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Reviews For Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

This is my favorite show, and only PBS could air a program like this. I'm glad it has continued through so many seasons. Can't wait for the new iPhone app to be released.
A very unbiased view of religous and ethical issues from around the world. For a half hour program they really manage to pack in the information in a pleasant format.
The program itself is solid, but the podcast is sometimes unreliable. Videos break up, shows are weeks late sometimes. But definitely worth the wait!
Very poor production quality and superficial reporting. The reports barely scratch the surface of most of the "ethical" issues they discuss. The host never challenges any of the interviewees to support their positions.
I used to Tivo this show all the time and cut it to DVD, but after I canceled cable and satellite service to move strictly to online media, I am pleased that PBS is putting this show out in vodcast format.