Adam kiss )
I’m new to fantasy baseball and also listen to the ESPN fantasy focus baseball podcast, but this podcasts has no comparison, I tried listening to several others but none had the quality of information that this one provides on a daily basis, this guys go in depth unlike the ESPN one, which can give you a competitive advantage in your league, keep up the good work guys!
By far the best fantasy baseball podcast I’ve listened to. Daily shows with great banter and very helpful.
Podcast is entertaining & filled with useful fantasy baseball info. The dedication and work put in by Adam, Kieth, Scott, and Chris to put out a well produced, fun, and fantasy relevant podcast is appreciated and is why I am a dedication listener.
If you’re playing in a fantasy baseball league and take it seriously, this might be the best hour of your day. Extremely informative and entertaining at the same time.
Just HORRIBLE, luckily i can fast forward
Scott and Heath are solid analysts, but all the coverage is for shallow leagues. They spend most if their time talking about the obviously good players, which isn’t all that helpful. The other issue is Chris Towers. He comes across as smug and the smartest guy in the room type. I have grown tired of it and just unsubscribed. There are better fantasy baseball podcasts out there.
I love this podcast! It’s by far my favorite during baseball season as there are a variety of opinions that offer a wealth of advice. I highly recommend to anyone that plays fantasy baseball!
Updated for 2018: I have been playing fantasy baseball since 1998, and I have listened and continue to listen to several different fantasy baseball podcasts over the years, including ESPN, CBS, Rotowire, Razzball and FantasyPros. In my opinion, these guys have risen to the top of the pack. I listened to ESPN religously for 4-5 years, but at this point, ESPN has become almost unlistenable. The four guys on the CBS podcast, Adam, Chris, Heath and Scott, do a great job playing devil's advocate for each other, challeneging each other's opinions, and generally presenting the info in an engaging and entertaining manner. More importantly, they know their stuff. If you only have the time for one daily podcast, this is easily the one. My old review from a few years ago: They don’t get nearly as in-depth as some of the other podcasts, in terms of backing up their opinions with statistical analysis. But it is overall a good fantasy information resource. I like ESPN and Fangraphs better, Razzball not as much. I agree with some of the other posters- stay away from the daily fantasy stuff. Most people don’t listen in time for it to be useful to them, anyway.
Really great, fun show for fantasy baseball owners
Rarely find time for a daily pod but you guys are pros and truly good together each episode. Forgot who said no need to have a specific “fav” recently but he’s right! Adam you keep it lively and can teach me new ways to make trades—even if I get rejected I won’t have regrets. Love all you guys: Ringo, Paul, John and George. Best thing you guys do is stay clear and steady in both your analysis and honestly, audio crisp.
Helpful and informative and also entertaining. I listen every day
Best fantasy baseball podcast out there
Adam is a solid host that keeps the analysts on track. Really enjoy their insight! I won my first league last year listening to these guys!
Not only is this the most entertaining group on the podcast airways, they help you win! Last year I won because of them. And the previous 3, I just enjoyed their insights. Don’t waste your time elsewhere! Go team SCAM!!!
Good info. They can get pretty pissy with each other.
Great podcast for fantasy baseball. These guys helped me win the two fantasy baseball leagues I play in each year. Vital information mixed with some laughs. Highly recommended!