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This podcast, more than any other, makes my co-workers peek into my office to make sure I'm alright, as my spasms of silent laughter could easily be mistaken for a grand mal seizure. I'm already a subscriber, so I wish there was more I could do to help the Great Experiment.
If you keep making episodes I promis to be a super fan. Best show ever, but you keep breaking my heart by stopping to podcast periodically. I have been a fan since 2007 but have stopped listening periodically when the podcasts stop coming. I WILL GIVE YOU MONEY! If you keep making podcasts forever and ever..... Is this not how I talk to Joel....
Note: the reviews of this podcast are pretty geeky. You do not have to be nerd to enjoy this podcast (but it does help). Note 2: you must listen to more than one podcast to get it. Make sure you listen to one the has Joel, Josh and Eli before you make a decision. The podcast features 3+ intelligent, very funny people talking about interesting and current subjects. I love this podcast because there is logic, intelligence, stupidity and hilarity in every episode. There is no reason this isn't number one on iTunes. Great job Joel. I'm really enjoying it.


By jlv7j
im fairly picky when it comes to podcasts but this podcast is honestly hilarious from start to finish and well worth an hour of your time keep em comming joel
Listening to this podcast is like listening to the voices in my head. It is refreshing to hear references to pop culture from my childhood and to hear my thoughts and reactions so amazingly echoed. Bravo!
I only wish new episodes were able to come out more often.
It's like sitting in a room of some of my coolest geek friends listening to them talk about stuff I care about. Even the rants make me happy!
Love the format and the discussions. Funny rants.
I get a lot of strange looks at the office because I'm cracking up at my desk while listening to their podcast. Get the word out these nutsacks are hilarious! Spread it on.
After listening through almost every episode I find myself sad im getting into real time and going to have to wait week by week. In short I need a TARDIS.
Be sure to check out the comic!
AC/DC needs to sing finger blast and release it, nuff said.
if god had a would be half as good as this...unless he teamed up with sean connery...but who am i kidding? they are one in the same.
So, when I heard that Joel was bringing back the podcast, I pretty much jumped out of my office chair and danced. Joel and the guys (and gal) put together one amazing podcast dealing with all your geeky needs. TV, movies, video games (some), and pop culture shenanigans. And they do it in a completely irreverent, go f#&k yourself kind of way. All truth and no pandering, except where pandering is deserved (Fringe, EJO, etc). You truly cannot spend a better 90 minutes than listening to this podcast. You will laugh, you might cry, and you will most certainly be pleased.
HijiNKS Ensue podcast is one of the best geek podcasts out there. Not to mention the web comic it's self is funny as hell. If you like movies, tv, comics, give this one a listen.
Why must I wait 10 months for new episodes! It was worth it though.
I laughed, I cried, I sought counseling afterwards.
This is the most consistently funny podcast on the net. I absolutely love everytime Joel does his hilarious Arnold Schwarzenegger impression where he does your taxes or yells "get to the choppa!" So stop reading this and get to dowloading.
A hilarious podcast for a funny and endearing webcomic. I highly recommend it.
It will assault your face in awesomeness.
Granted, you must be a geek to love this podcast as much as I do, but if you're reading this, I assume you're either a geek, or a geek-in-training. Because non-geeks don't read podcast reviews. Or listen to podcasts, for that matter. This podcast is funny from start to finish. The guys are just straight-up hilarious, but it is often their impressions of geek icons, and simulated discussions involving them, that really knock you on your hindquarters. Oh heck, it's all good. If you're reading this, stop doing so and download it already. Are you still reading this? I told you to stop. Download it! Now!