The World Transformed

Reviews For The World Transformed

Sound quality has greatly improved and the 30-minute format is perfect. Fun interviews with futurists and other thought leaders. Plus you got to love Geek Out!
Love the show. I was disapointed to hear these guys blame inaction on climate change on the "left of center" folks. Yes, it's liberals who need to "take their blinders off," the theory being that no liberal would entertain terraforming the the planet, and can only focus on carbon reduction. This point of view would have been somewhat palatable if they had acknowledged that Republicans are destroying the planet with their self-serving global warming denial. We can't even talk in a meaningful way about solutions until the knuckle-draggers are put in their place. Good grief, guys, stay out of politics.
This is a great podcast and am very happy that I found it as it is just what I have been looking for. Only issue is it sounds like they are recording this by phonograph. Fix this and polish things up and it's perfect
The World Transformed has interesting guest speakers, who can bring specialized insight into great conversational topics.


I really look forward to your shows. They are so interesting and inspiring! Keep up the great work.
Love the show .. Can't wait every day for the new one. Had to buy a headset to hear ... Ear buds won't pick up the sound.
Fix the sound quality please. It is an actual pain to listen to. Volume inconsistencies, hissing and static. Not acceptable from a tech oriented show.