Reviews For Time Zone - A free audiobook by Tom Lichtenberg

OrlyDogJones, who gave this podcast a one star rating, does that a lot. More than half of his ratings are one star. Seems to be a sort of rater-hater. Just thought I'd mention it. Besides, the fact that two characters are former Navy Seals is nothing to get upset about. There are lots of former Navy Seals! Anyway, if you give it a chance, you'll find it's not your formula time travel story, but more of a puzzle, a riddle about change and addiction - thanks.
This writing reeks of artificiality from the first paragraph. Where I stopped listening was when the author decided to include a couple of Navy Seals in his time travel team. Were they on leave? TDY? Who can say. One can discern stale bread from the first bite. This narrative could be translated into arabic and used to torture suspected terrorist at GITMO.