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When this podcast started Bush Jr. was leading the US into a series of wars. Afterward we were living in Obama's 'merica. Coincidence?
The late, great Collings & Herrin got me into its two hosts and their various projects, introduced me to a wide range of British popular culture and kept me entertained for a very long time.
After a brief hiatus they're back! I really missed the two of them maybe not enough to pay for this crap but enough to subscribe!!
This is still best podcast available by a long long way. Whether recorded with a live audience or in the intimate attic it is just superb. Way better than anything Stuart Lee has ever done!
Awesome Podcast! Give them a cookie!
Andrew and Richard play off each other like jazz musicians. They will work a seemingly random idea for humor, move on to another then effortlessly bring back an earlier idea, combine it with the new one for a great laugh. These two are worth the hour.
Richard Herring is a genius comedian from Somerset, simultaneously intelligent and purile, violently offensive and thoughtful. Poor Andrew does his best...
Bloody good dr who stuff. Andrew, please stop name dropping!!!
I didn’t think much of the first couple of shows, especially considering this is Andrew Collins from “Lloyd Cole Knew My Father” and Richard Herring from cult student television in the 90s. However, they’re getting good (the sound quality has also improved), the show is much funnier than when it first started. I’d like to hear more about Mr. Collins’ unorthodox (some say mad) beliefs and maybe a little less of Mr. Herring’s ironic sexism (I liked the insecure, obsessive stuff I used to read on his blog). I’m aware that its seems churlish to be critical of something that is completely free, fairly enjoyable and helps me get through a journey to work, but churlish I be. Heh. Churlish.