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More More More!!!
I love this show. I have watched all of the Iyaz Ahktar (multiple times) podcasts, and a bunch of the Donald Bell ones. Iyaz is funny, creative, and easy to understand. He gets all of the information he needs across to the viewer, and adds a laugh in as well. Good job Iyaz! 😄😄😄😄😄😄
Is it possible for "Brian" to be any more annoying with his delivery? Nope, I think we have a new unit of measure. "Boy, that annoying podcaster was rated at .9 brians" "Wow, really interesting podcaster; I'd give her 0.1 brians"
I love this show!! This is how i buy my tech!
Keep it up!
I love this show.
The cnet top 5 count downs either the worst, best, or most popular whatevers. Sometimes the choices of whats in the top 5 are obvious, other times youd be suprised on what ends up on that list. Cnet hardly ever puts anything in the top 5 that shouldnt be in that category. They even give an explaination of why this such-in-such is on this list.


It's intresting and informative...but the host looks like he dosnt care.. Get Brian Tong or somethin!
I love the "Hot Cnet lists", but a bit more excitement to keep those with short attention spans would be a nice addition.
I find this to be a great " to the point" compilation and the articles are well evaluated. The beauty of this podcast is I can stop it at any time to jot down the model specifics and do my comparison shopping. Tom, any chance cnet would let you use girls in bikinis as assistants, or would that be too confusing?
It's an interesting podcast, I enjoy watching them.
Good information in a quick interesting format! LOVE IT!


By Neka87
Basically listing of polls on different electronic devices. There is also an opportunity to win a "lame prize"
I like the podcast format - it's quick and easy to watch, and you get a quick update of top products. I can almost watch an entire segment while I'm stuckin line at a store, or waiting at a stop light (or two).
Too much of a good thing bores the audience.
You must be kidding?
I love countdowns and if you like them you will love this one
boring content. annoying host trying too hard to be funny. i almost threw my iphone in the trash can this podcast was so bad. dont waste your time.
Very informational and funny. Everyone likes countdowns. You'll like this one too!
This podcast assumes that everyone uses MS Windows, no mention of Mac software compatability watsoever, for example are any of the top 5 worst downloads and the top 5 best downloads, Mac or Linux compatible?? I don't know, I'll have to jump to my computer and Google them. Also the image quality of the podcast is ho-hum. I preferred the older c/net's podcast "The Que" it was professionally done and wasn't OS specific. However, If they attend to these changes, it will get 4 to 5 stars from me. The current reviewer seems cool.
this is typical cnet review, pushing ad sponsored gadgets mixed in with real popular ones... for example LG phone beating an iPhone :/