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By 
I luv mj, he is the king of pop. He inspired beonce, justin timbslake, justin bieber(loser), & many more like me. He will always be a legend, we will always love you mj
Michael I just wanted to say thanks for every thing u did I love I n miss u u changed my life in ways no one will ever no thanks n I love u
michael is the greatest artist of our time and im only 13.i love him and miss him and his sweet sensitivity the way he made music made you want to dance and sing along with him.he truly is a thriller R.I.P 1958-2009 MICHAEL.J.JACKSON
He is such a great person and so this podcast is good I liked it
Michael was the ultimate performer. The life and times of Sir Michael will live on forever.
I feel like the world hasn't realized what we lost with the sudden passing of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was not only the best entertainer of all time; he was the greatest humanitarian for children in need, an advocate for world peace and harmony and a man that suffered deeply with insecurity and self image issues like so many of us. Michael Jackson was a human being, it has hurt me and my family deeply that the media has constantly portrayed him as someone that would harm children. Michael Jackson was the largest celebrity contributer to charities to help children all over the world. No one that could harm a child would ever do as much for children to help them flurish and have a better life. Not only did he, ONE individual do as much for children. He promoted peace,world harmony, love for one another and he made us look at ourselves as individuals and encouraged us to believe that one person could pay it forward before there was a phrase to encompass that notion. I feel like grew up with Michael Jackson and though I never met him; I like many of you felt like we were kindred spirits. I also feel a tremendous loss because I never got to meet him however I feel like I understood him, his personal problems, being a target for money hungry ruthless people to attack him because it wasn't worth it to him to fight all the thousands of con artist or grifters that preyed upon him. They will all have to reap what they have sewn in this life or the next one. Yes I would have loved it if my son Michael could have had the opportunity to visit and sleep over at Neverland, I would have trusted Michael Jackson with my most beloved son and any other children I would have had. I feel honored to have this forum to express my admiration, respect and love of Michael Jackson. Through his pain, joy of entertaining, and pleasure of using his resources to better the livess of hundreds of thousands of children all over the world. How he changed my life and made me a better person just through his music and selfless generosity. Through my deeply felt loss, I know his spirit will live forever because there are millions of people throughout the world that share my joy of being blessed to have been touched by him. To his immediate family, my heart and prayers go out to you daily that God will keep you all covered with his blessings and Thank you for sharing him with the world. I am proud to post this most personal commentary with deepest respect, Mrs. M. Maria Banks & Family
I Love it! My favorite one is where Weird Al talks, because he is also one of my favorites!! :) This is so awsome. But it's really really sad when you get to the Shout Out to MJ parts, and they say they are waiting for his new stuff, and that they miss him, because this was made in 08, it's so sad because they didn't know what would happen just a year later. :'( That he WAS going to make a comeback, but he never got his chance, and it makes me cry.
I am missing MJ so much. I just don't want to believe that he passed! It ie really hard for me to talk about him.
I could of accepted his death if he died in his seventies..but 50...elvis was 50..sorry you surrounded yourself with the wrong people. Though in will live on forever. go, and rest in peace... Your music will live on forever and will contribute to happyness worldwide. A fan since childhood
Unfortunately its to soon for me to listen to Michael, my eyes just tear, Thank you Michael, we are the same age, love u.
It's great to hear outside takes on one of the greatest albums of all-time. The Quincy Jones episode is great and contains information from the 25th anniversary edition of "Thriller." Imogen Heap's edition is fabulously funny and cute (just like her.) The one with Herbie Hancock is really insightful from someone who knew Quincy Jones as well. Though I'm not much of a fan, Weird Al gave a funny tribute to this album in his podcast. (His parody of "Beat It" - "Eat It" - paid for his house?! Who knew?! Great trivia for any fan of this album is contained in each and every one of these podcasts!
I totally regret making fun of Michael Jackson all these years with his media lies or such... King of Pop forever!!!
Good bye Michael Jackson. I hope all your tears are wiped away and you are FINALLY happy. You were not dysfunctional......the world is dysfuctional and they killed you. I hope the world is happy because they caused his death by judging him all the time especially the media....just like Princess Di...just like Nicole Smith and others. Also, these quacks prescribing drugs freely and now it is over. He is the greatest singer of all or lifetimes. He is up there with Elvis and he will NEVER NEVER NEVER be forgotten. Rest in Peace Dear Michael.....finally....peace at least!!!
Since Michael Jackson died a few days ago this podcast is practically in his honor even though he freaks me out
The KING of pop! What more can I say?! His music explains it all! 13 Grammy's, 14 Number One hits, 750 million album sales world wide. Get his music you wont regret it and let the legend live on!!!! RIP Michael, see you there!!!!!!
i am michaels number one fan i know all of his moves have every cd i love michael jackson
Michael Jackson is a legend, and still living vibrantly taking care of his kids and eventually coming out with another amazing album. This guy is incredibly talented and this podcast really sheds light on hows he has influenced people and other musicians as well. If you love his music, this is definitely the podcast to download!
golly gee i was so excited to hear about this podcast because i love michael jackson. and i like to hear what other artists have to say about the album thriller and how it affected their music career.
If you haven't subscribed to the Thrillercast yet you are missing out on one of the best Podcast around. This is a must have for any Michael Jackson fan, every Tuesday I look forward to listening to the latest installment.
I just recieved my brand new iPod yesterday from my husband. This addition of Micheal Jackson's Thrillercast is just the bonus to put the cherry on top of this gift. There are a lot of duplicates and want-to-be's but there will only be 1 Micheal Jackson. I agree with the other comments. I believe even if people were to revisit earlier works with the Jackson 5, it will still floor anyone, even today of just how soulfull and talented he was from the beginning. He seemed to be born with not just a talent but a professionalism and dedication to music that I haven't seen or heard in not too many other artist today, if any at all. He even put adult artists to shame then and he still does. I will forever be a fan. Thank you Micheal for sharing your incredible talent with us all.
Fun to listen to, especially if you're an 80s kid or just a fan of Michael. Keeps you into it with the random clips of music, I love it! I can't wait for new episodes.


By kandos
micheal is one of my favorite artists. no matter how many critisisms he may get hes truly a great singer and a fantastic dancer . theres no other like him
WE (True Fans) will always love you Michael!!! For every artist that think they can dance and sing......Michael's gift helped launched ever "mini - Michael" you see today! I'll still do all his moves and I still jam to all my favorites songs!!! AND I still cry when I watch his live videos!! You can tell a tree by the fruit it bares. Once again.......We love you!! 1Coritn. Ch.13 Peace and Power. Cecilia~
This podcast is a nice teaser for the Thriller 25 CD. Ultimately it would be impossible to include every artist whos career has been made as a result of Michael Jackson. His influence is undeniable when watching the young stars of the present. Most of them, from Bjork to Beyonce (and of course Justin, Usher and countless others) continuously praise him. Everyone from Elvis, to Paul McCartney & the Stones have been fans and have collaborate with him, or expressed similar sentiments. This man not only made the biggest selling album of all time, but he also pioneered the art of music video and forever changed the history of music as we know it today! He is a, a Global Treasure and should be respected as such!


By Ashken
Love ittttttt
I never knew how speacial he was 'til I listened to his music. I absolutely adore him. I don't understand why people can't just sit down and think about how speacial he is. He was proven innocent. Obviously he didn't do it for the wrong reasons. Well you have your own opinon, I can't change it. There is nothing that I can do about it. But just think about it. Think about what you are saying when you pick on him. It's not nice. Let me leave you with this thought, if you were him, would you like everybody saying things about you,and making fun of you thrughout the entire world that you know weren't true?
Hate on Michael Jackson all you want and make fun of him, because now it seems today it is the cool thing to do... You wouldn't have your artists if not for Michael Jackson, this remastered album is a great way to show the new generation what MJ is all about. God Bless
I can not wait to hear from all these artists. There is no way to deny Michael Jackson's influence on other people and the entire music world. Februrary 12th!