The Ron and Don Show

Reviews For The Ron and Don Show

I can rant all I want but just download 1 of these podcasts and enjoy!
I love how well you work together and are so involved in the community. You both have wonderful and generous hearts. When I listen to the show, not only do I get current info but also a lot of laughs. I come away feeling happy and inspired after listening. Thanks so much for that!
I moved away from the Seattle area about 6 months ago and missed listening to Ron & Don on my way home! The Podcast allows me to catch up any time, anywhere. These two have great brotherly chemistry that keeps me laughing out loud all the while providing updates to the latest in local and national news.
Best radio show ever! Listen to it all the time!
Great entertainment for the first two hours. The remaining two are nothing but repeat of the previous two hours. Save your time and only listen to the first two hours.
I used to live in Seattle, and now that I've found their podcasts I can still enjoy listening to their show!
Ron & Don are hilarious! I listen to them everyday in my car on my way home. They talk about everything from the latest local, national, and international news to what goes on in their daily lives. R&D, give 'em all three!